COVID-19 Outbreak: Why HRTech Is The Best Tool During These Times

In a crisis like this, we may be missing out on opportunities to not only increase the efficiency and accuracy of your HR function but also enhance employee engagement

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Even before the contagious coronavirus spread, the pandemic forced the workforce to shift to work from home. But are we taking advantage of top HR tech tools? Especially in a crisis like this, we may be missing out on opportunities to not only increase the efficiency and accuracy of your HR function but also enhance employee engagement.


HR tools can help you increase the productivity of the employees and help your business function smoothly.

Here are the tools which you can consider:

Make Sure Your Employees Get Recognized

Employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver for success of businesses today. A lot of organizations are recognizing their employees who are going above and beyond to contribute to these challenging times. Induce a sense of belongingness, closeness and friendliness within your organization.

Employees Are Marked For Their Hard Work

Geo-fencing mobile-based punch-in/punch-out will make sure that your attendance is marked for the day you have worked on and gets you digitally connected workforce. Geo-fencing lets you better collaborate and manage work from home for employees while enabling businesses to ensure performance and productivity.

Keep Your Employees In the Loop

Educate your employees on dos and don'ts by announcing updates on your company announcement forums or internal communication channels. Connect seamlessly with everyone irrespective of any location or time and keep them up to date to quell rumors amid COVID-19.

Make Sure Employees Get Paid on Time

During this difficult hour and overall lockdown situations, while all your employees are putting their best in this situation, organizations should think of making life slightly easier for them by processing their salaries on time. Make sure your employees are paid on time with faster processing and assured accuracy.

Upskill Yourself and Make the Most Of the Lockdown Period

Keep training and keep learning until you get it right. Learning can never go waste and you can certainly use tools such as learning management system to study new courses, learn new domains and expand your array. With learning management systems, you can ensure contactless knowledge and information dissemination with mobile-based learning. A lot of organizations can leverage collaborative tools like forum discussions, wikis to improve communication and collaboration within the teams. E-Learning with gamification can truly create a rich, interactive and engaging learning experience.

We can see that the numbers are expected to rise with the dangers posed by the virus outbreak. Due to this pandemic, millions of the workforce across the globe are working from home and the HR function along with the businesses at large have found that HRtech is the best bet during these testing times to improve the team collaboration, productivity and keep achieving the business outcomes.