How To Make Money Fast: 100 Ideas If you are wondering how to make money fast, here are 100 ideas to increase your income and set up you up for financial freedom.

By Nicole Crampton

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Are you looking for ideas on how to make money fast? Then you've come to the right place. No matter your skill level, access to resources or how much cash you have saved, you're sure to find at least one opportunity here for you. Some of these ideas will be easier than others, but nearly all of them require little to no capital.

Keep in mind that some of these ideas, when done right, can become a full-time job that could sustain you for years. Here are 100 ideas on how to make money fast:

Fast Money-Making Ideas on Fiverr

Freelance your skills and earn extra cash on the side. The more you work, the more money you can make.

Fiverr is a platform dedicated to micro outsources services online. You can setup a profile sharing what skills you have and offer your services to a global audience. There are numerous options under each category so be sure to check them all out.

1. How to Make Money Fast on Fiverr with Graphic Design

Fiverr offers a section dedicated to graphics and design, so if you have the necessary skills you can use your graphic design skills to make money on Fiverr.

How this entrepreneur used Fiverr: Graphic design to make money

Joe, lives in Tarragona, Spain, it's a small town and there aren't many opportunities for a designer. After discovering Fiverr, it now makes up 30% – 40% of his annual income.

Lessons learnt: How to Make More Money on Fiverr with Graphic Design

"You've got to set a goal for yourself. Search for popular Gigs and then come up with a version in your own style. If you create a completely new Gig, make sure it is attractive, innovative, professional and relatively inexpensive – though be sure to include extras," says Joe.

2. How to Make Money Fast on Fiverr with Digital Marketing

Fiverr offers opportunities for those in the digital marketing sphere. If you have the necessary skills, you can post services on Fiverr and wait for clients to ask you to do projects for them.

How this entrepreneur used Fiverr: digital marketing to make money

Aaliyaan, Super Seller, created packages and managed to triple his revenue instantly. "I was amazed to find my revenue shooting three times higher while my workload was reduced from 10 hours per day to just two to three hours per day," he says.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Fiverr with digital marketing

When starting out you'll need to be creative with your Gigs in any category. If you can't think of something completely new, offer it in a different way. Also keep an eye on your competitors to see what they're up to and ensure you're keeping up.

3. How to Make Money Fast on Fiverr with Writing and Translation

If you're an experienced writer or can translate multiple languages, you can make money fast in this section of Fiverr. Use your professionally honed skills to help you to earn some extra cash on the side.

How this entrepreneur used Fiverr: Writing and translating to make money

"I've written for 51%-52% of countries worldwide," says Levi Newman, copywriter from Missouri. "My first couple months I made $800-$1 200, and then it just snowballed. Within six months, I realised I could do this full-time. Since 2015, I've made $10 000-$15 000 a month."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Fiverr with writing and translation

"Persevere," says Newman. Earning money from Fiverr takes work and dedication. "There are times when I pull a 17-hour day. Upsell and oversell everything. Start with $5 gigs and keep doing it until you build your reputation."

4. How to Make Money Fast on Fiverr with Video and Animation

Do you have video or animation skills? You could make money fast on Fiverr by connecting with customers looking for someone with your skills.

How this entrepreneur used Fiverr: Video and animation to make money

Alif was able to retire from his career in comic book editing after just four months on Fiverr. "I love what I'm doing now because I have much more time for my family and hobbies," he says.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Fiverr with video and animation

"Try to provide outstanding service and do the best work you can," says Alif. "I meet newcomers who are initially excited about Fiverr, but after that, they give up. The main reason is they think Fiverr is an express money maker, but forget Fiverr is just a platform and they themselves need to offer a good service and work hard."

5. How to Make Money Fast on Fiverr with Music and Audio

If you have experience with music and audio you could make money fast on Fiverr. This platform helps you to connect with potential customers looking for someone with your skills.

How this entrepreneur used Fiverr: Music and audio to make money

Redd Horrocks, voiceover artist, started using Fiverr to make some extra money. She quickly found she could earn more doing freelance voice work and made Fiverr her full-time job.

"I work 30 studio hours a week and spend an additional six hours responding to emails and quote requests. My projected revenue this month is $15 000, and my projected income for the year is $150 000. At my previous full-time job, I earned $52 000 annually."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Fiverr with music and audio

"Presentation is really important," says Horrocks. "Right off the bat, be as professional as you can. It takes time but it's worth the work. Also, you never know when your next client is going to become your best client. Treat everyone wonderfully so they buy from you again."

6. How to Make Money Fast on Fiverr with Programming and Tech

Do you have technology and programming skills? You could be using these to make money fast on Fiverr. Tell customers what you can do, and the projects will start coming in.

How this entrepreneur used Fiverr: Programming and tech to make money

Nadeem Yousaf, Fiverr Pro from Pakistan, joined Fiverr to support his family. "I got my first order of $25 and received my first positive review all within the same day. I was so excited – this was the first time I had earned my own money." Now, as a Fiverr Pro Seller he earns over five figures.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Fiverr with programming and tech

"Sellers from the community forum ask how to succeed on Fiverr. Here is my advice:

  • Focus on quality, not quantity
  • Communication is key, always keep your client up to date
  • Ask questions – make sure expectations, timelines, and objectives are always understood
  • Use tools like the Forum to learn more about Fiverr's capabilities
  • Always be professional. It's important to treat your Fiverr account like a business
  • Learn from your mistakes."

7. How to Make Money Fast on Fiverr with Business

Do you have professional business skills? Can you be a virtual assistant, legal consultant or offer career advice? Fiverr has a portal dedicated to business skills, so you can make money fast.

How this entrepreneur used Fiverr: Business to make money

Michael, Chicago, is an expert at analysing, reporting, and building narratives around data to unlock insights. Fiverr accounts for a quarter of his income.

"Early on, my various skills weren't as deeply integrated. I think this is the main challenge facing multi-Gig sellers. Deconstructing your Gigs into simple steps and putting them back together to create a whole package will help you generate more sales and revenue," he says.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Fiverr with business

Promote your business and drive all your customers through Fiverr to build your reputation. Build relationships with other sellers to help you deliver a better customer experience. Test new ideas and find answers to your questions.

8. How to Make Money Fast on Fiverr with Fun and Lifestyle

The fun and lifestyle section can be anything from relationship advice, gaming, astrology and readings or health, nutrition and fitness. Have a look and see if you have the necessary experience to offer your services to make money fast.

How this entrepreneur used Fiverr: Fun & lifestyle to make money

Antonio, life coach from Mississippi, provides inspiration, career advice, relationship advice and an open mind. He finds motivation in his ability to connect with his global clientele and give them the reassurance they need.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Fiverr with fun & lifestyle

"Always be mindful of your "impressionistic tendencies" Our impressionistic tendency is how we come off to other people. Give positive energy and treat customers with dignity and respect," says Antonio.

9. How to Make Money Fast with Envato Market

Envato Market is a marketplace for those looking to buy products from designers, developers, photographers, illustrators and producers. If you have these skills, you can offer your services and make money fast with Envato Market.

How this entrepreneur used Envato Market to make money

Kriesi, has been part of Envato for 3 years and has almost 32 000 sales, earning him a healthy $1 million.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Envato Market

"Take the time to improve yourself, to improve your work, and become a better designer/programmer with every new release. You will eventually come up with something that people love," he says.

Fast Money-Making Ideas on Etsy

Are you crafty and want to earn a mostly passive income? Then this is what you're looking for.

If you haven't yet heard of Etsy, it's a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It's home to unique, handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures. Although many South Africans struggle to make a traditional Etsy account a success because of the delivery costs, but we've thought of ways you can take advantage of this marketplace without losing your hard-earned cash to delivery charges.

10. How to Make Money Fast with Etsy: Digital Prints

You can sell digital prints to people around the world through Etsy. Digital prints are pieces of art that customers can purchase, download and print on their side, no delivery needed.

How this entrepreneur used Etsy: Digital Prints to make money

Jenny Kun designed some prints for her new-born daughter, then discovered Etsy. "I uploaded a few products and I was shocked — I got a sale on my first night," she says. She has since sold 5000 digital downloads of her original art.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Etsy: Digital Prints

A good working knowledge of design programmes like Adobe illustrator can help you to create files easier. "I use Adobe Illustrator because it's a vector-based programme that gives me the flexibility to resize my designs", says Kun. "Once you get the hang of it, it's a great tool to have in your toolset."

11. How to Make Money Fast with Etsy: Printables

Printables can also be, as its name suggests, printed from the customers home, but these are typically not artworks. They are more organisational tools such as weekly planners, templates and life-management tools.

How this entrepreneur used Etsy: Printables to make money

Michelle Rohr made $50 000 selling printables on Etsy. Her Etsy stores generates $2 000 a month of almost passive income.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Etsy: Printables

The lessons that Rohr learnt were:

Customers are happy to pay more for a collection of printables instead of less for one.
Continue to market your products (Rohr used Pinterest to grow her audience and find new customers).
You don't have to use fancy software, she designed all her items in Google Docs.

