4 Apps for Mental Health and Stress Relief Amidst COVID-19

While mental health is not something you can deal with overnight, some innovative mental health apps can really ease the burden

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By Puneet Kapani • Jun 3, 2021


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The pandemic has been a different difficult time for all, but especially for those dealing with mental health issues. The lockdown and lack of socialization only add to the troubles. An app is in no way an alternative to seeking medical help or processing your issues. However, COVID-19 has altered priorities and as a result, many with mental health issues are suffering in isolation. While mental health is not something you can deal with overnight, some innovative mental health apps can really ease the burden.

Headspace - Guided Meditation and Mental Growth

Headspace is featured with mind-blowing remedies for all those dealing with mental stress or unrest of some kind. In the Headspace app, you can access meditation for a target purpose, and guided meditation courses that can help you focus more. For new users, this app offers mental fitness, mindful cardio sessions, purpose-driven meditation guides too.

Users can refer to daily sessions on dealing with intense stress, cravings, and distractions. The Headspace app is perfect for those seeing to get their thoughts in order. Subscribed users can avail advanced meditation courses and deal with finer underlying issues.

Wysa - Mindfulness and Sleep Therapy

Wysa is the best-suited health and well-being app for those who love to chat. Along with other features lined up, this is for those who want someone to talk to. The app has an AI-powered chatbot for any health-related queries. Wysa provides two options for users - self-care and the therapist.

It has several explorable features like mindful meditation, helpful sleep therapies, and even an entire body scans for mindfulness. You can really help troubles with anxiety, emotional stress, and depression with these self-care tools. Want great sleep therapy and a touch of mindfulness? Wysa is your go-to.

What's Up - Mental Health Introspection and Uplifting

What's Up is an innovative app designed with a simple user interface, easy navigation, and helpful features to cope up with mental stress. This app takes the opportunity to offer relief from mental stress by uplifting with two major therapies. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) are the two therapies the app focuses on.

The central focus of this app is on prompt mental health introspection and uplifting though self-analysis. Even if you're looking to understand what exactly feels wrong, this app can be the one for you this lockdown. You can counter mental stress, depression, anxiety, and negativity with this app while introducing an element of calmness.

InnerHour - Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Relief

InnerHour is a mental health app that makes self-care the priority. The app is listed with six courses based on mental health improvement. It offers mental health solution with expert psychiatrists and psychologists who can assess your situation.

For those who don't want to go full-blown, you can use InnerHour as a self-help remedy. The app provides a personalized four-week plan and access to self-help courses depending on you exact issues. If you're looking for mental health support amidst this lockdown, InnerHour can be a solution for your inner troubles.

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