Around 36% Indians Likely To Travel After 3 Months: Zostel Survey

The survey noted that about 54.8 per cent will prefer to travel solo, 23.2 per cent want to travel in a group, and 21.9 per cent want to travel as couples

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on a lot of businesses. However, stringent lockdowns and the grave fear of stepping outside one's house has left the travelling business to look at an uncertain future.

Hospitality chain, Zostel, conducted a survey among 1,196 respondents primarily from the metros and tier-1 cities across the country to understand when the citizens will be comfortable again to pack their bags and hit the roads.

The survey found that around 31.7 per cent of Indians are willing to travel after 2020 whereas 36 per cent plan to do so this year itself after three months. The survey noted that about 54.8 per cent will prefer to travel solo, 23.2 per cent want to travel in a group, and 21.9 per cent want to travel as couples.

Mountains were the most preferred travel destination for 70.1 per cent of respondents followed by 23.9 beaches for beaches and 5.2 per cent opted for cities.

The survey further highlighted that 63 per cent of males are willing to travel in the next one-two months in comparison to 37 per cent of females. While the males have preference towards mountains over beaches and deserts for travel, females are more likely to choose desert-based locations over beaches and mountains.

Commenting on the report, Dharamveer Singh Chouhan, co-founder and chief executive officer, Zostel, said, "India's travel industry might be witnessing one of the most challenging crises of all time yet we are optimistic for a better tomorrow. The travel survey conducted by our team gave us some valuable insights about the sentiments of travellers and the travel trends post the pandemic, which makes us confident that the travel Industry will revive slowly and steadily and continue to strive thereafter."

The survey highlighted that the new travel trends show a gradual return of confidence of people to travel, with safety becoming the major factor, influencing the decision of 47.7 per cent travellers.

To maintain social distancing the report found out that 39.3 per cent prefer to take their own transport. Solo travellers still remain the most likely to travel in the near future, with couple and group enthusiasm gradually rising. However, they are showing less tendency to share common areas with social distancing compared to solo travellers.

According to Zostel, couples and people in groups who are looking to travel should plan their stay arrangements well in advance. The report noted that people in groups are showing inclination towards mountains, whereas couples will opt for beaches. Moreover, as people are not willing to share common halls, travel arrangements should be accordingly made in properties that pay key attention to social distancing.

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