6 Ideas to make your work from home zone more efficient While we have all reconciled to a new lifestyle, we also have to create new spaces in our home that balance out with our new life

By Suraj Mittal

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Future concepts

We are all living in the new normal world, where our homes have become the new havens for us. For many of us who spent a lot of our productive time in the office, home is now our new normal, our space for work and recreation as well. The lines have truly blurred and we are all learning to adjust to this. However, while we have all reconciled to a new lifestyle, we also have to create new spaces in our home that balance out with our new life.

In many ways, for many of us, what we do is intricately tied to our personalities as well, thus being able to create a work from home space that we can be proud of, is critically important to our ability to function at our best. Mr. Suraj Mittal, Founder, Future Concepts says "I prefer a well-lit corner with natural light coming in as we spend a lot of time looking at our laptop screens and natural light definitely helps in avoiding straining eyes. I have also put some of my favorite indoor plants to give me company when I am working from home!' Here are some quick tips from him for you to recreate a space for you to comfortably, efficiently and happily as well.

Choose a Favourite Corner:

Offices are designed for maximum comfort and efficiency, for sure, but not all of them give you a view of your favourite Gulmohar tree, or patch of green. When you create a home office space, be mindful that it will be a space you will be in for a long while, at least eight hours a day, so choose something that isn't boxed into a corner, or isn't facing a blank wall. Ideally, if you can, choose an area with a window, from where you can catch a reprieve from digital screens for some fresh greenery. If you must face a wall, then make sure to place a favourite painting or wall art there, to ensure that you have a bright and cheerful space always.

Lighting it!

Your eyes are precious and even more precious in times when you are going to be staring at the screen for long hours. A well lit space is essential for you, if you do not have the luxury of enough natural light coming in. Ideally you can look at multiple lighting options here that take care of your needs. Use a more ambient lighting system for the ceiling area and a task focused lighting for the work spot. Another smart way is to have ceiling or wall mounted fixtures that can give you enough light but take away the harsh glare. Also be mindful that you use LED or white light so that you don't end up straining your eyes.

Personalise it:

A work from home space, deserves to be well looked after. Use your own personal signature to make it appear well cared for and absolutely yours. Use a bright coat of paint, or wall paper to brighten up the walls right next to your desk. These are instant energisers and will make you feel better about those dreary and long days. Use a whiteboard or a regular board to stick up lists, to-do notes and important phone numbers to make sure that you always have the sense of energy that is needed. Bright, warm tones of yellow, orange are highly recommended, while if you feel work is too stressful, look at a simple set of patterns in blues and greens. Don't be afraid to express yourself, there should be some perks to work from home.

Use functional furniture:

If you are working on tables too high for you, or a chair which is too low, and makes you strain your back, then you are going to end up with multiple health issues after a few days. It makes sense to actually invest in a proper desk and ergonomically designed chair that can be comfortable as well as functional. This is actually the most important thing you can do for yourself and your health so don't stint on it.



Yes, this pandemic has taught us to appreciate all that we actually have. Use a weekend off to see how you can make your workspace more fun and interesting. Use simple home-based materials, old bedcovers, lights and boxes to create a special tonality. Use old lastic boxes to organise files, paperwork and knickknacks. Add a splash of colour with an old bedcover or sheet draped across your table. Hang up that picture which never found a space in the rest of your home. Don't throw away old cardboard boxes, but use them to file all your stuff and diaries. Use colourful pens, and markers to make them more attractive and labelled as well. Get artful with cuttings and clippings of your favourite art pieces to make a bright collage corner for yourself.

Go Green:

Yes, we cannot say it enough. A home work space needs to have a lot more going for it than an office. Now is the time to cultivate a few plants, and greens to make your workspace look better. Use pollution cutting indoor plants, cacti or micro greens, which need less maintenance and can be looked after easily. Invest in some fun indoor planters as well that brighten up your day in cute shapes and colours.

Go Zen:

If you are looking for an oasis of peace and quiet for yourself, take an alternative route and go completely pastel. Use tone on tone neutral shades like beige, cream, baby blue, or many shades of grey, and use different versions of these from the rug, to the colour of your desk and lighting to create a very simple and quiet space that reflects calm. Play With varying tones of the same shade to make this look ethereal and charming.

Use space wisely:

Living in a small flat with just a corner? Don't fret. Get a carpenter to create a wooden slat as a desk, and use the space below for printers and filing. Use a vertical shelving space for your office files and stuff. Throw a rug over empty cardboard boxes to make for a fun side table for your hand sanitizer and other essentials.

All in all, use a bit of imagination and lots of love to create your work from home space. A happy space will lead to a productive day for you always.

Suraj Mittal

Founder of Future Concepts

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