An Ad-Agency Making Millions of Dollars Through Chakraview Funnel

Harsh Vardhan Sharma, Founder & CEO at Newsopreneur Media Pvt Ltd, is behind many 8-figure coaches and consultants

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Today's young minds are interested in content that is appropriate, mobile, self-paced and personalised. This requirement is met by online learning, which allows them to earn knowledge whenever and wherever they want. Currently, the global e-learning market is expected to surpass the $1 trillion market size by 2027. Harsh Vardhan Sharma has capitalized on the situation by forming Newsopreneur Media Pvt. Ltd, which is valued at $6 million to $6.3 million.

John Stanly

The exemplary entrepreneur started his journey back in 2015 by working for $30 per month for managing social media accounts. To gain his knowledge, he went on to master new skills that aided him in the launch of his new advertising agency. For the same, he got clients who wanted his help to launch digital courses, which led to the start of his life journey through Newsoprenur.

Due to his expertise in the field, he has been featured on Yahoo Finance for generating $4 million in 26 days by selling a digital course. In addition, he has been featured in Fortune Magazine for generating more than $10 million for a variety of clients.

When he started researching the industry "direct marketing", he was surprised to know that the recorded video lectures could also be sold for $1,000 with no overhead and profits. Which led him to realize that e-learning was the way to go if he wanted his small advertising agency to stand out. Focusing on the same, he altered his company's approach to assisting clients with digital services to sell by coaching and consulting them.

It took him some time to realise, and it was difficult at first, but now he believes that there is only one way to do Digital Marketing, and that is through "interactive marketing," also known as direct marketing.

Speaking about the same, Harsh said, "Well, it wasn't that different from traditional marketing; all I had to do was add some CTAs at the conclusion of the creatives."

People mistakenly believe that direct marketing and branding are mutually exclusive, yet this is not the case. When they worked with MNCs, the key goal was to get as many eyes on the brand as possible and to establish trust in it.

"After spending some time failing and trying we came up with a new service called "Chakravyuh Funnel' which originated from the word Chakravyuh of Indian holy book Bhagwat Geeta," said Harsh.

The Hindu epic Mahabharata depicts Chakravyuha, a military formation used to encircle opponents. Harsh was inspired by this thought and created a marketing strategy that included emails, chatbots, OTOs, upsells, downsells, retargeting, and remarketing. He has created a sales funnel in such a way that once a person joins the sales process, he'll end up buying in one way or another because there's no way out without purchasing.

With help of Chakravyuh Funnel, he has launched many digital courses and they never failed to generate less than $1 million in sales. That's why Newsopreneur charges a one-time fee of $25,000 plus 20 per cent of all sales generated by the funnel or a one-time fee of $100,000 for launching a digital course utilising his Chakravyuh Funnel.

Today, Newsopreneur has worked with hundreds of coaches and consultants, and as a result of Newsopreneur and its founder Harsh Vardhan Sharma, many of them have become millionaires and multi-millionaires.