How This Dental Care Center Leveraged AI Robots & Technology To Combat the Pandemic

Boston Dental Clinic overhauled safety protocols and turned to technology to make the practice safer and ensure patient safety

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected the dental industry like everyone else. It was challenging to navigate, but patient safety was an expense that couldn't be spared. Clinics started looking towards technological advances that limited patient and provider exposure. By utilizing AI robots, dental clinics worldwide adapted to systems of practice and sterilization that kept people at a safe distance while providing optimal care. Boston Dental was one of the first clinics to incorporate a more modern approach, which has been replicated throughout the industry.

John Stanly

Dental clinics had to put procedures on hold due to the high-infection risks associated with high-speed drills and aerosol products. While high-speed drills and aerosols are incredibly safe, they still presented too high an infection rate during a global pandemic.

Unfortunately, the closure of many practices led to an increase in severe infections. Because people couldn't maintain their oral care as clinics re-opened, experts at Boston Dental Clinic saw a lot of problems people were facing that wouldn't have become an issue if caught earlier. The dental care center incorporated technology and robots into its practice to get people safely in for check-ups and routine maintenance before it worsened.

Understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic affected people's oral health, Boston Dental immediately employed machines and robotics proven to kill 99.9 per cent of pathogens and superbugs on surfaces and the air. These machines kill pathogens through the use of UV-C ultraviolet light through a 360-degree sterilization process. The clinic uses it between every patient visit ensuring every patient walks into a safe room.

Dental practices are also integrating hospital-grade air filtration systems and extensive PPE to all staff members. Boston Dental clinic combined common sense with state-of-the-art technology to better prepare for uncertain events. While COVID-19 did create a setback for the dental industry, it presented the opportunity to adapt and offer more safety alongside a higher standard of care.