Covid-19: Liquor Store Begin Home Delivery and Here's Everything You Need to Know

From how to order liquor online in Maharashtra to tips on how to buy it safely, here's your guide

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The outbreak of Covid-19 had brought life to a standstill. While we were in lockdown the supply of liquor or the mode to buy it had stopped.

While a couple of weeks ago when the government decided to open the liquor stores, they were instantly shut all thanks to the crowd and how the citizens were behaving. As social distancing is one of the main things to follow during the virus, the state government did come up with another idea.

The liquor shops have finally started to do home deliveries across Maharashtra. We bet a lot of people are quite excited about this. The home deliveries will only be done in the areas where there are no coronavirus cases.

In case you are wondering how to proceed with this? Here's what Mumbaikars need to do. People need to register for liquor online. Followed by you will be given a token number for the same.

Considering how the huge gathering had broken the social distancing rule, the government has come up with this process for better management.

Before we tell you the whole process let's tell how to buy liquor safely?

1. Before reaching the liquor shop make sure you are covering your case, wearing gloves, and carrying your bag. This is advised to prevent contact with any other surface or external bags.

2. Once you are out don't touch mucous membranes or your face at all.

3. The government has permitted that only 5 people are at the store at one time. In case you see the place getting crowded, complain to the authorities about the same.

4. Once you are back, first thing first wash your hands for two seconds with soap and then your face.

Take the bottle of the liquor and clean it with the disinfectant that kills 99.9 per cent germs. It is advisable to keep the bottle isolated for at least 72 hours before you use it.

How to order liquor and finally acquire the taste of malt?

1: Log on to the official website of Maharashtra state excise -

2: Complete the registration process to get the liquor token.

3: Take a screengrab of the token or take a print out.

4. A time slot will be allotted to you when you will be required to go to the liquor shop.

5. Show the same at the liquor shop while making the purchase.

Please note: Do not make any payments or share any OTP anywhere with a similar name. Kindly make sure you are visiting the authorized website for the same. The official website link for getting liquor token will only be active till the end of covid-19.

Priyadarshini Patwa

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