Educational App Development: Increasing Demand During Coronavirus Pandemic According to a report from Statista, education is the second category in demand during COVID-19 pandemic

By Pratik Kanada

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Started in Wuhan, China, and now has got the entire world on its toes, coronavirus is being heard of everywhere. The times are really difficult for people, industries, manufacturing, health and every other business across the globe. Some businesses are totally shut, some of them are still surviving, while some businesses are on the verge of success. Now, this doesn't mean they are hoping that the virus continues but, it is kind of working magic for them. One of those industries is online education app development.

With kids not allowed in the school, teachers have adapted digital mode to take education to kids. According to a report from Statista, education is the second category in demand during COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for education application is bound to rise even after lockdown ends and the world gets back to normal. Well, it won't be just like before but we can call it the new normal, and education apps will be a huge part of it. Coronavirus is changing trends of educational apps in many ways.

Here are some of the reasons why teachers and students prefer online education:

Video tutoring

For the first few days of the lockdown, the education was at a pause. But it cannot be the same way so the teachers took the initiative and started video tutoring for the students. This way student can learn sitting in their homes. They can continue their studies without any hindrance to video tutoring through a mobile app for education.

Online classes

Through a mobile app, the teacher can create a room and give the code to the students to join the room. Once the teacher and students are in the same room, the teacher can give online classes and resume the studies. They can conduct online classes on a daily basis and continue teaching and learning without any break. It is one of the most effective ways of learning during the corona pandemic.

Online assignments

When there is learning, there is homework and assignments. With an education app, the teacher can give the assignment to the students online. The same goes for students as well; they can also submit the assignment through the app only. The teachers can also give remarks for the assignment, ask the students to resubmit online.

Group chat

A group can be created within the app with students, teachers and parents. The communication becomes very smooth and easy with a group chat feature of education mobile app. Parents can ask concerns to the teachers about resuming school, homework, attendance, holidays and other things. Teachers can also make an announcement in the group and inform them of the students and their parents.

Education quiz

A quiz is always interesting and when it is mixed with education, it is a really fun way to learn things. Quiz adds an element of competition. The students can choose a random opponent in the quiz or they can choose someone in particular. Students will be thrilled to learn more and learn better just for the sake of winning against the opponent in the quiz. This can work as a pushing button for the students who don't like to study. Online education does the thing which traditional education can't do.

Raise and solve doubts

With an online education app, the students can raise any doubt in any subject that teachers have taught. Teachers can solve the doubts through the app and keep the studies continue. It is very natural to have doubts for the students and through this feature, teachers van guide them in the right direction.

Get notifications

With an education mobile app, students can get a push notification and stay updated about the time of online classes, holidays, schedule of the test, doubt redress time, parents-teachers meetings. Neither students nor parents have to look in the app to get the details. A push notification will get to them with every new information about online teaching.

Performance report

The students, teachers and parents can keep track of a student's performance with the report. The report consists of the attendance in the online class, performance in the test and quiz, remarks for improvement, and every other detail as needed.

Is it a good time to develop an educational app?

During this time of crisis, mobile app development has helped people with plenty of things and they have created a place in people's heart and their lives. The convenience mobile apps provide has made people used to using them. So, even after the lockdown ends and hopefully the coronavirus goes away, the use of mobile apps will continue. This definitely means it is a good time to develop the education app. Here are the revenue figures for the education app that will prove the time is right.

Worldwide Market for Education App


Market in $ Million













Source: Statista

These were the estimated revenue figures for the education app before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. During the pandemic, the demand for the apps has risen and is bound to increase even after everything goes back to normal. Mobile application development has made education fun. The digital way has proven to be a useful tool for learning. The sector has become popular and also high in demand. Which means there is a good chance of generating good revenue. Have you heard of the proverb, "hit the iron when it is hot'. This is perfectly the case with the education app during the crisis.


Don't pass more time thinking. Become an opportunist and grab the opportunity of developing an education app now. You have seen the benefits of this app, demand for this category, and also the revenue forecast for this sector. All you need to do is decide the platform, pick the features, look for a good education app development company, and get your application developed.

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