Russia-Ukraine War And What It Is Doing To Businesses And Consumers

Crypto investor and mentor Frantisek Hrinkanic says people deserve to live in love and peace

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The war of 2022 between Russia and Ukraine has shocked the whole world and has brought it to a halt. It is drastically affecting the world's supply chain, obstructing the movement of commodities, driving up prices and causing a severe lack of products, and also causing a global food scarcity that has been unimaginable for a very long time. Even though the energy shortage may end up becoming tamable at some point, with the huge hike in demand and supply for green technologies all over the globe, the already unsustainable human toll of the conflict, which shows no indication of subsiding, is being made even worse by the disruption in supply and demand for products.

Frantisek Hrinkanic

In the markets, be it the stock market or the cryptocurrency market, the war has created a sense of fear, both into the investors as well as the consumers. Investors who have earned money do not want to risk their capital unnecessarily, and many have been refraining from buying and selling cryptos and other stocks altogether. Businesses across the globe have been impacted severely, consumers are losing their purchasing power, and interest in cryptos have seen a steady trend of decline for a while. Both people holding cryptos and people trying to get into the field have been struggling since the beginning of this year.

People who deal with the markets everyday have had only one prayer for a while now: the end of war and the return of world peace. Some of them even got into the crypto field with the specific aim of helping people, and the war has been a soul-crushing experience for them.

The 26-year old crypto trader, mentor, and entrepreneur, Frantisek Hrinkanic, started his journey in the crypto world majorly because he wanted to help people. He started earning from cryptocurrency investments at a very young age, when the market wasn't even as popular as it is today. This aided him in learning a lot about trade secrets of the area and instead of being selfish with them, his first thought was to start his own mentorship institution, "Crypto Tips Academy", so that he could share his knowledge far and wide, helping as many people as possible gain financial success.

Frantisek soon started getting actively involved in spreading awareness about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the massive potential they have and the revolutions that they will soon bring upon the world. He even wrote a 182-page book that breaks down the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies for newcomers to the field. Together with his team, he is also developing a nonprofit organization to combat issues like global warming, discrimination, poverty, and corruption.

The war, right after the pandemic that had already devastated the world, broke the heart of kind and compassionate Frantisek. A person who believes life should be all about earning money, traveling, getting to know new cultures, family time, and having fun in general - the war tore him down.

He says, "For them (Russians and Ukrainians) and their families it is literally hell on earth… Thousands of people have lost their loved ones, they suffer, they are hungry, they are afraid every day. I think that no person in this world, especially children, deserves to live in fear. We live in the digital age, not in the age of medieval kings - such things should not be happening in the world."

Soon after the war started, Frantisek got involved with helping people from Ukraine through accommodation, transport, food, humanitarian aid, and much more. He personally drove many Ukrainian children to safety in his car and their relieved and happy faces brought extreme joy to his heart. To his delight, even his crypto team stepped in and helped war-torn people with cryptocurrencies.

Frantisek, along with many people from the crypto field, have been wishing for the war to end soon, destruction of the environment and the humans to cease, and the markets to finally rise and make way for everyone to restart building a peaceful and fulfilling life for themselves.

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