Fast Money-Making Ideas on Uber

Are you looking for something flexible that allows you to work as hard as you want? Make money with Uber around your schedule.

Uber is a platform that allows you to reach people who need to be driven somewhere. You can apply to be an Uber driver or deliver for Uber Eats and then decide when and where you want to work to make money fast.

12. How to Make Money Fast with Uber

Get your car inspected by Uber and within a few days you can start earning some extra cash.

How this entrepreneur used Uber to make money

"I couldn't possibly find another part-time job that would consider hiring me because I have no idea when I can work. On evenings and off days when I'm up to it, I drive for Uber and make the extra cash I need," says Rhema, Uber driver since 2016.

"This side hustle would be great for anybody who has a dependable car, likes to drive, and needs to make some flexible extra income."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Uber

"I'd recommend all new Uber drivers talk to their accountant or a tax professional as soon as possible to make sure they're saving enough for taxes and deducting the right expenses," explains Rhema.

Also keep in mind that people have been ride-sharing, renting car companies, and calling taxis long before Uber so it isn't as awkward as you think.

13. How to Make Money Fast with Uber Eats

Uber Eats is when you deliver food from a restaurant to the customer. You can, once again, decide when and where you want to work to make money fast.

How this entrepreneur used Uber Eats to make money

Bryan Louis Schrager works 20 to 25 hours a week for Uber Eats. He drives mostly Monday through Friday, night and dinner shifts and sometimes lunch. "If it's raining, I'll go out because more people are ordering food," says Schrager. He will often drive in four-hour shifts: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for lunch, and 4:30pm to 8:30 pm for dinner.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Uber Eats

When you're first starting out Schrager suggests you take every call. "You need to accept all rides to be successful and to get tips," he says. Once you've gathered some experience, you'll know which rides are better than others and how to use the boost times to your advantage.

14. How to Make Money Fast with RentMyRide

RentMyRide is a South African platform that allows you to rent your car out when you're not using it. "It connects people who want to rent out their car with others who need to hire a car. If for 90% of the day your car is standing still, this could be a good opportunity to make money and rent out your car," says Sebastian Brokmann, director of RentMyRide

How this entrepreneur used RentMyRide to make money

Joseph Themba rents out 5 different cars, he's had 17 successful rentals and has made R24 850 so far.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on RentMyRide

As the car owner you will control who you rent to and can accept or deny a booking request. Consider renting your car when you know you won't need it. You can even cycle to work so you can rent out your car more often. Users rate their experience with you, so make sure to get good reviews.

Fast Money Making Ideas on Amazon

Connect with people from around the world and make money using Amazon.

Amazon is an online retailer, but because of its global reach it now offers ways for you to make money fast.

15. How to Make Money Fast with Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can complete tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk ranging from data processing, analysis, and content moderation challenges.

How this entrepreneur used Amazon Mechanical Turk to make money

Mike Naab is an analyst, writer and online entrepreneur, he's worked on Amazon Mechanical Turk for 2 and a half years part-time and typically makes anything from $150-$300 a week, earning a total of $21 000 working on online tasks from home.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Some jobs require you to reach a job minimum before you have access to them. Naab advises that when you're starting out and learning the ropes, you'll probably be on the lower end of the pay scale, but it definitely picks up as you go, and you should persist with it.

16. How to Make Money Fast with Amazon Self-published Books

Amazon offers a platform for authors to publish their eBooks and make money fast using their original ideas.

How this entrepreneur used Amazon self-published books to make money

Nick Loper launched his book and earned around $2 600 in the first month. After a year, he tallied up what the book made in total $17 900 after expenses. He did use strategies to ensure the book remain relevant, so his earnings weren't entirely passive.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Amazon self-published books

He used five different forms of revenue during this time:

  1. Direct sales
  2. Kindle "Page reads' – If you enrol you book into KDP Select, Amazon will pay you based on the number of pages users read
  3. Paperback Sales – You can offer a physical copy of your book through CreateSpace, a print on demand service owned by Amazon
  4. Audiobook Sales – He opted to narrate the book himself and launched exclusively through Audible. This gave him 40% royalty on audiobook sales
  5. Rights Sales – He was approached by a Taiwan publishing company who wanted to buy the Chinese language rights.

Fast Money-Making Ideas Selling Second Hand Items

Do you have items you could sell to make money fast? Then what are you waiting for?

If you have a lot of stuff lying around your home that you hardly ever/never use. Here are a few places you can sell your second-hand items to make some extra cash.

17. How to Make Money Fast with Bid or Buy

Bid or Buy is a South African online marketplace and auction site. You can sell anything on Bid or Buy including second hand possessions. You don't have to pay for a listing, Bid or Buy will take a small commission once your item has been sold.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Bid or Buy

Aadelah Sakoor says "Good customer service, and good quality products are all of utmost importance. Clients look forward to good customer service."

"No client will purchase from a seller who can't provide feedback to them or who can't communicate efficiently or on time. It is crucial to build their trust. New clients who are not familiar with the procedure of online sales especially need assurance. The word spreads, and you as an online seller can either be promoted from buyer to buyer or disgraced from buyer to potential buyer – the choice is yours."

18. How to Make Money Fast with Gumtree

Gumtree is a marketplace for free classifieds making it a great place to sell your second-hand items.

How this entrepreneur used Gumtree to make money

Estelle Nagel posted her old book case on Gumtree using the Gumtree App. "Within minutes, I started receiving emails. I was a full R900 richer in a matter of hours." She had a little vacuum cleaner, it didn't get as much attention, so she took out a Homepage Gallery ad.

"I quickly received 5 replies and sold it to someone who lives around the corner – he picked it up within 15 minutes. She then uploaded all of her second-hand items, and although she didn't sell everything, she was R2 000 richer within a few hours.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Gumtree

Here are a few quick lessons about making sales, especially if you're going to invite people to your home:

  • Research the buyer: Make sure they aren't using a fake name by searching them on social media, give them a call before providing your address, so you can verify you have their correct information
  • Don't be home alone
  • Give as much information about the product as possible
  • Don't settle for the first counter-offer
  • Promote your ads.

19. How to Make Money Fast with Cash Converters

Cash Converters are buyers and sellers of second-hand goods and can be a quick way to make instant money.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Cash Converters

Here are a few tips when selling your second-hand goods to Cash Converters:

  • Bring your second-hand good with their accessories into store
  • The items will need to be in good working order
  • They'll negotiate a price. You'll get a better offer if your item is in a good condition, newer and is popular in the store
  • If you choose to sell, they'll give you instant cash.

20. How to Make Money Fast with Mobile phone recycling

There are numerous places to sell your old cell phones, whether it's one of the sites above, or sites specialising in buying and selling second-hand cell phones.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on mobile phone recycling

The price you get will depend on how old it is and on what condition it's in
Some sites such as Phonetradr offer a marketplace for you to list your phone and when it gets sold, you'll get paid
If you sell your phone with the accessories it came with you may earn more.

21. How To Make Money Fast By Selling Your Old Books To A Second-Hand Books Store

Although you won't get much, if you're strapped for cash there are numerous second-hand books stores that you can sell your old books to.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on selling your old books

Mike Ward, owner of Thrift Books, says: "There's a limit to how many copies of Jurassic Park I can sell," he explains. "If I already have a thousand in inventory and I think I'm only going to sell 500 in the next three months, I don't want any more."

Second-hand bookstores can also only buy so many of your second-hand books at a time, so if they can't take all of them, come back next month and try to sell more or go to another one.

Fast Money-Making Ideas Selling Stock Photography

Do you love taking photographs? Do you want to make money fast selling them online?

Numerous businesses around the world use stock photographs in various ways, whether it's the feature image of an article or the background image of a novel.

How this entrepreneur used selling stock photography to make money

Joe Sohm, photographer uses most of the stock photography sites and has been selling his photographs for over 30 years. His images have been used on The View as the huge image of the New York City skyline, the image on the one of John Grisham's books, greeting cards and many more.

During his 30-year career, he made over eight figures in gross sales. He sold an image of the Miami Beach skyline for $12 500 in 1998, it later appeared in a Bacardi ad in Vogue Magazine. He sells the rights to around 50 000 images a year and has licensed over 500 000 during his career.

You can take and sell your photographs on the following stock photography sites:

22. How To Make Money Fast On Alamy

Alamy adds over 100 000 new images every day, sourced from photographers and photo agencies across 173 countries. They offer a broader more unique collection and provide the images to designers, marketing departments, news desks and publishers with images from both professional and amateur photographers.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Alamy

The average image license fee on Alamy is $90, but this can vary depending on client, industry and country. Another example of average prices is:

  • Advert: $500
  • Book cover $150
  • Online $20

Alamy offers 50% of the sale to the contributor and offer non-exclusive deals, which means you can sell the same image to more than one stock photography site and make money fast.

