Covid-19: Travel After the Pandemic

Airlines have gone out of business, counties have closed borders, and many companies in travel and hospitality have since gone bankrupt. What does this mean for those looking to explore the world or have been bitten by the travel but while being stuck at home?

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The Travel industry has taken a hefty toll by the widespread devastating financial effects by the pandemic. Airlines have gone out of business, counties have closed borders, and many companies in travel and hospitality have since gone bankrupt. What does this mean for those looking to explore the world or have been bitten by the travel but while being stuck at home?

Travel might not be easy, depending on how well reopening occurs in various countries travelers may face strict travel guidelines and restrictions. The fear of recontamination may not be present worldwide but certain countries may be taking extra precautions. Infrared thermometer screenings may either delay or extend a trip if a traveler develops temperature. TSA procedures may also increase in this respect, mandatory dress codes for the sake of protecting fellow travelers could make long haul flights a bit more uncomfortable. Airports and airplanes have been notoriously germy, thus the most significant change in travel is a risk. With so many people in such tight quarters, there will be a possibility of coming down with COVID-19.

From the opposing viewpoint, there may not be a better time to travel. Countries that have reopened are encouraging the much-needed stimulus of tourism for economic boosts. Flights could continue to stay at such low levels, since many may still be hesitant to jump back on redeye international flights. Counties reopening are off the races, their citizens excited to begin normal life all over again. The outburst of shops, new businesses, and restaurants will have the streets bubbling with energy and excitement. Traveling and seeing the rebuilding of countries and cultures may be more of an experience than the landscape or architecture.

One thing is for certain, people adapt. New technological advances occur everyday, assisting us in our everyday livelihood. A new social media app can be a part of this advancement, which may be stable in travel and experiences post-pandemic. The app can be developed as a social platform for communication, enabling groups to create, share, and execute ideas. In terms of travel and experiences, it can serve as a tool that makes finding and partaking in events and trips for groups of friends simple. It may take care of logistics, communication, and cost-sharing all in one place.

Before the Virus social media was a form of enemy, distracting its audience from engaging in real-life experiences, then almost overnight it became a staple for connecting during the virus.

For better or worse travel might get complicated toward the tail end of 2020, but time won't stop, and neither should you. Traveling the world to gain insight and a collection of life-changing experiences is still possible and worthwhile. Despite the bankruptcy of many airlines, flights will still be readily accessible and in an attempt to retain frequent customers, extra accommodating. Here's what you need to do and know to travel today:

Wear a mask - Safety is first, it doesn't matter how beautiful the beach and palm trees are, coming down with a virus is enough to rain out any parade so take precautions. Wearing a simple surgical mask is comfortable and is 90% effective against air circulated spread. However, if safety is a priority pick up an N99 full face mask with a filter. This is 99% effective against air transmission. This mask gets full-face coverage, eliminating the potential of accidental face touching.

Travel Soon

Flight prices are at an all-time low, and sanitization measures are in full effect. Taking advantage of empty airports means less risk of transmission as well as shorter lines. By traveling with a quality mask and other essential protective measures such as gloves and wipes for phones, there is little to risk.

Utilize Technology

Many current travel sites and tools are outdated, displaying a number of hotels and services that are no longer available. Using the correct technology can make all the difference. A social media platform with travel logistics and search capabilities is a must if traveling or meeting up with a group of friends. It can make communication, cost-sharing, planning, inviting, and sharing simple. Technology's purpose is to enhance life, don't forget to take advantage of it.

Bring Cash

The travel industry has taken a major hit and in less developed countries there may be a much larger number of individuals providing services on the fly that operate with low overhead. Being limited to only a credit card could also limit your options for various services.

In recap, with adequate protection, tools, and know-how the opportunity is yours to explore the new world. Times of such drastic change are typically the catalysts for shifts in culture, a worldwide cultural shift is about to take place, watching it from the front line could be something very few witness in a lifetime of travel and exploration. Overcoming obstacles and adapting to changes have payoffs, Use these tips above to do it safely and effectively will enable you to pick up where you left off.

Nicholas Duro

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Nicholas Duro is the founder of Private Island, a social media which has been dubbed the Instagram of adventure. While studying Economic System Philosophy at Chapman University Nicholas founded Honeymoon, a nationally distributed ultra-premium ice cream brand. Nicholas is an angel investor in 10+ companies and is an active philanthropist, with his mission to connect diverse communities with the DuroProject.Org

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