Embarking On a Journey To Build Emotional Well-Being

Dr Navana Kundu, author of Emotional Mastery- Toolkit of Success, provides simple methodologies to help people master their emotions, shift their mindset at will, and take their skills to the next level

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Understanding your emotions and empowering your life through them is a strength to nurture and behold for a seamless way of living. For an individual, garnering the power of their emotions alleviates them from the constant feeling of being tired, overworked, overwhelmed, demotivated, or even anxious. Dr Navana Kundu, author of Emotional Mastery- Toolkit of Success, provides simple methodologies to help people master their emotions, shift their mindset at will, and take their skills to the next level.

Anirban Roy
Dr Navana Kundu, author of Emotional Mastery- Toolkit of Success

Mastering Emotions

A Doctorate in Effects of Meditation on Human Mind and Happiness, Dr Kundu has adapted a hold over her reeling emotions after facing tragedy, death, failed relationships, loss and pain. Exploring the deeper energetics of the human mind and the spiritual aspects of human life, she has enriched herself with tools to elevate and impact quality of life for all the individuals who seek her guidance.

Venturing into the Himalayas to explore her spiritual self, she returned to the field with a visionary approach to empower people through emotional mastery. Conducting workshops all over the world, she made people understand the fact that emotions can either drive you to make the best decisions in life or crumble you to failure. She manifested Emotional Mastery as not just a foundational skill but a critical life skill as well.

Talking about her own experience, she says, "We are living in a time of extreme volatility and uncertainty. I wish I had found someone when I was a little girl who had taught me how to accept, understand, and heal my difficult emotions. Knowing how to guide my thoughts and feelings at that moment would have helped me multifolds to shape my future instead of being carried away by them."

Transitioning from fashion to emotion

Apart from being a globe trotter and a spiritualist extraordinaire, Dr Kundu took a flight in her professional career as a part of the fashion industry in Milan. Working with Elite Model Management in Italy, she started her own corporate events company IBB International in Barcelona, Spain. Following which she brought together leading decision makers of FT500 companies ranging from Nike, Microsoft, Coca Cola under one roof in premier conferences and summits held in Europe, Dubai, Mumbai and Hong Kong.

Channel your inner positivity through mastering emotions

According to this leading personality, if one wants to be ahead in the game to achieve success and fulfilment in true sense, they need to be equipped with the skills of EQ, EI, and Emotional Mastery (EM). She has redesigned strategies over and over again to bring the best to the table. She took her time to understand and compile all her knowledge of the field into a book that would without a second thought aid millions of people to get a hold of their emotions and direct them into doing something positive. After years of research her book and online course of "Emotional Mastery- Toolkit for Success' will launch in July and will be available on Amazon.

With her grandfather Swami Abhedananda having worked alongside Swami Vivekananda to spread the teachings of Vedanta, Dr Navana dedicated her life to study the ancient scriptures of Vedanta and hold a Master's degree in Jnana Yoga.

Dr Kundu envisions using her expertise in entitling people who are trying to deal with their feelings. She says, "Emotion ripples! A single wave of joy and gratitude from one person ripples out to touch another and the chain never ends. My mission is to help Leaders unleash rapid and profound Emotional Mastery to empower every area of life including relationships, career, finance, health and self evolution.

The author has also bagged an award for "Excellence in Meditation' by World Health Awards, and "Most Admired Global Indian 2021' by PassionVista. The virtuoso is on her way to spread awareness, education and empowerment with Emotional Mastery for success and fulfilment to leaders worldwide.