Patanjali's Baba Ramdev Plans 'Big Announcement' On Coronil

The medication developed by Patanjali may soon be approved by the government as a valid medication against the COVID-19; company eyes lion's share of nutraceutical market

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Patanjali founder Baba Ramdev plans to go big with the company's Coronil medication against COVID-19 again and will make a major announcement soon.

Swami Ramdev/ Facebook
Swami Ramdev, Founder of Patanjali

The yoguru while speaking at IIT Bombay's E-Summit said, "Pehli ayurvedic medication ke taur par yadi kisi cheez ko manyaata deni padi sarkar ko, saare scientific research ke saath, toh woh Coronil hai."

He implied that the medication developed by Patanjali may soon be approved by the government as a valid medication against the COVID-19 which has till now claimed 1,55,360 lives in India and caused 23,53,890 deaths worldwide.

Baba Ramdev launched Coronil in June, at a time when the country was grappling with the rising COVID-19 cases and months-long stringent lockdowns were being eased. During the time of the launch, he said that the medicine will help in treating respiratory disease.

"The whole country and the world was waiting for medicine or vaccines for corona. We are proud to announce that the first Ayurvedic, clinically controlled trial-based evidence and research-based medicine has been prepared by the combined efforts of Patanjali Research Centre and NIMS," Yogaguru Ramdev Baba had then said during the launch. "100 per cent recovery rate within 3-7 days."

However, after receiving flak from the government and citizens, the company claimed that Coronil kit, which was priced at INR 545, never cured COVID-19, but patients with COVID-19 have been cured with this medicine.

AYUSH Ministry, later gave permission to sell this particular formulation as an immunity booster and not as a medicinal cure for COVID-19.

Nutraceutical push

During the same event, Baba Ramdev also announced that Patanjali is going to launch nutraceutical products. He claimed Patanjali will launch products which will enrich vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, multi-vitamin, Omega, Collagen, among others.

"Nutraceutical market is worth INR 50,000 crore and in the coming days, Patanjali will try to grab a majority share in it riding on the back of 100 per cent natural, plant-based, organic products," he added.