Video Conferencing: A Peep Into the Future Of Communication The pandemic has forced corporates and individuals to embrace video meets and many Indian startups have come up solutions. But are they world-class?

By Jyoti Valecha

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With the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, the channels of communication have revolutionized. The proliferation of virtual windows, or video conferencing platforms, is a testimony to that. Sensing a business opportunity to bring in Indian video conferencing app, Say Namaste was created by a Mumbai-based tech startup Inscripts. Also, Ajay Data-led Data Ingenious Global has an offering called VideoMeet. Entrepreneur India interacted with Anuj Garg, the CEO and co-founder of Inscripts and Data to understand the perception regarding the paradigm shift.

Transition through video conferencing for communication

Technology is the buzzword to relate with the changes witnessed at present. All the features of communication, music, photography and all the text messaging services have faded in the last 15 years. During this pandemic phase, meeting, engagement and networking are being adopted by people. Ajay acknowledged, "Even though networking apps existed for casual and business communication, but, these were not operational for real core corporate work culture." He believes video conferencing is like a blessing in disguise as well as innovative approach turning out to be resourceful in India. Meetings can flexibly be scheduled in accordance to the corporate needs.

Data highlighted at connecting on calls and managing the team became a part of his organization before the lockdown. This became a pivotal factor to adhere to remote working guidelines and indeed proved to be a modern way of engagement. Precision and better mechanism are chief methodologies of video conferencing, according to Data.

Perspective of video conferencing with a difference

Primarily, the instincts of not being able to operate through video in the lieu of meeting came as the major challenges. Data highlighted, "From initiating billion-dollar deals to executing IPO and in-person meetings have switched to video conferencing across the world." He quips that it's totally a paradigm shift in the corporate sector. This is just the nascent stage and in the coming years, customized accessibility can be expected for networking.

Point of distinction vs limited choice

There are many situations where meeting others cannot be replaced through video conferencing. At the same time, video calls suffice for some business interactions and travel. Data stated, "The amount of expenses contributed towards these things can be eliminated up to 80 per cent by adopting video conferencing." Productivity, efficiency and saving time have been advantages of this work mechanism.

Data added that few things are likely to change while others may remain the same. He clarified that hybrid business model along with virtual add-on will be a part of all the events. In addition, investment on technology due to video conferencing will be aligned to business processes. Data pointed, "Holograms on picture, the use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality have become the additions to the video calling." The insight of upcoming trends of this niche is highly competitive where big players will change video conferencing thoroughly.

Data security and prime focus of video conferencing

Generally, people tend to side-line security just like the approach towards insurance. However, in the case of VideoMeet, securing the data of users is prioritized. Data asserted, "Without the legitimate authorized right, someone should not record the call or snoop in the conference." Powering the security product like this, it becomes the responsibility of the team to protect the users. Besides, data availability for legal inspection agencies is the ongoing critical issue.

Data recalled that localization and security were the initial aspects focused by his team. He also mentioned that keeping out anti-social activities is also a part of the video conferencing vision. With the user base of over 80 million, VideoMeet has precision in operations and clarity of objectives related to video conferencing. Interestingly, wiping the data after a session is also a notable feature of video conferencing services of this app.

User awareness quotient for privacy

Video conferencing got prominent in the market to fill the gap of security and privacy. The major issue raised by users pertained to data integrity maintenance. Over the past few years, users have become aware and seek information to ensure secured platform of video conferencing. Garg claimed, "We don't collect any user data initially, so, the problem related to data getting leaked does not arise."

Data security and server allocation

National security is the fundamental requisite which even led to several Chinese apps being banned in India. In the case of video conferencing, there are certain parameters which need to be controlled. Data elucidated, "We need a constant accountability framework in the country while adhering to the norms of legal policies." The Indian government cannot help people if they do not abide by the regulations or use Chinese apps for communication.

Garg described that the rise of software nationalism is penetrating in the market gradually to encourage localization. Data localization will continue to locate servers nationally for physical accessibility. Safeguarding national security yet not clamping down the businesses planning to expand globally.

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