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People who had lost their jobs in the massive layoffs during COVID or people who were waiting to start their own business started building the foundations to it: CEO Luke Talwar

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Luke Talwar's journey as an investor started off when he opened his Demat account from his savings as a student and started investing with a Rs. 5000 capital amount. In a very short span of time, he had around Rs. 7 Lakhs in his kitty. Luke's father has a construction business and was convinced to pursue architecture. After he graduated, he opened an architecture and interior design studio and an art gallery. It was in college when Luke would find out that he was clinically dyslexic. He soon realized that Architecture was not his calling and he shut down his architecture practice and the studio, he started working with Nishant Singhal, Co-founder, YouWeCan Ventures (Yuvraj Singh's Venture Capital Fund) and one of India's leading strategists. Luke on his love for investing says, "I love investing enough to strategize. I love to work with 100 different business ideas all together." It was while working with Nishant when Luke realized that there were brilliant ideas, the people had built blueprints of their businesses, all they lacked for were funds. Luke also saw the working within the investor market and quickly understood the gap in the market. The gap was that there were lakhs of start-ups but a few thousand investors and the investment firms or the people who invested did not have the capacity to go through all the investment opportunities. Turiya Investments unlike other investment firms does not directly invest in startups. It acts as a platform which connects investors who intend to invest in start-ups with start-ups who are seeking investment and are in the market for capital.

Turiya Investments
Luke Talwar, CEO, Turiya Investments

According to Luke, a client of his who was big in Agroproducts space was looking to invest in some start-up. Turiya Investments who now receives over 1000 investment requests per day from start-ups filtered out the best unique opportunities in Agrotech for his client and pitched it to him. Turiya organizes a meeting for the investor and the startup team if the investor is really interested. Even though Luke was dyslexic, he never let this impairment slow him down. He built Turiya from the ground up and is running it successfully. Luke invests in early-stage companies. He believes that if the concept appeals to him and is a solution to a problem that people would pay for, he invests in them. However, the company should have a revolutionary potential, the potential to change the game and the sector. Luke also believes that if he does not add any value addition then he does not invest in those companies. Having been a strategic advisor to a lot of entrepreneurs, he understands the amount of work that goes in. He believes that a revolution is ongoing and that people don't understand since it is in flux. The pandemic has been devastating on a personal level for everyone and even for some industries, but from the perspective of start-ups, it has been a blessing in disguise as start-ups received a huge boost. "People who had lost their jobs in the massive layoffs during COVID or people who were waiting to start their own business started building the foundations to it." He believes that the IPOs are boosting other founders as well as the economy not to mention the business itself. Luke is of the opinion that people will recall this time by calling it the Digital Revolution 20-30 years from now.


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