Lockdown with Kids: 5 Audiobook Apps for Productivity and Cognitive Development

When your child is bored, clueless or looking for something interesting, just use these apps for growth, learning and awareness

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By Priyadarshini Patwa

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The pandemic has brought our lives to a standstill. However, the load of work is making us tired. While we all love our children, we do get tired at the end of the day and would prefer life to get a little easy. 

Reading bedtime stories, making sure they are doing something productive during the lockdown, we have listed down five applications that will manage and keep them engaged.

These apps make will never them be bored again, make their bedtime worthy and teach them something new every single day. When your child is all set to retire to bed or sitting clueless on what to do next, just put a book from one of these applications on and it will help in their cognitive development.



Who said Audible was just for elders? The popular audiobook app is all set to improve how your kids think and function. Tune into their series of classic children’s stories along with fairy tales or hear out popular stories that we all have grown with like The Three Bears, The Frog Prince. They also have a series of educational programs for kids to access.
Google Play Book

Google Play Books

How about studies and fun together? Google Play Book brings the best of both worlds. Choose stories that will make them enjoy, develop their cognitive skill and also audio textbooks to help them complete their syllabus. 
Voot Kids

Voot Kids

If Bollywood is something that excites your kid then Voot Kids is an app to go for. Hear out Bollywood celebrities and cricketers like Soha Ali Khan, Vidya Balan, Ravid Dravid reading popular flok tales like Karadi Tales, Jataka Tales and Sony Music to your little ones. For some fun, they can also hear out the popular characters like Motu Patlu and Shiva when looking for leisure time. 
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Haven't we all read Kindle once in a while? Now it's time to introduce your kids to it. They have curated a special section that lets your kid easily read and listen to their favorite tales that range from moral stories, mythological stories, fiction stories, spooky stories. 
Spotify Kids

Spotify Kids

Known for just music, recently they launched Spotify Kids, entering a new genre altogether. What exciting is the fact, they not only have audiobooks exciting additions like jokes, riddles, silly songs to keep them jolly all the time. They also read out to kids on good and bad habits. It's an apt app for growth, fun, learning and more. 

While everyone is juggling between multiple roles, we can just take a little break. Let our kids enjoy technology and online platforms in a meaningful and constructive manner that will help in their cognitive development, better understanding and learn new things. Introduce them to audiobooks and give yourself a little break! We all deserve it. 

Priyadarshini Patwa

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