This Blockchain Analytics Firm Is Safeguarding the NFT Industry

bitsCrunch is a leading blockchain analytics firm that aligns with building tools to safeguard the NFT ecosystem in its complete sense

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The major objective behind bitsCrunch is to eradicate and safeguard the NFT industry from rampant wash trading, hacking of wallets, fraud, rise in fake NFT marketplace, blockchain security challenges, etc., and in turn facilitate non-fungible token adoption by enhancing their liquidity.


From top to bottom

bitsCrunch is a foremost analytics company that blends artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and blockchain technology. The firm offers user-friendly digital products that seeks to secure the NFT ecosystem and provide industry-relevant and real-time analytics on NFT trends. This helps in launching NFT ventures with ease via their product Unleash NFTs. The firm was established in India and has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. bitsCrunch has a workforce with a rich experience of over 25 years, which has made them the frontrunners in the blockchain space. More than 30 skilled professionals constitute the accomplished team of bitsCrunch. They offer their proactive services in a SaaS manner where their customers can make use of them by staking a certain amount of their native tokens. This could intercept the unbridled issues afflicting the NFT industry. They build models to estimate the true value of assets and produce tailored market reports and competitor analysis to help projects better understand their customers or marketing opportunities. They aim to come up with a transparent NFT module that enhances the credibility of an asset. The native digital utility token BCUT provides access to bitsCrunch services and the bitsCrunch network.

The top solutions offered by bitsCrunch

The firm offers a set of special features and solutions that help customers grow and secure their assets and efficiently safeguard the NFT community. They are:

Scour: It helps in effectively intercepting fraudery and suspicious wash trading occurring in the NFT markets.

Unleash NFTs: With Unleash NFTs, bitsCrunch and its users track NFT analytics across blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche with utmost speed, accuracy, and reliability through a beneficial analytics dashboard.

Liquify: Liquify deals with undervalued or overpriced NFT portfolios using artificial intelligence and makes real-time digital assets valuation.

Crunch DaVinci: Lastly, Crunch Da Vinci helps in flagging forgeries, copycats, and bootlegged digital arts to protect the client's digital assets with an AI-modeled digital asset forgery detention system.

bitsCrunch on a spur of success

With the consistent efforts and hardwork of the whole team, bitsCrunch managed to positively high-rise its venture and narrate its admirable success story. This dedication made them stand out from the rest of the competitors and gained them multiple achievements. The recent NFT NYC 2022 Conference held at New York Times Square was an indelible experience for bitsCrunch. Over 15,000 NFT artists, collectors, admirers, and enthusiasts attended the annual convention that stretched across 3 days. It was the largest NFT event of 2022, where celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Madonna, and Eminem exalted the event with their presence. The top NFT collections like BAYC and Cool Cats organize activities for holders. The event aided bitsCrunch in gaining more connections and great publicity as they were advertised all across New York Times Square. It also helped them expand their network to a great extent, attract more investors & partners to the project, and educate more people about the outlawed undertakings occurring in the NFT industry and the perfect security solutions for the context.

Of the event, the founder and CEO of bitsCrunch, Vijay Pravin said: "Being a long-term NFT infrastructure project, bitsCrunch was able to attract a few VCs for our strategic round, which was evidence of our sturdy fundamentals."

"It was amazing to see the instant interest in the trust and transparency aspect of digital assets. People could sense that we are building something that creates real value for the community, and so bitsCrunch's mission was widely well received." Kevin Conabree, Global Head of Growth at bitsCrunch added.

bitsCrunch, the guardians of the NFT ecosystem, strongly believes that what they build at bitsCrunch will reach thousands of individuals and give them wider insights into NFT security. Within a few years, the venture will undoubtedly grow and rise as the ultimate NFT security solution.

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