A New-age Painter With Exceptional Artistic Fervor

Chiara Magni affinity towards art, paintings, nature, and creativity guided her to emerge as one of the most prominent contemporary Italian painters

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While every one of us has the ability to dream and in fact loves to dream, how many of us are actually courageous enough to chase our dreams? Not many, right? In a world where people's relentless search for a secured future force them to abandon their passion, only a handful of individuals showcase self-belief to passionately follow their dreams. One such fearless individual is the painter and artist


Chiara Magni whose affinity towards art, paintings, nature, and creativity guided her to emerge as one of the most prominent contemporary Italian painters.

Raised in the beautiful Garda countryside in Italy, Magni has always expressed inclination and affection towards nature and its elements. From the very beginning, she was encouraged to seek innovative ways to express the workings of her inner world. As a result, she picked up the art of painting as a medium of her self-expression. As a matter of fact, it has turned out to be her vent to every bit of her emotion.

Art has been associated with cathartic effects on human minds since the inception of human civilization. Magni first experienced this side of artistic endeavors when she created her first-ever oil painting at the age of nine. Then and there, she knew that painting was going to be her career and her future. With this goal in mind, she initially joined the Art School and started acquiring art knowledge. However, she being a strongly believer of the philosophy "If it doesn't exist, invent it" was not someone who loved to be bound by the boundaries of the traditional painting curriculum.So, she decided to drop out of Art School and began to indulge in experimentation as well as exploration. She spent considerable time in developing mastery over several paint mediums including acrylics, tempera, watercolor, pencils, pastels, fluid paint, and pouring methods. Finally, in 2014, she kicked start her career as a painter and there was no looking back.

As a self-learned painter, she invented her own distinguished style of painting which is now widely known as the Bright Expressionism painting style. Magni, a student of art and an accomplished painter, is heavily influenced by the artistic movements of Expressionism and Impressionism. Her art style – Bright Expressionism style – incorporates the elements of both art worlds and uses bright textures with bold colours. Despite her knowledge in different mediums, oil painting is the closest to her heart and most of her latest art ventures utilize oil paints to create magic on the canvas.

Magni specializes in finger painting and enjoys every bit of it, however Magni puts no limits to her creativity, she uses several tools to achieve her final results in a painting. She also uses brushes, spatulas and other tools to achieve her incredible compositions and great textures.

Besides landscapes and animals, she feels both comfortable and confident with drawing women figures, especially underwater women. The kind of ease and emotional connection she feels with underwater sceneries get reflected in her final products. She has also a special fondness for surrealism and tries to give her artworks a surrealistic touch. Her works, often, include uncanny shapes with strict color patterns which are exclusive to figurative art. In addition, her usage of both warm and cold tones uplifts the sense of intimacy in her paintings.

This versatile artist has been acknowledged and appreciated by several art institutions. Her works have been exhibited in several events in the UK and Switzerland. Magni received the Artist of the Year award in 2018 from the PadovaMaisond'arte and the honor of the Creativity Artist of the Year in 2020 by Art Now. Magni just won another Pirze on October 1st. She was given the Golden Palette at the International Art Award ceremony in Lugano.

More than 300 paintings by Magni have been sold in several art exhibitions. Currently, this extraordinary painter artist is working on a new collection, a few of which are commissioned. Despite her prior commitments and busy schedule, Magni's admirers are expecting something afresh from her in the fall.