23. How To Make Money Fast On CreStock

CreStock currently has more than 2.5 million royalty-free creative images. They are looking for outstanding photographs in all categories. However, they do have a preference for well-executed photos with people in them. People of all shapes sizes and colours, active, at work, at home, playing, relaxing. Please be aware the image needs to be accompanied by a signed model release.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on CreStock

Your royalty rate with CreStock is calculated on a progressive scale, determined by the total number of images you've sold since joining. The more images you upload, the higher percentage of the royalty you'll receive.

24. How To Make Money Fast On Getty Images

Getty Images serves business customers in more than 100 countries. Its images appear every day in the world's most influential newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, films, televisions programmes, books and online media.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Getty Images

"It's not as simple as uploading photos," says Kieran Stone, photographer and Getty images user. "The images do need some level of curation and editing. I have to think about whether they are "sellable'. Could I see this image being used to sell a product or idea, concept or lifestyle? I also need to edit them to make them stand out from all the other photos in that category."

She goes on to say how important keywords are for your photographs. Because a customer is going to type in search words and if you use the correct keywords to describe your photo, your image will come up.

25. How To Make Money Fast On 123rf

123rf Has more than 112 million creative works and growing. They receive 90 000 pieces of content daily from over 300 000 creative contributors. With more than 12 million monthly active users. Their customers consist of any business from new emerging start-ups to renowned Fortune 500 companies, including companies such as:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • American Express.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on 123rf

The more you contribute to 123rf, the higher your commission percentage will be. You'll start out earning 30% commission on your photographs, but once you reach contribution level 2, you'll start earning 40%, and so on.

26. How To Make Money Fast On Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a leading stock photography platform that offers high-quality assets, tools and services. They license images, video, music and editorial items, along with custom content tailored to their customers' needs.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Shutterstock

As a contributor you will earn royalties each time one of your images or videos is downloaded by a Shutterstock customer. How much you earn per download depends on one, or a combination of the licence and subscription that was used for each download, and your earnings tier.

27. How To Make Money Fast On Dreamstime

Dreamstime has a marketplace of over 91 million stock images, with a community of 23 million users. To ensure only the best quality images are loaded on the site, all images are reviewed and approved by experienced editors. The Dreamstime database is renewed with thousands of fresh images and titles on a daily basis.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Dreamstime

Every time someone buys your stock photos, you'll receive 25-50% Revenue Share. Exclusive files will receive an additional 10% bonus, while exclusive contributors can receive a 60% revenue share for all sales and an additional bonus of $0.20 for every approved submission.

28. How To Make Money Fast On Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock allows you to gain exposure and sell your photographs to one of the world's largest creative community's, from their favourite apps. If you have great photos, videos or vector content that you own the rights to, you can become an Adobe Stock contributor.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Adobe Stock

Keep in mind, if your photos contain recognisable people or private property, you'll need to attach a signed release. The royalties on photos, illustrations, and vector content is 33% of the amount paid by the buyer. This amount will differ depending on what subscription plan and content type is being bought. For videos the royalty is 35% of the purchase price.

29. How To Make Money Fast On Bigstock Photo

Bigstock is a fast, easy-to-use marketplace for quality stock photos. They offer over 73 million royalty-free photographs and illustrations from photographers and artists around the globe.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on Adobe Stock

Your earning per download is based on the customers selection of payment plan and the size of the file that was downloaded. For Bigstock Partner sales, you'll receive 30% of the amount spent by the customer. For subscription plans you'll earn royalties every time one of your images is downloaded.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Education

If you have skills that other people want to learn, why not teach it to them?

Teaching people skills you already have can be a good way to make money fast. Whether it's online courses, tutoring, finding ways to make money from your hobby or teach your hobby, all of the above can make you money fast.

30. How To Make Money Fast With Online Education (courses)

Building and selling online courses can be a great way to make money fast, but also passively. You can make a video tutorial, where you're teaching people a subject, you're familiar with. If you already have a large following you can host the online course on your blog, or if you don't you can upload it to platforms like Udemy.

How this entrepreneur used selling online education (courses) to make money

Christopher Stafford made $35 000 from his online course, without a lot of marketing. He created a course that gave real estate agents the shortcuts to developing/improving their business. It took him roughly 3 months to create the course, but yours doesn't need to take that long.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money on online education (courses)

People can only take your course if they know it exists. Stafford found marketing his biggest challenge. He recommends getting in front of people, whether online or in person, will help you make more sales.

31. How To Make Money Fast Teaching Your Hobby

If you're really good at something, whether it's playing an instrument, karate, dance, arts and crafts or crocheting, you can charge others for your experience and make money fast. Advertise your skills and teach others your favourite past time to make some extra cash.

How this entrepreneur used teaching their hobby to make money

Trish Burr started teaching workshops around the world based on the success of her embroidery books, and soon realised that because she's self-taught, she can empathise with students and simplify embroidery methods for them.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money teaching your hobby

Remember that you're offering a service, which means you'll need to have great customer service. Keep in mind, if your customer isn't having a good time, they won't come back. Make sure to share your passion with the client, so that it becomes infectious and they come back.

32. How To Make Money Fast Monetising Your Hobby

Does your hobby involve making something, for example sewing, painting or crafts? Or can you create instruction books on how to do your hobby? You can make money fast doing something that you love and enjoy.

How this entrepreneur used monetising their hobby to make money

Megan Duckett began making bedding, drapes and costumes in her spare time to supplement her income. She got an order to make the linings for 10 decorative coffins for her employer's Halloween event. "That was one of the turning point moments when I began to realise I have a skill set that other people didn't have," she says.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money monetising your hobby

She wanted to position herself as a specialist in designing props and entertainment décor to set herself apart from others in the industry. She was soon earning more money sewing than the $45 000 salary from her full-time job. She quit, hired three seamstresses and made $80 000 in revenue in her first year.

She also rents out drapes and other props and between her two businesses she made $6.2 million.

33. How To Make Money Fast Tutoring Students

Getting into the right university and having the highest grades in high school have become very important. If you achieved high marks in high school, you can offer your experience and knowledge to students to make some extra money.

How this entrepreneur tutored students to make money

Nathaniel Hannan tutors the children of wealth families and makes up to $1 250 an hour. He's worked in nine countries over the last seven years and his travel is usually to luxurious locations.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money tutoring students

"We have to get results with these kids," says Hannan. "That's a great deal of pressure on us." But he added that "I'm working with kids who really need me, and I make a significant difference for those children, and it's what I want to do with my life, so it's great."

34. How To Make Money Fast Selling Lesson Plans

Teachers around the world are making money fast by selling their lesson plans to help reduce the amount of work done by most teachers compiling unique and original lesson plans.

How this entrepreneur sold lesson plans to make money

Hadar Hartstein, a teacher in California, earned more than $1 million in lesson plan sales over the past six years. She offers more than 300 various lessons ideas including a full-year unit on math and literacy.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money selling lesson plans

"You definitely have to look at it as another full-time job," she says. "You have to put a lot of effort into it." Having multiple products can increase your audience as some teachers will want to buy smaller portions to supplement their own lesson plans, while others will look for full lesson plans.

35. How To Make Money Fast Being An Online English Teacher

If you have good enough English skills, you can teach English online to groups of people all around the world. High speed internet now makes it possible to teach English across the world to millions of people. Here are some necessary requirements, if you're looking into making money fast by teaching English online:

  • Native English speaker, or near native English speaker
  • Solid internet connection, microphone, webcam and quiet space for lessons
  • You have a university degree, or you are currently enrolled (in some cases this isn't required)
  • A TEFL Certificate (in some cases this isn't required)
  • You are enthusiastic, passionate and positive.

How this entrepreneur sold lesson plans to make money

Dariece Swift, an online English teacher, says: "The pay rates differ with each teaching company, but in general, you can expect to make between $10 - $23/hour.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money selling lesson plans

It's recommended to take a TEFL course as this will give you a proper understanding of lesson plans and how to run a class. The better you are, the more likely you'll receive referrals, which could earn you more money.

Fast Money-Making Ideas with Airbnb

Do you have a second property? A spare room? A couch? You can rent it out to travellers looking for better deals. You can also create experiences, which they'll pay for, while they're travelling.

Airbnb is a marketplace were travellers can connect with people willing to rent out their couch, room, flat, house, castle for a fee. You can quickly make money either renting out a section or the whole of your house or creating an experience for travellers in your area.

36. How To Make Money Fast With AirBnB Experiences

Airbnb Experiences are activities designed and led by inspiring locals. Experiences go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in each unique activity. This is an opportunity for you to share your hobbies, skills or expertise without hosting anyone in your home.

