How Education Changes the World and Technology is Changing Education

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Education changes a society but as ironical as it sounds, technology was perhaps the last to dent the education sector. It has taken a pandemic and the New National Education Policy to deeply question the instruction, attendance, testing, funding, and the human connections that education binds together.


Understandably 2020 was a major learning curve for students, parents, and educators moving their teaching online but 2021 and the second wave has brought the efficacy of the use of technology for teaching and learning, becoming fully acceptable, even desired. We all know that technology can bring things to happen on a scale. Education delivery will now be challenged to ensure that more personalized learning happens. The question now is no longer about how we can do digital education rather how we can effectively do digital education. So the transformation for educational institutions now is not an interim junction rather a complete journey that would need to rightly and effectively take place even after the pandemic is behind us.

The end goal is to make the student more empowered and Institutions, edtech, students, parents, teachers need to be on the same page. The innovation may not necessarily be a matter of school or screen but rather school and screen. This calls for digital collaboration and not a digital divide.

Our current issue looks into the Best Edtech Companies in India who are innovating and changing the status quo of education. The issue also examines the transformation of educational institutions, who are not thinking of digital as an interim junction rather a complete journey that would effectively remain even after the pandemic is behind us. The reality is that this is going to change education forever and perhaps for the better.
Our issue also talks about new emerging markets like veg-meat, which is gaining prominence among the conscious generation.

Watch out for our next issue which is Tech 25, a special on the Tech world and how it is changing human relationships with Society.