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The New Genius

Channeling the best minds of our time

Crash Course

When your business is growing so fast it's out of control, here's how to pull the entrepreneurial equivalent of steering into the skid.

Hidden Resources

Think nonprofits have no money to spare for your company? Stop ignoring this $621 billion market.

Wrestling With Reform

The freshest face on the political landscape, Jesse Ventura, speaks his mind on government, taxes, education and business.

Follow The Rules

To err is human; to put your personal finances in order is divine. One expert shows you eight common mistakes you can avoid.

Let's Get Political

Burdened by taxes, regulations and red tape, start-up entrepreneurs are screaming for relief. Is anyone in Washington listening?

Million-Dollar Ideas

They're hot, they're cool, and they can make you rich. Our picks for the best business ideas for 2000 and beyond.

Networking Is Not a Dirty Word

Being a successful networker doesn't mean you have to be a slimebag. Here's how to schmooze with the best of them...without selling out.

Think Big

Hate seeing some stupid gadget on QVC making somebody millions? Don't get mad, get creative. These 9 simple steps can turn your big ideas into big profits.




Luck of the Irish, mud mania, digital tunes, Powerpuff Girls

Sweet Dreams

Zzzz. Zzzz. Zzzz. Millions wish it was that simple.

Camp Grown-Up

All the fun of running a camp--without those pesky kids

Are We There Yet?

Places to go, people to see and souvenirs to buy

Take The Leads?

The Internet is good for approximately one billion things. You'd think international trade leads would be one of them.


Governors assist the growth of e-commerce.

Stake A Claim

In the Internet gold rush, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is the lone barrier to technology infringement. Does it know what it's doing?

Whatever Lights Your Bulb

Someone else always beating you to those million-dollar ideas? Well, get ready for another one of those head-smacking, `I should've thought of that!' experiences.

Check Your Webster's

There's a new definition for 'minority-owned business.'

Everyone's Doing It

I'm in business. You're in business. She's in business. He's in business . . .

Time To Pay Up

Frequent-flier miles will cost you . . .

Tracking Travel

New software minimizes paperwork problems.

Dead Cells

Phone failing you at the airport? Here's a clue why.

Fast Track

Teaching kids to cook


Women leaders speak.

Words From The Wise

You may not be living in Camelot, but you, too, can have your round table.

Forget Diamonds

These Fortune 500 companies are your best friend.

Grape Expectations

The lowdown on trends

True Hollywood Stories

The lowdown on news

Something Old, Something New

Partner up.

Pump It Up

How to fit in getting fit

Master The Meeting

Make the most of meetings
Beating The Odds

Gettin' Jiggly With It

Entering a market dominated by a certain hyphenated superbrand and Bill Cosby's mug is no picnic.
Bulletin Board

New Jersey

You've got your project and your lab coat. But stop right here for your funding needs.
Bulletin Board


Around the world in six months: a crash course in foreign trade
Bulletin Board


The modern chamber--made for small business
Capitol Issues

Industrial Cleanser

The EPA is targeting small business for pollution cleanup.
Cutting Edge

The Shadow Knows

Are you clued in to what's really going on in your company? According to experts, the real deal can be found lurking in a shadow organization.
Family Business

Strictly Business

Taking the personal out of personnel isn't easy when you're talking about family.

Home Security

Protect your investment--insure your telecommuters.


Forget legalese. Now they speak HTML.
Management Smarts


ABCs are elementary. E? That's a job for a specialized university program.
Management Smarts

Ask Away

Interviewing? Get the answers you need without having to ask the tough questions.
Management Smarts

Exit Signs

Two-weeks notice shouldn't be your first hint that employees are looking elsewhere.
Staff Smarts

Web Site

HR help
Staff Smarts

Lords Of Discipline

`Gimme 10!' is not the way to change your employees' behavior.
Your Business

Break It Down

Would your managers take more interest in their departments' success if it were their company?
Your Business

It's The Law

When it comes to employee legal issues, you'd best do it by the book.
Your Business

The Long Haul

If your employees' responses to `How was the drive?' range from drooling catatonia to fits of rage, you can help.
Advertising Workshop

`Toon It Up

Tired of the same old ad? Draw on cartoons to add some character.
Fast Pitch

Lights, Camera . . .

Want to add video to your marketing arsenal? Don't shout 'Action' 'til you read this.
Marketing Smarts


Fair Trade
Marketing Smarts

Priority Mail

Don't underestimate the value of a quick response.
Marketing Smarts

Adventures In Shopping

Rides, live bands, food and, oh yeah, they sell furniture.
Real Deal

Needful Things

You can't always get what you want . . . or can you?
Sales Success

Reeling In The Big Ones

Overcome your fear, and you could land the mother of all accounts.

Treasure Hunt

Finding value where you might not expect it
Money Smarts

GE Whiz!

Let's talk 'solutions.'
Money Smarts

Money Tree

Finding venture capital
Money Smarts

Turn To The Index

Once upon a time, there was a Dow Jones Industrial Average . . .
Raising Money

Board Games

The OTC Bulletin Board: a rung on your way up the Nasdaq ladder or the place where small-time players go to be small-time players?
Tax Talk

No Trespassing

You don't need a rocking chair and a shotgun to keep the IRS off your property--taxwise, anyway.
Bright Ideas

Brush With Success

Florida entrepreneurs win exposure to millions of potential customers--and dollars.
Bright Ideas

Test The Waters

Ready to roll with your great idea? Don't make the leap 'til you know what you're getting into.
Opportunity Features

21st Annual Franchise 500

Our annual ranking of America's best franchise opportunities
Opportunity Features

Mac Is Back

After a yearlong hiatus, the Golden Arches reclaim the No. 1 spot on our list of America's top franchises.
Opportunity Features

Catch The Wave

How to harness the Internet and find a franchise that's right for you
Opportunity Features

Heat of the Moment

Our in-depth look at the current state of franchising
Opportunity Features

Analyze This

Sure, you can buy a franchise in almost any industry you're interested in, but it still pays to take a closer look before you leap.
Whats Your Problem

License To Sell

I want to know which licenses I really need.
Whats Your Problem

Charity Begins at Home

So how do I initiate a homebased, not-for-profit business?
Buyers Guide

Fantastic Scans

It's a new year; need a new scanner? The latest models prove better technology doesn't have to blow your budget.

Automation For The People

Trust the technology and give someone else your payroll headache.

Did You Know . . .

who invented Digital Spread Spectrum technology?

Bulk Rate

If you've got the lines, they've got the discount.

Dry Cell

A foolproof case to keep you talking
Hot Disks

Wise Buys

Reviews of Shrinkwrap, MyITware and ZipMagic 2000
Hot Disks

Watch Your Backup

Do those online auction deals sound too good to be true? They probably are.
Net Profits

Taking The Net By Storm

Survey shows small businesses accessing the Internet with a vengeance.
Net Profits

Market Watch

Keeping an eye on your visitors
Net Profits

E-Business Busters

What you read about the Internet is not always the real thing. Here are four e-commerce myths debunked.
Tech Smarts

Hot Wires

The most wired U.S. cities

Little Stowaway

Tiny portable keyboard

Hand Over Heels

The latest PDA from Handspring

On Firewire

First color inkjet printer to use the FireWire port

Just For Shows

Guide to trade shows

Look No Further

Comprehensive search engine

Monkey Business

E-business tips

Rain Or Shine

Weather reports

Our Kinda Town

Site for entrepreneurs

Time Is Money

Online invoicing

Get The 411

Keeping up with Internet public policy changes

Dazed And Confused

Is your browsing out of control? Here are some handy tools to get organized.
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