Essential Fintech Trends You Need To Know Mobile finance is developing around the world and the popular trends commonly seen in fintech apps this year includes deeptech adoption

By Shubham Jha

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The way we manage our finances has changed dramatically over the last decade. In the past month, 73 per cent of smartphone users have used an app to manage their finances. Moreover, 60 per cent of mobile users prefer to access and manage their finances with an app instead of mobile Web. As developers have continually found new ways to innovate mobile finance, this vertical has gone from strength to strength, changing the landscape of personal banking and how businesses interact with their customers. This article explores how mobile finance is developing around the world and the popular trends commonly seen in fintech apps this year.

Machine learning capabilities

Big data is used by mobile finance app developers for operations such as user segmentation and personalization: according to market research company Forrester, 89 per cent of digital businesses are investing in personalization. SmarterHQ also found that 51 per cent of marketers put personalization as their top priority.

Machine learning is also important to tech developers because it can be used to create better user experience. For example, chatbots can be implemented to provide fast and effective customer services for users. A study by Gartner predicted chatbots would interact with 85 per cent of banks and businesses' customers in 2020. Machine learning enables chatbots to develop and become more useful, which in turn saves the developer's team from manual tasks. This is a 24-hour service that can also save users time by eliminating waiting times before speaking with a customer services employee.

Innovative payment methods

As mobile finance app developers continue to innovate new ways for their customers to complete a transaction, users are no longer limited to traditional payment methods that are not ideal for contemporary user habits. For example, QR codes and mobile wallets have become an effective way for users to easily complete a transaction while also saving them the trouble of needing a physical wallet.

Flexible payment distribution

Some mobile finance apps are giving users more options in terms of when they have access to incoming payroll. Instead of payday loans that can take advantage of a user's situation, this enables the user to gain access to funds in advance without relatively large interest rates. This feature gives users more freedom to distribute their money in cases of emergencies and unexpected costs that are due before payday.

Digital-only and mobile-first banks

The success of mobile-first banks is proving that a physical branch may not always be necessary. This can present a win-win scenario whereby the user doesn't need to find a local branch to sign paperwork while banks save the cost of maintaining a physical store.


Automation has had a considerable impact on the development of mobile finance. The purpose of automation tools is to carry out any activities that can be completed without manual work. Fintech companies can use automation to speed up processes and reduce the workload of employees so that they have more time to utilize their expertise. Automation can also provide a better user experience. Examples of automated processes when developing a fintech app include application status updates, balance information and confirmation emails.

Real-time reporting

Fintech app developers are always looking for innovative ways for their users to stay up-to-date with their finances and investments. Real-time reporting means that users have immediate access to financial data whenever they need it. This is extremely valuable to users who want to act proactively to financial management and investments as opposed to reactively. Real-time reporting is fast becoming the industry standard and an expectation for mobile users.

Shubham Jha

Sales Manager India, Adjust

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