How this entrepreneur used AirBnB Experiences to make money

Paris is a professional mountain bike racer with 25 years of experience. He now offers a sunset biking experience under Table Mountain. It's R1 350 per person and so far, he has 74 reviews, which means at a minimum he's made R99 900 from AirBnB Experiences.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with AirBnB Experiences

To guarantee your customers have a good time ensure you know exactly what you're doing, consider that Paris has 25 years of biking experience and has competed in some of the world's most demanding mountain bike races. You want your guests to have confidence in your ability to keep them safe and give them a unique and once in a life time experience.

37. How To Make Money Fast With Airbnb

You can rent out your second apartment, second bedroom

How this entrepreneur used AirBnB to make money

"We decided to try and rent it out on Airbnb. We had a very "Lean Start-up' approach to the whole exercise. Our small room acted as a minimum viable product (MVP), we listed it simply as a way of gauging interest," says Brigid Prinsloo, Cape Town.

"Within an hour of listing the room, we received our first inquiry. Within the first day, we had our first booking. We earn on average R23 000 monthly.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with AirBnB

Start off small renting out your second bedroom, once you've gathered enough money you can purchase another apartment in a more touristy spot. You can find more suggestions here.

Fast Money-Making Ideas with Investing

You can make money fast by using one of these investment techniques but be aware where there is great reward there is also great risk. It's recommended that you study up on which ever technique you choose to ensure you reduce the risk as much as you can.

38. How To Make Money Fast Playing The Stock Market

Day trading is not for the faint of heart and it takes a thorough understanding of the different market forces. But if you learn it well, within a span of hours you can make a significant amount of money with a relatively small investment.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money playing the stock market

There are ways to hedge your bets when playing the stock market. Ensure you set stop-loss limits to reduce any potential for significant depreciations. You need to understand what you're doing and be able to analyse the market forces to make substantial gains.

39. How To Make Money Fast Trading Commodities

Trading in commodities like gold and silver can help you to make money. Carolyn Boroden, financial analyst of Fibonacci Queen says: "I have long-term support and timing in the silver markets. This is because silver is a solid hedge on inflation. Plus, commodities like silver are tangible assets that people can hold onto."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money trading commodities

The fundamentals of economics drive the price of commodities. As supply reduces, demand rises, and prices increases. Disruptions to the commodities supply chain can severely impact prices. Once again ensure you have a high level of understanding when approaching this money-making idea, as it has the opportunity for both big profits and large losses.

40. How To Make Money Fast Trading Cryptocurrencies

There are plenty of platforms to trade cryptocurrencies, but before you dive in educate yourself about the various options and the market.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money trading cryptocurrencies

There are over 3 000 cryptocurrencies you can benefit from but ensure to take courses and educate yourself properly about each one and what world events will impact their value. As seen recently with BitCoin, the value can fluctuate heavily when faced with global news such as countries trying to regulate the industry.

41. How To Make Money Fast Using Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending allows you to give small amounts of money to businesses or individuals, while collecting an interest rate on the return. You would earn more money doing this than if you placed it in a savings account.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending platforms can help you to meet lenders. You'll have your risk evaluated based on whichever algorithm the platform uses, which includes employment and credit history. This will then allow you to make the decisions to invest based on several aspects of detailed data.

42. How To Make Money Fast Using Trade Options

When it comes to options, "trade small and trade often," says Tom Sosnoff a broker from Tastyworks. There are numerous vehicles to trades, such as FOREX and stocks.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with trade options

The best way to make money fast is to invest in money call options around 15 days before corporate earnings are released. "There's just so much excitement and anticipation around earnings that it typically drives up the price, giving you a consistent winner," explains John Carter from Simpler Trading.

"But don't hold through the earnings. That's a crapshoot and a gamble you don't want to take if you're not a seasoned investor."

43. How To Make Money Fast Flipping Real Estate Contracts

You can make money fast flipping real estate contracts, but first you'll need a thorough understanding of how the market works. Once you know how it works, then you'll need to gather data and tools to identify vacant homes, distressed sellers and cash buyers.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money flipping real estate contracts

The fastest money you can make in real estate involves flipping the actual contract, you need to identify a motivated seller and cash buyer, you broker the deal and take a commission. You can become a mini-mogul in the real estate industry by simply scaling this one strategy.

44. How To Make Money Fast With Online Real Estate Investing

You can invest in real estate using online platforms. You'll invest in a percentage of a property and earn a percentage of the return. This allows anyone to invest and reap the rewards of returns from the property sector.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money flipping real estate contracts

Even though you're only investing in a percentage of a property, you should still do your homework and investigate every platform you use before investing. Crowdfunding platforms enable smaller investors to own shares in lucrative property opportunities with smaller amounts of money than normally required.

Fast Money-Making Ideas Online

If you want to make money fast online, here are a few quick and easy ideas to help you get started.

If you're looking to make money online all you need is an internet enabled device and an internet connection. With those two things you'll have access to thousands of money making opportunities. Here are just a few online money making ideas:

45. How To Make Money Fast Starting Your Own Website

If you already have a website or you're starting one up, you can use it to make money fast. There are many free hosting sites where you can build your website. There are many examples of people who managed to monetise their websites, from stay-at-home mom's offering decorating or craft advice, to massive websites like

How this entrepreneur used starting a website to make money

In 2005, Arianna Huffington founded The Huffington Post, which has now evolved into an online news aggregator. Today it reportedly earns $2.5 million per month, with its main source of income being pay-per-click advertising.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with your own website

Ultimately you need a high viewership to make money with your website. This means that your website needs to offer content that will attract high numbers of users and you'll also need to have a solid marketing strategy, to reach new users. As your viewership grows you can start to implement some of the many strategies to monetise your website.

46. How To Make Money Fast Buying And Selling Domain Names

This is where you buy a domain name (website address) and sell it for more than you bought it. "Find domain names that you believe to have more value in the wholesale market than you're acquiring them for. After purchasing the domain names, you should list them at auction and use your marketing strategies to get the word out to other investors," says Ali Zandi, full-time domain flipper, he made $2 million in 2017 selling one domain name.

How this entrepreneur used buying and selling domain names to make money

"After doing some thorough research, I listed a bundle of 90 domain names for sale at auction and bidding swiftly surpassed my reserve price. I was messaged by a bidder to negotiate a Buy It Now price. We settled on $7 500, and just like that — two weeks later — I was sitting with more than $5 000 in profit in my pocket," explains Zandi.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money buying and selling domain names

"I did like most new investors do: read a few paragraphs, get filled with joy and excitement, and begin to register made-up domain names as if they were all some mystical lottery ticket that would guarantee me fortunes. After being shot down numerous times, I humbled myself and came to the stark realisation that this is a much more intricate process," says Zandi.

47. How To Make Money Fast Creating A Profitable Blog

Unlike a website, a blog has very specific type of content and can normally be found on a website. You can create and monetise your blog and one day if it grows big enough and you have enough contributors you can convert it into a website.

How this entrepreneur used creating a profitable blog to make money

Abby started a blog in January 2013, she needed a creative outlet for her writing. Her blog started out small and has been steading growing. 3 Years later, she had 450 000-page views and 200 000 users. Her blog has earned $48 900, a large portion of her income comes from a course she advertises and affiliated sources.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money creating a profitable blog

Keep in mind that you aren't going to be excellent straight out of the gate, with time and experience you'll get better and eventually create posts that you're proud of. "Basically, 60% of what you create will probably never be seen, 20% will be decently successful and 10% will be wildly successful," says Andrew Fiebert, founder of Listen Money Matters.

48. How To Make Money Fast With An Online Store For E-Commerce And Drop Shipping

You can sell products you've made or re-sell products you bought through an online store. There are many platforms such as Shopify, that have ready-made templates, so you can quickly design your store and start selling straight away.

How this entrepreneur used dropshipping to make money

In 8 months of starting his dropshipping business, Irwin Dominguez earned $1 million in sales. "I can't find a reason why people shouldn't give ecommerce entrepreneurship a try. With all the technology out there, it costs no money to get started and it couldn't be any simpler. You literally have nothing to lose. And I'm surprised more people don't use this to their benefit," says Dominguez.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with an online store for e-commerce

When Richard Lazazzera initially launched Finch Goods, one of the biggest challenges he faced was maintaining the incoming traffic to his store and getting customers to convert. It's vital to craft a strategic marketing plan and funnel to retain new customers.

49. How To Make Money Fast With Slice The Pie

Slice The Pie is a site that will pay you to listen to music and fashion and give valuable feedback. This platform is for up-and-coming artists to submit their music and get actionable advice from future customers. Although the amount is small per song, you do get paid in dollars so it's more per song for South Africans.

How this entrepreneur used Slice The Pie to make money

You need to listen to at least 90 seconds of a song before you can leave a review. The longer and more detailed your review, the more you can earn. The better your reviews are the higher your rank and the more you'll get paid per review.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with Slice The Pie

Be sure to make proper reviews because you will lose rank if you try to rush through a review, the lower your rank the less you can earn per review. It's worth your while to put in a little extra time and effort.

