Scale the Distance Beyond Physical Attributes To Ensure Work-From-Home Productivity Once being part of this complex structure, one just wonders to what extent they need to cope up with this situation of utter obliviousness of remote working

By Sudhir Naidu

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According to the 2019 survey report by Buffer, 99 per cent people wished to work from home once in their lifetime. Their wish seems to have turned into reality during the current lockdown. Keeping aside the negative implications of COVID-19, at first people were relieved and very excited to opt for remote working. But once being part of this complex structure, one just wonders to what extent they need to cope up with this situation of utter obliviousness of remote working.

We have always wondered about the relaxation of distant working, imagining that our productivity exponentially doubles up to create a magnificent impact on our performance. But when actually into the shoes, we realize how disillusioned we were. Considering that it is a whole three-week lockdown and has also extended beyond, it is not an easy task to keep calm every day.

A survey by E&Y has shown that 70 per cent of the organizations are concerned about the fall in productivity of the employees.

It would not be wrong to say that remote working comes with its own set of disadvantages. Out of the many resistance imparted by remote working, staying focused tops the list. Home always being a place to relax and indulge in leisure time cannot be ruled out. One has already slipped into lethargy and the surrounding distractions just worsen the situation. Not just the household distractions but the disturbances during work are very difficult to avoid.

Even while you are working, it seems that your messaging app is flooded with innumerable messages which is difficult to keep count of. The notification popping up every second is enough to make one distracted. Reaching out to scan through the messages to reach the one that concerns you is not just time consuming but also tiring.

Half the time is occupied in scrolling down the pool of messages showered on the group. It becomes very difficult to manage everything at the same point of time. Moreover, with lockdown being implemented, the gaming apps and many over-the-top platforms have come up with robust advertisements, trying to entice their customers with mesmerising ads and frequent notifications inviting them to join their platforms.

But with a more organized work plan, one can overcome the obstacles of remote working. Considering that virtual meeting platforms have made work from home possible, one can see that the experimentation has turned out to be positive. The productivity can be further enhanced with certain preparations and infrastructural upgrade.

Therefore, the need of the hour demands an app where work can go on smoothly while maintaining a structural and organized environment. There is no unwanted and unnecessary messages or notifications to reduce the productive time of the employees. To avoid all these distractions authentic B2B instant messaging apps need to be incorporated in the work structure where the employees do not need to be available on other platforms during work hours, cutting down on useless notifications and messages.

Working over professional app over casual messaging apps has some extra added advantage to it. It takes away the manual labour of scheduling, can also take care of reminders, makes document sharing instant and organized. Thus, it also aids in reducing the workload of employees.

Keeping these aside, the major concern which arises while working from home is the security network. One shares minute details over the document to payment details over the messages. It is very important to ensure there is no breach of data. To make sure the security, the companies need to opt for a secure mode to communicate.

Gauging the perils of novel coronavirus, where the lockdown can have negative impact on the company, it is essential that all the processes take a digital platform. From HR recruitment to meetings and document sharing, everything needs to be done on a professional app that compliments the emerging technology in the workplace.

Thus, looking at the situation it can be said that leaving out on some of the resistance, majority of limitations can be taken care of if there is a conscious decision to choose for right resources for work from home. Moreover, up till now the people have sustained with the obstacles of remote working and will continue to do so with proper channelizing and effective strategy.

To thrive successfully in work from home, one needs to pursue living their life as in any other normal day. Just because the home has become your new temporary office, doesn't call to reclaim your daily life. As in-office people take various short breaks to revitalize themselves, in the same way, plan out your day and take breaks to stay motivated and fresh.

In addition to this, define your work hours and stick to your schedule to ensure that you do not overstep on your personal time. Though indoors, you can carry on with light exercise and other activities so that your mind can break free from the office work. These may sound to be very basic but following these minute things can have a great impact in loosening your mental stress.

Thus, during this crucial time, taking small measures can help you sail through the difficulties. Making a conscious decision of staying disciplined and organized alone will not fetch you positive results but acting smartly on the drawbacks can create a much impactful outcome in keeping intact your mental sanity and enhancing your productivity.

Sudhir Naidu

Founder & CEO, Troop Messenger

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