4 Calming Games That'll Help You Get Your Sanity Back During Pandemic

Bad days can be really frustrating and staying indoors without a source of entertainment can be too. For this, we have a few games listed that can help you calm yourself during the time of COVID-19

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Mobile games for mental stability? Yes you hear it right! Amidst the pandemic, one thing that hasn't left our side and has always been there for us is our anxiety. Let's just face it that our mental health has taken a toll. It's high time we do something to get our sanity back because that's the only alternative that can help us get through this deadly global occurrence. The triggers are far and wide. But in the storms that rage, momentary shelter can be found in the form of mobile games. The following selection of online games will help you find some inner peace; they will relax and calm, and promote stimulation for tired minds. These tranquil, pleasant games will help pacify you after an overwrought day, or maybe a hectic morning, by relieving you from the stress of modern life. It's euphoric escapism at its best, and it's entirely free! Try these games for your bad days.


Home Sheep Home

This cute timid puzzler is found on the Shaun the Sheep website (for those not in the know, it's an animated series created by Aardman Animations, the people behind Wallace and Gromit). The magnificent physics engine makes this game a dream to learn as everything feels very natural; you're supplied with three fully controllable sheep of different sizes. You have to work out how to get Timmy , Shaun and Shirley over to the barn on the right of the screen using the swings, see-saws, ramps, steps, switches, and other paraphernalia lying around.You'll be hooked to Home Sheep Home in no time by the adorable characters and laid back style of play, but later levels also offer quite the challenge.


You're a giraffe—at least in Casanova—trotting eastwards as a procession of other giraffes trots westwards. Each one has a neck of a different length, and all you have to do is tap on the giraffe's face and extend his head so your heads meet for a kiss! The sole purpose of this game is to blow a wholesome kiss on the lips of other giraffes, collecting floating bonuses along the way.It's a very wholesome and cute game.

The Sims Mobile

A game where you simulate the life of a human with all the chores that come with it. Sounds Stupid? Well, this is perhaps one of the most comforting forms of gameplay you will ever find. You start to establish a routine for your sim – a doll-like human in your virtual world, right from fixing breakfast to excelling at your career, going on dates, building your dream house and even starting a family! This virtual management of life where you play the puppet master brings the magic of watching life in motion while giving you control of your sim's life story.


Put your headphones on and plunge yourself in awe of Echogenesis. The visuals come from nature; swamps, forests, coves, and the like, whilst the sounds are created by interacting with the various life forms. It's the most pleasant game where you can't win or lose