4 Ways A Business Coach Can Help You Grow And Bridge the Gap With the uncertainty of 2020 spilling over into 2021, it's no wonder organizations around the world are working with business coaches to prepare for whatever might stand in the way

By Mervik Haums

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As the new year approaches, many business owners are asking themselves, "what's next?" Moderate success where you can pay your bills is great, but most entrepreneurs didn't put themselves out there merely to settle. Employing a business coach to get to the next level is on the rise, and eager to learn more, I spoke with Derek Moneyberg, business and performance coach to the elite. With the uncertainty of 2020 spilling over into 2021, it's no wonder organizations around the world are working with business coaches like Moneyberg to prepare for whatever might stand in the way.

Moneyberg 's clients range from billionaires to royalty, and he shared with me the four ways a business coach can help you grow and bridge the gap.

"Coaching is on the rise because companies understand that it takes an outside view to push them towards next-level kind of goals," explains Moneyberg. "When you are complacent, you will miss things, and that is the killer of all dreams." Moneyberg shares his advice on how to avoid falling into the gap and move forward.

Identify pitfalls
"Before you close your books for the year, take a good hard look at your business performance. Then bring that to a business coach, and I'm sure they will find a handful more," says Moneyberg. This is less about criticism and more about finding specific areas for growth. A business coach will work with you to ensure those pitfalls don't cost you any more money than they may already have.

Shine a light on your blind spots
Business coaches will see things the entrepreneur often misses. Moneyberg explains, "Clearing out the blind spots is key. You want to be able to see everything going on in your business before you make a plan." A business coach shines a light on the things you may have missed or perhaps unintentionally ignored, and drives you to face them head-on.

Double down on your strengths
A good coach will help you maximize your own potential. Strengths are essential, but too many entrepreneurs sit on their laurels, thinking everything is fine. "It's easy to see where we need to grow in weaknesses," states Moneyberg. A business coach will push you to double down on your strengths, and that is how you move to fill the gaps and blind spots in your business.

Create a roadmap
"There is no future for your business if you don't have a plan," Moneyberg explains. "A solid plan requires an outside perspective, which is why many companies partner with a coach." By creating benchmarks and addressing shortcomings while putting the expertise together to accomplish your goals, you have a plan built on strategy instead of relying on dumb luck.

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