With This App, A Healthy Lifestyle Is Just One Click Away

BetterMe assists people who are just starting out on their health and fitness journey through tailored workouts from real coaches

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Amid this pandemic, there has been a lot of change in our lifestyle, from our eating habits to the way we are perceiving things. We have been doing everything with extra cautiousness in order to avoid future health issues. Looking at the same thing and the growing need for health and fitness content, Victoria Repa founded BetterMe to assist people who are just starting out on their health and fitness journey. They provide tailored workouts from real coaches as well as full performance tracking.


With the combined effort of the team, they work on the content together with specialised professionals, such as dieticians, coaches, psychologists, and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) practitioners, to develop the most effective way for developing healthy habits and understanding the body's demands.

Keeping in mind different individuals they personalize their content for different groups of people. The BetterMe application includes workouts for middle-aged, older adults, people using wheelchairs, and family workouts. We can clearly say that they have come up with a brilliant idea of spreading awareness among people regarding health and fitness.

The genius behind BetterMe, Victoria's journey began when she was employed to work in logistics for a multinational FMCG company. While it seemed like solid and stable work, she quickly realised that carrying boxes around for less money and faster wasn't what she wanted to do with her life, so she quit.

As she was looking for something meaningful and challenging, she saw a lot of opportunity in the rapidly expanding tech business. With no prior experience in the digital industry and a strong desire to learn something new, she immediately enrolled in a Bootcamp-style product management course run by a well-known local tech and media company.

Victoria while working at a local tech company, witnessed the rapidly growing demand for high-quality health and fitness content. They did some preliminary study and discovered that in 2016, over 90 million adults and 13 million children in the US were obese. In the general how-to category, a Google search query for "How to lose weight" came in fourth.

Commenting about the market, Victoria said, "Over 5 years in the health and fitness market, we realized that a set of tools does not help people achieve their desired goals. So we are now focusing on changing habits. We are now working with a team of psychologists and nutritionists to develop a program to recognize and change behavioral triggers."

"I believe that now we are witnessing a global change in attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle, our body and mental health. And BetterMe is honored to be a part of the bigger movement that promotes self-acceptance, self-love, and an active lifestyle," she further added.

Believing in achieving inner and outer balance, they make sure that each client makes peace with themselves and their thoughts are where the real transformation begins. BetterMe encourages people to live a healthy and active lifestyle rather than focusing on severe weight loss or an unreachable ideal of a "perfect body". BetterMe's global mission is creating happiness within. Their main task is to teach consumers how to find happiness inside themselves by engaging in physical activity, eating well, and being aware of their mental health.

They concentrate on informing consumers about their bodies and minds' inner workings. This strategy is a foolproof way to not only lose weight by eating less but also to get to the source of our need to overeat or use food to numb our feelings. Their main goal is to create a product that serves everyone. Inclusion and diversity is their core value so they could create a healthy lifestyle as accessible and inclusive as possible.

With a vision to expand themselves across the globe, their app is available for the busy newbies and currently running a business in the US but have up to 10 localization and downloads from all over the world. Constantly updating and customising all of that information, BetterMe provides flawless service to their consumers and assists them in living a healthy lifestyle.