50. How To Make Money Fast With An Online Transcription Platform

"Being a transcriptionist is more than simply listening and typing what you hear. A transcriptionist has to perform several functions all at the same time — listening carefully, being cognisant of the subject matter and following formatting/styling requests of the client," explains Caren Stewart, president of Lady of Letters, Inc.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with TranscribeMe

You'll also need a good command of the English language and the ability to understand English spoken with multiple accents. You'll also need to be patient to listen to audio files that can be difficult to hear, testing your hearing acuity.

"Also remember that when you are starting out in transcription, the most important thing is accuracy over speed. The speed will happen by itself, especially if you start using text expanders (more on that later). Don't ever sacrifice quality in favour of quantity. It never works," advises Sue Shackles, full time transcription at Way With Words Transcription.

51. How To Make Money Fast By Creating A Digital Product Or Course

Creating a digital product or course is like compiling an eBook. You're monetising your expertise by teaching it to others. You won't have the benefit of publishing on Amazon, so you'll need to do the promoting yourself. This idea to make money fast can also be a webinar where you film yourself teaching the topic, this will then become a passive income for you.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money by creating a digital product or course

Create a compelling sales page that will convince visitors to buy your coursework. Develop a solid marketing strategy to attract people to your product, to ensure it continues to sell.

52. How To Make Money Fast Website Flipping

Website flipping is when you buy, improve and sell websites, much like house flipping in property, but less expensive. For this opportunity to make money fast, you'll need to know which websites can be quickly and easy improved and how to improve them.

How this entrepreneur used website flipping to make money

Chris Guthriem sold one of his websites for $42 000, he previously purchased it for less than $15 000 roughly 20 months before that, and he made $30 000 while running the website. Factoring in the expenses from running and selling the site he made $55 000 in profit.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money by website flipping

Guthriem believes that he could have made more money selling the website if he'd known anything about its particular niche. He spent too much time worrying whether the website was fitting into the niche and whether the content needed sprucing up than just focusing on the big picture. The lesson here is when starting out at least buy websites that focus on something you know, so you can focus on growth and not on operations.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Film

Support the film industry in various ways and get paid for your contribution.

The film and TV industry continue to thrive and grow within South Africa. There are a few opportunities for someone without film skills to make money fast.

53. How To Make Money Fast As An Extra

There are many local tv series and films that need extra's to fill up a club scene or restaurant, why not get paid to pretend to dance at a club or enjoy a meal at a restaurant? The average rate for a day on set ranges from R240 to R350 depending on the film company.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money as an extra

Be prepared for long hours, last minute calls to work and a very flexible schedule. But if you work hard and look the part you can make money fast by being an extra.

54. How To Make Money Fast Renting Out Your House For Filming

Every film or tv series needs a location, you can rent out your home to a production company, so they can film in your house. Why not make money fast renting out your place, especially if it's distinctive looking?

How this entrepreneur rented out their house for filming to make money

Gillian Milner hires out her home in Streatham, south London for up to £500 per day, although some houses can be rented for more.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money renting out your house for filming

Lorna Gatherer-Ford says: "There does seem to be a trend, particularly in London, of people buying normal houses and decorating them with shoots in mind. For example, people would superficially put in a gas hob in the island of the kitchen, so they could be used for cookery shows."

55. How To Make Money Fast With YouTube

The most popular internet stars take home over $15 million for their YouTube channels.

How this entrepreneur made money fast with YouTube

Felix Kjellberg makes money on YouTube from people watching him play video games online. He extended his reach through branded mobile games and publishing a book.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with YouTube

"You really have to think very carefully about the kind of content you are going to create. Folks who are able to make a living off YouTube really reach international audiences," advises Luke Mckend previous Google South Africa's country director.

Fast Money-Making Ideas as a Sitter or Walker

Here are a few sitting and walking jobs that you can do to make a little extra money.

People lives are so busy, you can make money fast by looking after people's pets, children or homes relieving their stress and pressure. Here are a few ways you can make some extra cash being a sitter or a walker:

56. How To Make Money Fast With Babysitting

Parents of young children sometimes need someone to look after their children while they have some much-needed adult time. You can help them out. The more experience you have looking after children the easier it will be for you to find work.

How this entrepreneur used babysitting to make money

Noa Mintz, 15, makes $500 000 a year babysitting. She eventually launched a babysitting agency, which has grown to 190 clients in 3 years. She has 25 full-time nannies and 50 baby sitters working an average of 15 hours a week.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money babysitting

You need to develop a reputation as the best babysitter in the neighbourhood. You can do this by asking as many questions about the child as possible; ensuring you know what they're allergic to, what they're allowed to do and what they aren't, if they have homework the parents would like them to work on.

57. How To Make Money Fast As A Night Nanny

A night nanny is an overnight nanny for households with multiple children or new born babies. Especially for dual-income parents who can't afford those 2am interruptions, you can make money fast working the night shift.

How this entrepreneur was a night nanny to make money

Nannies can earn between $15 to $40 an hour, depending on experience, the number of babies and the health of the baby. Nannies will typically spend 6 to 10 weeks with a family with a new-born and anywhere from two to four months for twins.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money as a night nanny

Jena Riley, a night nanny says: "Most nannies are moms in their 30s and 40s whose husbands were home at night." This works well for clients as often they have a lot of questions and they may not feel comfortable taking advice from a 20-year-old.

58. How To Make Money Fast Pet Sitting

You can look after other people's pets while they're on vacation and earn some extra cash.

How this entrepreneur used pet sitting to make money

Patti Moran, started her own pet sitting business in North Carolina says: "During the first few years, my customers travelled (leaving their pet(s) in my care) they would tell others about the unique care they'd arranged for their pet—in their pet's home."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money as a pet sitter

"Getting the call is only the first part for a pet sitter. A good pet sitter has to sell their services and instil in the client that they can leave home with peace of mind that their pet will be in good hands. The other side of that is the pet and pet owner have to provide a comfort level to the pet sitter that this is an assignment they want to undertake; it works both ways," she advises.

59. How To Make Money Fast Dog Walking

Many dog owners don't have the time or the energy to give their dogs constant walks, so they can pay someone like you to walk their dogs for them.

How this entrepreneur used dog walking to make money

A fairly successful dog-walker, walking 13 dogs a day, can exceed the national average annual salary in the UK. Some can earn as much as £64 000 a year. "Most of my clients don't have kids, just pets. They are aged 30 and upwards, and the dog is their family. They put a lot of trust in the dog-walker to look after their "baby', as many call them," says Luke Winchester owner of A Bit Of Ruff.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money as a dog walking

The more experience you have the more you can charge per dog. "Many parks insist that dogs are kept on a leash," says Lisa, a full-time dog walker. "Even in those where they can run free, I insist on keeping new dogs on a lead for a few months until I can trust them not to abscond. "Watching a dog disappear into the distance at the end of a long day is no fun," she says.

60. How To Make Money Fast Housesitting

To keep their houses safe many South Africans, opt to have people housesitting while they're away. You can make money fast by just sleeping in someone else's home.

How this entrepreneur used housesitting to make money

Dalene and Peter Heck travel the world housesitting full-time. They are currently in their sixth year of non-stop globe-trotting.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money as a house-sitter

They recommend that all you need to lead this lifestyle is a responsible, trustworthy character and the ability to adapt to new situations easily. Good references from previous employers are crucial, if you don't have references yet, work through a platform and develop a track record.

61. How To Make Money Fast Cooking For People

The fast-paced lifestyle of South African society has led to many not wanting to cook when they get home after a long day, but they also want to be healthy and not rely on fast food. This is where you come in. If you enjoy cooking and can make bulk meals, you can sell your pre-made meals to people to make money fast.

How this entrepreneur used cooking for people to make money

David Torr launched UCook from a garage, his team would pack the ingredients into boxes with a recipe and sell it to customers. They use a subscription service, meaning clients pay a week in advance for their food, allowing them to start with very little capital. The business is now worth R100 million.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money cooking for people

If you're going to only supply the ingredients to your customers, ensure you include a recipe. Torr and team forgot to do this and lost all of their initial customers.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Home Improvement

Help South African's improve their homes and increase their free time, for a price.

Many South Africans are looking for ways to make their home life easier, whether it's hiring a handyman, someone to organise their cupboards or someone to run their errands. You can make money fast by helping them to increase their free-time and covering their chores.

62. How To Make Money Fast With Handyman Services

There is a growing need for people to have general handyman work in and around their homes. You can make money fast if you have any sort of handyman skills, from painting and light electrician work to hanging up pictures and changing light bulbs.

How this entrepreneur used handyman services to make money

John, worked in construction for 15 years, he has developed his skills to the point where he can now make around $3000 a week. How much money you can make a week will depend on what skills you have to offer and how many hours you can dedicate to the work.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with handyman services

The more you work the more money you can make doing this handyman services. Because each job will be vastly different, you'll either need to charge by the hour or per job. Once you gain enough experience, you'll know how long each job will take and how much it will cost for materials.

