The Rise In Adoption of Deeptech And Cloud

While the trend was already on the rise, COVID has accelerated the pace

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By Ashmita Bhogal

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Artificial intelligence (AI), public Cloud spaces has indeed seen a huge growth and this growth has become more significant during the last 18 months. Roopan Aulakh, MD, pi Ventures; Swapnil Jain, CEO-Co-Founder, and Sandeep Bhargava, MD, Rackspace Technologies discussed AI, robotics, machine learning and the future of design in Entrepreneur India's Tech and Innovation Summit.

Talking about the need of AI, Aulakh said, "AI is not really needed for everything but it is like sort of a buzzword for the companies and using AI can definitely bring efficiency scale and other advantages to the company."

As most startups use words such as AI, deeptech in their pitches, the question arises how does a user really understand if the claim is genuine? Addressing the question, Aulakh said, first thing you can do is check the background of the founders that how they have actually used AI in the past and the second way is to talk to the experts as now there are quite a lot of people in the Industry and in the academics who know about the nitty-gritties of AI.

And talking about the customers who don't know anything about the AI, they have nothing to worry about AI and how does it work as long as their work is being done, said Aulakh.

Addressing the point that how companies make sure that they use AI when it is needed; Jain said, "We work in the 5-Ys to get to the problem of it so that we don't become a company which uses AI as a hammer and we are trying to find nail, rather what we do is we work backwards which means, like if we have a problem it could be anything and then we try to find the right solution so that is what we make sure that we don't use AI for everything when it doesn't even matter."

In regard to, public Cloud spaces, Bhargava said, "Now people have started to realize that they do not require their data center everywhere they go and they have understood that how easy it is to operate on hyperscaler platforms and that barrier has really gone down. Still, there are some companies who are reluctant to shift towards public cloud platform as they are worried about the data privacy and compliance governance. With this transformation towards the cloud industry, there is shortage of people who are skilled in this sector as with more businesses adopting cloud computing around the world has led to the shortage of people who are mastered in this skillset."

In the healthcare sector, during pre-COVID era people were reluctant to get online consultations and ordering medicines but now this process has become more streamlined, so now what we are seeing is that a lot of tele-health platform coming and becoming very successful apart from that we have seen rise in tele-reporting where doctor doesn't have to be present in person to provide a person with the report or certification and all this has become possible because of deeptech, said Aulakh.

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