How the Music Industry Is Affected Owing to the Covid-19

A mainstay of millions, the wave of the pandemic has hit the spot and has strained many facets of the industry. What are the repercussions and the out-turn?

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By Asli Daud • May 5, 2020 Originally published May 5, 2020


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The outbreak of the pandemic, and the onset of the global lockdown over the past few months, has brought the seemingly lively world around us come to a halt. Facing unprecedented, an industry influenced, both in results and functioning. A mainstay of millions, the wave of the pandemic has hit the spot and has strained many facets of the industry. What are the repercussions and the out-turn?

An industry encountering assorted consequences

The music industry accommodates millions of professions being the provider to many. Amongst the pandemic, the folks face great adversity. With many relying on it for primary indispensable essential requirements, Covid-19 has caused the industry to come to a standstill, causing massive hindrances to the incorporated professions.

With heavy reliance depicted, the prime complications lie in the congregations for creations of any kind of music. Inaccessibility to any kind of resources, the majority of people have articulated that the unattainability of the necessities for engendering music has led to pronounced problems. One of the key reasons implied is the inability to visit the studios and the insufficiency of adequate equipment at home.

Moreover, with no assemblies allowed, the release of the jamming sessions and the shoot of the already scheduled videos, have come to a stop. The vital trouble for the artists being that the majority doesn't own a studio, and are dependent on them for record and shoot process.

Not confined to the artists and musicians, the effect has rippled to the other workforce of the industry too. Before the pandemic, a studio was the all-time work arena for the workforce, comprising from the production to the programmers to every single person. The programmers that created all aspects, from jingles, app songs, voice-overs, background music, and a lot more, are now glued to their houses with no efficient work to do.

Although the artists and musicians are showcasing efforts, in this situation, with no locations available to organize a shoot, and with faded teamwork due to the lockdown, the varying professionals have to put up with a lot of inconveniences. With no congregations of cameramen, lyricist, producers, directors, and all underlying workforce, there is tension for the deterioration in quality and mostly the burden lies on the individuals. Yet amidst the tough times, the industry has showcased a rejuvenated zeal and is yielding creative solutions.

Media and the Internet as the Panacea for the music industry

As the two faces of the coin exist, a similar situation exists with the lockdown imposed. These circumstances have brought about a new era for the industry in terms of digital media and the Internet. With loads of people getting bored at home, there's a tremendous up-thrust in the usage of varying media platforms, and the users have not limited them to a few specific websites and platforms. People are craving for new entertainment and music-related videos and are seeking the arenas present. This has motivated the artists to be on the lookout for the opportunities. They are utilizing distinguished ways to formulate creative content.

Artists are creating lyrical videos amidst the lockdown and are catering to a massive audience ready to listen and review the content. On the same aspect, the editors, are also gaining employment with this gesture of fabricating a lyrical video. People are seeking collaborations with artists who have access to studios to record their creations at home.

Although the consequences are extreme, people have not let their will shimmer. With shooting videos at home to learning and experimenting with their various styles and forms they are trying to proliferate. Many artists have utilized home- available props and have created captivating videos. The content is being appreciated and admired. They are using the available software for editing and many other purposes.

In these times, YouTube and entertainment websites have witnessed monumental traffic like never before. This is the clue, that digitization and the music industry are becoming intertwined like never before. With the audience waiting eagerly for content, people are trying to convert this pandemic into an opportunity to array their skill set. Digitization of the music industry with the internet being all-time available is the most viable solution to the current situation.

Asli Daud

Producer and Entrepreneur

Asli Daud, is a producer and a media entrepreneur. He is the founder and the CEO of multiple successful businesses. His two leading companies Asli Media and Asli Media Partners have helped thousands of budding entrepreneurs and artists. The company works for various arenas in production and media, such as music, movies, web shows, and many more. Daud, himself is an expert in Media and Tech.

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