63. How To Make Money Fast Deep House Cleaning

Deep cleaning can be hard work and time-consuming and can require special equipment, which is why not many people do it themselves. You can invest in one or two pieces of equipment and you can deep clean people's home.

How this entrepreneur used deep house cleaning to make money

Juan Chaparro makes $150 000 a year deep cleaning homes. He now has multiple cleaners working for his business and he has numerous repeat customers.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with deep house cleaning

Initially, Chaparro didn't make any money because no one was finding his website. He readjusted his marketing strategy and he was bombarded with new clients. Chaparro also uses environmentally friendly products, he found that customers are happy to pay more for products that are better for the environment.

64. How To Make Money Fast As A Personal Organiser

If you're really good at organising papers, clutter and clothing, you could make money fast helping others to organise their homes. Businesses like this are springing up all over the world, if people can make this a full-time job, you can definitely make it a part-time hustle.

How this entrepreneur used being a personal organiser to make money

Amanda Kuzak has been a professional organiser for over ten years. She does this as a full-time career. On average, certified professional organisers earn $52 696 a year.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with a personal organiser service

One of Kuzak's secrets to success is always saying yes, whether she knows how to tackle it or not. "I always say yes and figure it out later. By doing this I've learned so much about myself and my ability to learn and grow. Many of the niche services Kuzak's Closet provides have been developed by me saying yes and then figuring it out later," she says.

65. How To Make Money Fast Running Errands

People's lives are so busy, they don't want to waste any of their free time waiting in queues or picking things up from shopping centres. You can offer your expertise to other people's errands and make money fast.

How this entrepreneur used running errands to make money

Leah Busque found herself needing someone to run an errand for her, but such a service didn't exist yet. So, she launched TaskRabbit to match people who needed errands run, with people who were willing to lend a hand in exchange for a few bucks.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money running errands

Before you can make money, you need to let potential customers know about your service. Consider who would need your services, people who work very long hours and don't have time to get milk on their way home or pick up their dry cleaning, this is where you come in.

66. How To Make Money Fast Apartment Prepping

When someone moves out of an apartment, when someone's about to move in to an apartment, or if the landlord is looking to sell, people come in to clean-up and fix up the place. If you have handyman skills and are happy to work hard to make money fast there is a growing market for this service.

How this entrepreneur used apartment prepping to make money

When tenants vacate an apartment there is always work that needs to be done, whether it's a cleaning job or nail holes that need filling and walls that need painting. Bob Adams, serial entrepreneur, says that you could potentially earn $40 000 - $80 000 annually, getting places ready.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money apartment prepping

To advertise for this type of work, Adams advises you use emails telemarketing and flyers aimed at apartment landlords. You'll also need a minimum amount of equipment such as cleaning supplies, painting equipment and a typical set of tools.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Parties

People have parties all the time, you could be making money being a part of the party or cleaning up after it.

Are you the life of the party or are you the one who's diligently cleaning up after a house party? You can help people with their parties and events and make money fast.

67. How To Make Money Fast Event Planning

Do you love to plan parties? Are you the go to person in your friendship group to plan the next extravaganza event? Then why not make money fast planning events for other people?

How this entrepreneur used event planning to make money

Jennifer Gilbert built a $30 million event planning company. She bootstrapped the entire operation, reinvested everything she made back into her business, which she thinks totalled more than $100 000 in those early years.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money event planning

"Outsource everything but your soul," says Gilbert. "Focus on what you're insanely good at and outsource the rest to those who have a passion for it and can do it better than you."

68. How To Make Money Fast Bartending

Are you good at mixing cocktails? Do you know the difference between neat and on the rocks? Then maybe you should offer your bartending services to people hosting house parties or even just at your local bar.

How this entrepreneur used bartending to make money

Mpho Masilo worked as a bartender and waiter for 10 years before learning and saving enough to launch his restaurant Ravioli in Maboneng. After gaining enough experience he was given the opportunity to launch a cocktail bar in an established restaurant. He made his entire monthly wage in one evening.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money bartending

"When a guest hands me their credit card to open a tab, I look at the name on the card, look back at the guest, smile, and say "thanks Dave, I'll keep this open for you'," says Michelle, successful pro bartender. Then, when he orders another round, I use his name. It makes him feel like a VIP in front of his friends and builds a quick rapport between us…sales come easier the rest of the night."

69. How To Make Money Hosting a Pamper Party

Pamper parties have become a new trend when celebrating someone's birthday, bachelorette, baby shower or just quality time together. Instead of the usual celebration, women prefer to get spa or beauty treatments done together in the comfort of their own homes.

How this entrepreneur hosted a pamper party to make money

"Parents like the idea of not leaving home and with their busy lifestyles like to hire a party entertainer to take over," says Lisa Carbone, owner of a mobile pamper party service. Her cheapest package costs $250, with the right equipment and material you could do the same.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money hosting a pamper party

"Parents like the pamper party idea as it offers a variety of things that little girls like, such as face masks, electronic foot spas and makeup. It also takes the fuss out of organising every single aspect of a party," she says. The more you can bring to the party and organise from your side, the more successful your operation will be.

70. How To Make Money Renting Out Party Supplies

Everyone needs extra tables and chairs when having a bigger party, you could make money fast by renting out party supplies.

How this entrepreneur rented out party supplies to make money

Alicen Naicker, founder of Quality Solutions and Rent-A-Tainment, started out renting out chairs for people. "What does everyone need, and yet never have enough of? The answer seemed obvious: Chairs. Functions are happening all the time, and people have to hire what they need for them." She made R800 her first day, and as the chairs came back in, they were hired again the same day.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money renting out party supplies

Reinvest into your business "I purchased additional stock as soon as I made enough to do so, and put it to work," she explains.

71. How To Make Money With Party Clean-up Services

You can clean up people houses after they've had a big party and are too hungover to do it themselves. This is such a popular service that full-time businesses are popping up all over the world.

How this entrepreneur used a party clean-up service to make money

"I was hungover in bed with my wife, our house was a mess and we had no food and wanted someone to bring us breakfast in bed and clean the house. It was a bit of a pipe dream at first but after researching the industry and seeing the strong potential in the market, we decided to put this idea into action," says James Hookway, founder of Hangover Helpers.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with party clean-up services

The more options you give people the more they can tailor their experience. For example, Morning-After Maids offer various prices for their services, if the customers wants their place scrubbed it's an extra $30 an hour, if they want rubbish removal is an extra $45. The more options you offer the more money you can make.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Tourism

Do you live in a place that always has a lot of tourists? Why not offer them a service and make money fast?

There are numerous ways you can make money fast from the tourism industry. You can offer to show them around, organise activities for them and teach them something unique and exciting. Here are a few ways you can make money from tourism:

72. How To Make Money With Walking Tours

There's a growing trend of tourist taking tours from locals to get a real South African experience. You can take visitors on a tour of your city or your favourite area to show them where all the hidden gems are.

How this entrepreneur used walking tours to make money

Walking tours offered in South Africa range from R760 to R1 580. You can show people around your neighbourhood and take them to see hidden and once in a life time experiences.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with walking tours

See what your competition is doing to make sure you offer as good, or a better experience. You might even want to go on their tours to make sure you've covered everything, for example, they might offer refreshments or have a deal with a venue that allows their customers to use the facilities.

73. How To Make Money With Cooking Class

There's nothing like experiencing the food of a new country. If you love to cook you can teach tourists local dishes and give them recipes, they can take home with them.

How this entrepreneur used cooking classes to make money

South African Cooking Classes range from R850 a person. These usually last for 3 hours, so if you want to make it worth your while you'll need to be able to cater for multiple people.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money hosting a cooking class

Ensure that your clients can reproduce the recipes when they get home, so don't use ingredients not found in other parts of the world. You could also offer them alternatives or a place they can find those ingredients in their home towns.

74. How To Make Money With Creating And Host A Bar Crawl

There are those tourists looking to experience the local nightlife. Nothing does that faster than organising a bar crawl. You can organise with the bars beforehand and get them to give you a discount since you're bringing a tour of people into their establishment.

How this entrepreneur used bar crawling to make money

Pub Crawl services are offered around the world, you can make this into a nightly occurrence. Offer special options for bachelor, bachelorette and birthday parties.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money hosting bar crawling

Keep in mind that you will be dealing with inebriated people towards the end of the evening, and it will be your job to get them back to their accommodations in one piece.

75. How To Make Money With Activity/Cultural/Heritage Tours

You can host a cultural experience for tourists wanting to see the real South African and its history. You can also offer activities or heritage tours. Many tourists want to experience local activities and learn more about the culture and heritage of a country or area, you could make money fast offering this experience.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money hosting activity/cultural/heritage tours

You will have quite a lot of competition in this area so make sure that your tour offers something none of the others do. A good way to gauge the competition is to go on their tours and see what they offer and what they don't.

