Aspiring For Better Healthcare Support Becoming an Additional Ground To Explore Higher Studies Abroad Healthcare protocols seem to have garnered Indian students' attention well

By Piyush Bhartiya

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Since the pandemic has taken the world through a storm in 2020. Students across India were highly disappointed for having to put their dreams at halt due to the COVID-19, further, many countries also enforced travel restrictions that made many students reconsider their dream of foreign education. It also changed the understanding of students towards pursuing higher studies abroad. But, as of now, the restrictions have become lenient, which puts the plan back on the motion. Now, in this post-pandemic era landscapes of how the day to day operations around the world operated has changed. This is how new gates were opened for students in foreign countries.

This drastically increased the number of factors they can consider before choosing in which country they want to complete their graduation. One such factor is health care. For instance, despite the problems raised from COVID-19, 91 per cent of students in India are still showing interest in completing higher education from abroad. Whereas, 71 per cent of these students gave better healthcare advantages in other countries as their reason for choosing to study abroad.

How healthcare support is becoming an important factor Healthcare protocols seem to have garnered Indian students' attention well. A critical decision of exploring higher education abroad is traditionally hampered by many factors. But from the recent discovery, many students have their eyes set on the beneficial health care facilities that are being offered by several foreign universities to attract students. Considering the world is still recovering from the devastation of a global pandemic, students prioritising health doesn't come as a surprise.

The pandemic brutally affected every industry globally including the education system. International travel becomes unsafe for many, and it resulted in many students facing severe difficulties in continuing their higher studies. While, many opted for twinning programs or hybrid classes, which turned out to be a great initiative on the universities part. These programs helped students pursue their education from their home town until the pandemic lasted, after which they were free to complete their course from aboard. Their credits were recognised in any university that bonded in these programmes, and now they are free to move to the on-campus with travel restrictions taken off. However, this whole scenario has made students aware of how much importance health care facilities bring to the quality of education. In case scenario an outbreak happens again, or the onset of subsequent COVID-19 waves is to occur in the college's destination, students prefer to be prepared. Similar initiatives are being taken by various universities and colleges abroad, as due to the low student admission rate, many of them suffered a high loss. Additionally, a lower number of student visas were assigned bringing the government in to take crucial decisions to rectify the loss from the pandemic. Their primary approach is to make a safe and healthy education environment for students. By extensive health protocols and vaccination drives being ramped up across the education sector to start as a rebound.

Students are changing destinations for better healthcare support Students who ambition to study abroad are eagerly gearing up to apply to various universities in their desired location. These destinations are being primarily decided on the COVID-19 affected areas and how the fresh precautions would look like in these countries if a new strain is to arise. For example, their health protocols, vaccination drives and medical facilities can be the deciding factors.

The UK, Canada, and the US remain to be on top for preferred locations by Indian students who want to study abroad. At the same time, a pre-pandemic students-favourite destination like Australia is being less preferred today. As Australia is opening up travel restrictions for Indians, most students didn't find it suitable to lose another year or wait until the time they allow travelling from India. Instead, many who were previously interested in Australia, choose Canada, or the UK, as these countries were prompt in granting health care facilities to foreign grads, along with vaccination approvals. Furthermore, universities in Canada and UK are welcoming Indian students with open arms following the pandemic induced lockdown. Australia should see resurgence in student interest in 2022 as now they are providing guidelines and healthcare benefits to students.

Germany is another new destination on the list of Indian students to pursue higher studies. Because Germany is well known to take the healthcare of their international students' healthcare very seriously. Wherein, students are ensured to get proper medical assistance not only due to the COVID-19 but also due to this being a mandatory stipulation provided when approving a student visa. The government of Germany makes sure that everyone must receive health insurance, as stated in their law, which includes the foreign students studying in Germany.

COVID-19 vaccine availability

Students are giving significant importance to the development of COVID-19 vaccines and their availability. For those students who are currently studying abroad, there are several such provisions made by their universities, such as providing vaccine shots to their students. This is adding assurance for students and their families in India, and also those students who plan on going overseas. Hence, these uprising vaccination drives and various unlocking policies in different countries are making it easier for students to plan their destination.

In addition, the changes observed in the post-pandemic education system is drastically changing students' mindset regarding exploring abroad for higher studies. It is not gone without notice how flexible several universities have become to increase their admission ratio. This is giving students an additional benefit and making them more amenable to opting for their courses.

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Piyush Bhartiya

Co-Founder and CEO, AdmitKard

Piyush Bhartiya is the co-founder and CEO of AdmitKard Edtech that simplifies application process for higher education opportunities. He takes care of the overall growth strategy at the brand and also manages the operations. He is an alumnus of  IIT- Roorkee and IIM Bangalore.


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