This DeFi Pioneer And Investor Talks About the Importance Of Decentralized Finance

Matteo Zago's zeal was fueled in 2010 when Facebook arbitrage opportunities started growing for online affiliate marketing

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Decentralized finance is rapidly growing as a safer, more transparent, alternative means to old financial services. It creates a more open, dependable, and easily accessible financial system. Decentralized finance is secured by blockchain technology, thus reducing the risk of fraud, corruption and the mishandling of assets. It will also make it further cost-effective and efficient to manage finances, with no more overdraft fees, no costs for wire transfers, and no waiting on banking hours for a transaction to be certified.


Matteo Zago is a renowned DeFi pioneer and investor who took significant financial risks in his early 20s. Passionate about freelancing and investing, Zago knew that a formal 9-5 career would not work for him—hence he decided to chase his passion rather than pursue a university degree. Zago's zeal was fueled in 2010 when Facebook arbitrage opportunities started growing for online affiliate marketing. Although his family and close friends discouraged him, he dedicated his time to learning how to make money on the web and worked hard to achieve this goal.

However, his efforts did not pay off, but Zago never lost his focus. With time, he was over the moon to eventually make good money before he was 22. "With my first big earnings win, I started researching blue-chip crypto projects and investing in them. Crypto has been considered high risk/scammy by the mainstream until recently," Zago explains.

Zago has experienced various challenges along the way. Cryptocurrency has been considered a fud or scam for a long time. Most people called him a gambler, but he kept building and investing while remaining focused. He considers his success a series of learning, growing and even some luck.

Zago is an astute writer—he was ranked as an Amazon bestselling author on marketing topics in 2014 for The Facebook Bible and The Twitter Marketing Guide. He was also the first to map out the "Web 3.0" term and characterize blockchain technology with it. An innovator, Zago first mentioned "Web3" in one of his most famous articles about its importance, which was revolutionary. Today, Web3 has gained wide publicity and has been used as a reference by many journals, including the famous Crunchbase. Additionally, Zago was the first to invest in various blue-chip projects in their early days, and many of his articles have become the most read on the topic.

Zago appreciates having met some fantastic advisors along the way. He shares that they helped him grow into a professional with excellent investment and management abilities and have massively contributed to his success in recent years.

Although Zago achieved all his set goals in five years, he still feels the urge to push further. "I've been developing my five-year plan recently. Considering the current status-quo of world economics and the global recession we might face soon, why not use it to your own advantage? I've been an early-stage investor in various blue-chip crypto/NFT projects, and this is another great opportunity to adopt projects with huge potential earlier than others," Zago concludes.

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