76. How To Make Money Being An Online Travel Agent

Do you love planning holidays? Do you always find the best deals and create the best holiday packages? Why not get paid to do it?

How this entrepreneur used being an online travel agent to make money

Stacy Small, a former journalist and magazine editor has grown her agency to a team of 20 independent contractors says: "Top-producing travel agents can earn between $250 000 and $500 000 per year."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money being an online travel agent

Being an online travel agent means you only need an internet enabled device and a solid connection. The more clients you get the more you can reach out to places and ask for discounts for your clients.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Health and Beauty

You can make some money keeping people in shape or making them look fabulous for special occasions.

The health and beauty industry is constantly growing with so many people taking advantage of this global trend. If you're into being healthy or looking great, why not offer what you already know to others and make money fast?

77. How To Make Money Being A Personal Trainer

If you love to hit the gym and you can work out what the best exercise routine is for someone, you might be on your way to becoming a personal trainer.

How this entrepreneur used personal training to make money

The average hourly rate for a trainer is $60-$70 per session. However, trainers can charge as low as $25 per hour, while some high-powered trainers earn as much as $15 000 for a six-week session, depending on geographical location and their experience," says Dr. Sal Arria, president of the National Board of Fitness Examiners.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money being a personal trainer

Most personal trainers have completed courses and have certifications. You may want to consider taking a course or completing a certificate to gain the trust of new customers. The more you know the more you can offer, if you do a nutritionist course you could also offer your clients a diet plan.

78. How To Make Money Being A Hair stylist

If you love working with hair and know all the newest trends and products, you could make money fast offering your expertise to customers wanting to look nice for their special event.

How this entrepreneur used being a hair stylist to make money

Salomé de Wet studied through La Louve Private Hair Academy in Pretoria for a full year and about 2 years of practical hours before she did her Trade Test and got her diploma. The more courses and studies you have behind you the more you can offer, and the more professional customers will see you.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money being a hair stylist

"You can never have an "off" day or be less than your best. When a client books 2 months in advance to see you, she deserves you in your best possible state, giving the best hair advice, and making her feel fabulous. You always have to bring your A-game," says de Wet.

79. How To Make Money Being A Professional Make-Up Artist

There are plenty of opportunities for you to use your make-up skills, whether you have professional training or not. Most people don't mind as long as the end product speaks for itself.

How this entrepreneur used being a professional make-up artist to make money

Kim Porter began her career in makeup in 2001 working for a cosmetic company and trained with celebrity makeup artist, Gustavo Mottola, before starting her own business in 2004. She charges $65 - $85 for special event makeup and $85 an hour for makeup lessons.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money being a professional make-up artist

Even if you are self-taught you may want to take a few courses to ensure you're giving your clients the best experience possible. Keep in mind that you will need to stock all of your own equipment and products, so keep this in mind when charging your clients. If you charge each client a little bit for products used, you will be able to replace the product at the end of the month.

80. How To Make Money Being A Yoga Instructor

If you love doing yoga and you've being doing it long enough to be able to teach others this might be a way for you to make money fast. The more experience and formal education you have the more customers will be willing to try you out.

How this entrepreneur used being a Yoga instructor to make money

Alanna Kaivalya earns six figures a years as a yoga instructor, although until she found a working strategy, she did struggle to make money for a long time.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money being a professional Yoga instructor

She advises that you should find your niche, use social media to advertise your classes and take your business online to reach more people. "Going online is a way for you to open up your own "studio" without the overhead of a bricks-and-mortar space. It allows you to teach what you are most invested in (your niche) to your tribe (whom you've met and curated on social media)," she says.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Online Surveys

Earn money filling in surveys online.

There are numerous online surveys in South Africa that you can use to earn some extra money. Keep in mind that depending on your demographic there may be more or less surveys for you to do. Also, each survey doesn't pay much so you'll have to keep at it to earn anything decent.

81. How To Make Money With MindSwarms

You can make a little extra cash online taking surveys, MindSwarms is a bit different because they conduct their surveys through videos. Their surveys are around 7 questions take less than 20 minutes and can pay out $50 per survey.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with MindSwarms

Here are some tips from MindSwarms about answering their survey videos:

  • Use the full minute to respond
  • Light your face correctly
  • Frame your head correctly
  • Get comfortable
  • Eliminate background noise

82. How To Make Money With Paid ViewPoint

Paid ViewPoint will start you off on lower paying surveys but answering these surveys will start building a profile. The more surveys you take, the more your profile builds up.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with MindSwarms

Paid Viewpoint keeps track of your profile through your "TraitScore". These are the points you're awarded after you take surveys, along with some cash. The higher you get your TraitScore, the more you get paid per survey.

83. How To Make Money With Prize Rebel

Each point is roughly worth one American penny, and the more surveys you do the more points you earn. You can redeem your 200 – 500 points for $2 - $5 dollars. They also offer hundreds of brand name Gift Cards, Direct bank payment, PayPal and Visa Gift Cards for you to choose from.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel offers multiple ways to earn points. You can earn points from taking surveys, completing offers where you do a trial of a company's products, watch videos or complete tasks. Experts do recommend that you stick with the surveys because you can earn the most money that way.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Social Media

Are you on your social media all the time? You could be making money while doing something you love and are good at. Find out how, here.

Social media has become a phenomenon around the world and can now offer you ways to earn extra money. The more followers you have the more money you can make, but most people don't make money using social media ads, but by advertising products they use in a natural way.

84. How To Make Money With Instagram

Instagram has grown to more than 700 million global users. Micro-influencers are becoming a growing trend, which means you don't even need to have that many followers.

How this entrepreneur used Instagram to make money

"We've got such a multi-faceted country and lots of different cultures. And you'll find that people follow you for a very specific reason," says Keagan Kingsley, Instagram Influencer. "Now we're seeing a trend of micro-influencers coming up. So, it's people who have three or four thousand followers or less who are the most authentic and have the highest engagement stats."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with Instagram

"A basic Instagram post for me I would charge anywhere around 5000 rand a post, which is about $375," says Thithi Nteta, who has 32 000 followers. Kingsley charges around R1 000, R2 000 a post because she has 6 500 followers and can reach less people. For them, posting authentic material is crucial to maintain their fame with both audience and brands.

85. How To Make Money With Twitter

Twitter is a powerful platform and if you amass a large enough following you can earn money by selling advertising, sponsored links and affiliated marketing.

How this entrepreneur used Twitter to make money

Kris Sanchez makes $500 000 a year on Twitter. A company called Social Reactor, partners social media influencers with advertisers, supplies him with galleries or other web pages that he links to in his Tweets. He gets paid for every click those pages receive.

Then there are the branded deals he's done with companies like Ford and Paramount, wherein a simple tweet, accompanied by a link and a hashtag, becomes a virtual slot machine, gushing out thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with Twitter

"The reason Sanchez is on the upper end of the pay scale," says Scott Jones, the CEO of ChaCha, which owns Social Reactor, "is partially because he has a big follower base, but more importantly, his audience is highly engaged. They stay for an average of more than 14-page views a visit. So, if it's a gallery of 10 images, they're going to look at the 10 and then four (pages) of something else."

86. How To Make Money With Facebook

Facebook is not only a social media platform but also a marketplace. You can sell products, advertise other businesses or promote something online, joining groups can help you interact with other Facebook members and with a paid ad or two you can make money fast on Facebook.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with Twitter

The quality of your Facebook page will often determine how trustworthy you appear to customers. Depending on how you're planning to make money with Facebook, you should also consider creating a separate account. This way, you can keep your personal and business activity separate.

87. How To Make Money With Snapchat

Snapchat is the newest form of social media with more than 100 million monthly users, this is a large audience which you can use to make money fast.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with Snapchat

To make money on Snapchat you'll first have to build your audience. Once you have a large following you can sell your own products through Snapchat, make money through affiliate marketing and offer expiring discounts, scarcity or the fear of missing out can be a powerful motivator in making a buying decision.

88. How To Make Money Podcasting

Podcasting has become quite popular in recent times with a lot of people starting up new shows on a daily basis. There are numerous ways to monetise your show, including landing great deals with advertisers and selling goods and services to your audience.

How this entrepreneur used podcasting to make money

Chapo Trap House is a political podcast with a humorous outlook. Its monthly estimated earnings are $91 300. They post twice a week, one episode being free and the other being available at $5 monthly.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money podcasting

The more listeners you have the more likely you'll be of attracting an advertiser and the more you'll eventually be able to charge the advertiser. Be sure to create regular, quality content to keep your audience growing and coming back for more.

Fast Money-Making Ideas in Manufacturing

If you're looking for a small manufacturing business idea that will cost you little to start, you've come to the right place.

Throughout the world, small-scale manufacturing is considered a profitable business for start-up entrepreneurs. You can make money fast manufacturing baked goods, candles, craft beer, woodwork or powdered spices, all have a market and if you're good with your hands, this might be the money-making idea for you.

89. How To Make Money Manufacturing Baked-Goods

A bakery business is one of the largest in the food processing sector. The demand for high quality baked goods is huge across the country. If you're a natural baker, you can make money fast selling anything from cookies to bread.

How this entrepreneur used manufacturing baked-goods to make money

Denay Davis, a former pastry chef and caterer has a loyal group of customers who support her and continue to buy her pies. She estimates she'll sell as many as 400 this year through her home-based business, charging $25 to $28 for each.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money manufacturing baked-goods

To ensure your business is a success you need to select the right product and proper marketing strategy. Don't offer too many options when starting out, or you'll spend all your profits having fresh ingredients for everything. Start off small and when you have enough customers you can start experimenting to see what else they want to buy from you.

90. How To Make Money Manufacturing Candles

You can start a small-scale candle manufacturing business on a relatively low budget. You can supply your customers with the traditional long white candles, but there is a potential market for low cost scented and decorative candles.

How this entrepreneur used manufacturing candles to make money

Frosa Katsis, owner of Soy Candles, says: "The success was realising that I could actually turn a hobby into a successful business and also teaching over 4000 people how to make candles and soaps. There is nothing better than when students realise, they too can make them."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money manufacturing candles

"Soy wax comes to me in a flake form, this is then melted in bulk and measured out into small portions. The wax is cooled slightly, and fragrances blends are mixed into it. This warm wax mixture is then poured into empty candle jars with wicks attached. That's it," says Kristy Payne, owner of Maison Blanche.

91. Fast Money-Making Ideas with a Microbrewery

A microbrewery is a brewery that produces a small amount of beer, with an emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing techniques.

How this entrepreneur used a microbrewery to make money

Aces Brew Worx has enjoyed 100% year-on-year growth. "We're at every food, beverage and lifestyle expo, getting consumers to taste the range we offer and introducing them to these great local brands. They're organic, chemical free, and of course local," says Lliam Roach, co-founder of Aces Brew Worx.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with a microbrewery

"We quickly learnt that this business is all about relationships. It can take months, even years before a pub owner is willing to stock new brands, particularly independent craft brands. Once you understand that there won't be a quick turnaround though, you can plan for it. We've worked hard at fostering relationships built on trust, and always delivering on what we promise," says Dyllan Roach, co-founder of Aces Brew Worx.

92. Fast Money-Making Ideas with Carpentry

The trend of handmade items continues to gain popularity. If you have carpentry knowledge you can make everything from frames, to sculptures to furniture.

How this entrepreneur used carpentry to make money

Sons of Sawdust, a woodworking company based in Georgia, was just named it the winner of Square's #TakingSquareofBusiness contest. The company's Instagram account has amassed over 82 000 followers. Clothing brand Aeropostale recently purchased tables for display at its Times Square flagship store. And the woodworkers have recently caught the eye of a few production companies — meaning they could soon land their own TV show.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with carpentry

After some setbacks Matt couldn't afford to buy one so he built a dining room table for him and his wife Shayna. Meanwhile Ben injured his knee and couldn't work. They all got together to start a business. They took a photo of the table he built for Shayna, posted it on Craigslist as a "proof of concept," and had three people interested by the next day. Concept proved.

93. How To Make Money With Spice Powder Making

Spices are vital to enhancing flavour and taste of cooking, but also have health benefits and properties and so are becoming in high demand. The market for ready-to-mix of spices has grown significantly.

How this entrepreneur used spice powder making to make money

Mikie Monoketsi launched Mama's Spices and Herbs to cater to the township market who were using low quality herbs and spices. "This gave me the idea to create my own unique blend of healthier spices that would complement popular foods, but offer better quality, with health benefits, and at an affordable price. I'd also use their feedback to adjust recipes to their liking," she says.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with spice powder making

"I approached an existing spice manufacturer with the relevant certification including Kosher, Halaal and ISO ratings, and they began blending my unique spice recipes. Now we're producing approximately 1.2 tonnes of spices monthly for Mama's Spices & Herbs," Monoketsi explains.

Fast Miscellaneous Money-Making Ideas

Here are a few more money making ideas that you can use to make money fast.

Whether you're rating retailers, custom tailoring or selling cannabis related products, here are some part-time hustles you can use to make money fast.

94. How To Make Money With Mystery shopping

A mystery shopper is someone employed by retailers to judge the performance of the store anonymously. The Secret Agent app now allows you to complete mystery shopper tasks in your area and make money fast.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with mystery shopping

Mystery shoppers pretend to be casual shoppers, but also take pictures of products, shelves, inform brands on how their products are displayed by various retail stores, if promotions are applied correctly, or if the product stock is sufficient.

95. How To Make Money Flipping Furniture

The antique look or upselling old furniture continues to be a trend, and you can make money fast doing it. Buy some second-hand furniture, do it up nicely and sell it for a profit.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money flipping furniture

"You can find furniture at garage sales, auctions, thrift shops and second-hand stores. I look for unique pieces and don't just buy it because it's being sold for cheap and its real wood. The best way to build trust and gain repeat customers is to consistently put out quality products that customers will love for years to come.

We always ask the seller if the piece is real wood (be prepared to have to check it yourself, some people don't know and just say yes), avoid buying chipboard. That stuff is worthless," says Miriam, co-founder of Rustique Elegance.

96. How To Make Money Renting Out Your Stuff

If you're in a profession where you need specific equipment you could always rent it out to make money fast. Whether you have photography, sound or video equipment, there's bound to be someone looking to rent it from you for a few days. Some moms even rent out their strollers and car seats to people on vacation.

How this entrepreneur used renting out their stuff to make money

David Ojo bought a microphone for £50 and began to offer it to Fat Lama users for £5 a day. The first person hired it for 10 days. A pair of LED lights that cost him £700 to buy are available for £30 a day.

Ojo began to rent out his belongings at the end of June last year because he had a number of cameras, electronic devices and filming equipment he wasn't always using. He said he had bookings on a daily basis and had made around £4 500 since he joined the site.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money flipping furniture

Keep in mind that Fat Lama doesn't operate in South Africa, so if you were to rent out your possessions you would need to cover them with insurance to keep them safe.

97. How To Make Money Hosting A Photo Shoot From Your Home

If you have an interesting or one of a kind home, you could rent out your home for photo shoots. Photographers are always looking for interesting venues to shoot their features in, and why not your home? You could make money fast renting your home out during the day to a photographer.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money hosting a photo shoot from your home

Home photo shoots could be fashion features where your home serves as a background, or even an interior design feature, where your space is the main event. These will typically only last a few hours, but you can still get a decent amount of money for renting out your home for the day.

98. How To Make Money Custom Tailoring

Do you love fashion? Are you a whizz with a sewing kit? You can offer well-fitted bespoke clothes to those looking for something unique or even those looking for a repair job or a better fitting for their clothing.

How this entrepreneur used custom tailoring to make money

"Our sole aim is to make great fitting garments and make them accessible by providing affordable garments at great value," says Vidya Nataraj, co-founder of Tailorman. Every garment they sell is custom-made to order. They use high-quality fabric and sell at lower costs by cutting out the retailer in the middle.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money custom tailoring

"Getting customers comfortable with setting up their measurements online has been the biggest challenge, but that's why the storefronts and travelling tailors are there to help get the mind-set moving," she says.

99. How To Make Money Using Teespring

Teespring is like the Kickstarter for t-shirts. With every campaign you set up a minimum order requirement, once this is reached the shirts get printed and shipped. You upload your own design and set your own prices. Teespring covers handling all the printing, payment processing and order fulfilment, and you earn the profit margin on your price.

How this entrepreneur used Teespring to make money

Benny Hsu made more than $100 000 in less than 6 months. Hsu tried 21 times before he managed to get a design that shipped. He spent $10 a day on Facebook ads and if a sale was made, he would keep going, but if no sale was made, he'd try a different design.

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with Teespring

Hsu advises to keep your design simple in terms of colours in order to keep your printing costs low. You want to charge $20-$25 and still make a profit. The higher the campaign goal you set the lower the printing cost and the higher the potential profits for you.

100. How To Make Money Cannabis-related

Since the consumption of cannabis in a private home is legal now, you can create products to support this industry. Remember though, that selling weed itself is still illegal so focus on products customers can use.

How this entrepreneur used cannabis to make money

Karson Humiston, founded a cannabis industry recruiting resource, called Vangst Talent Network. "I definitely stumbled into what has become my purpose in life: Helping others find careers they're super excited about," says Humiston. "The average person will spend over 90 000 hours at work (over a third of their life), yet 72% of people aren't happy or inspired by their career. At Vangst, our goal is to help people land and thrive in their dream job."

Lessons learnt: How to make more money with cannabis

Ensure you stay on the right side of the law and that you research your product well before trying to sell it to the cannabis community in South Africa.

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