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Told You So!

Hot 100 businesses do burn bright, but they don't burn out. Here are the businesses that prove there's life after recognition in Entrepreneur magazine.

What About Me?

Start-up financing is easier than ever--if you're a dotcom. But what about the rest of us? Check out all your options.

Best of the Best

You're young. You're fired up. You want a...franchise? We help you find one that's made just for you.

Highs and Lows

You don't need to spend a fortune on office equipment.or do you? From cheap to posh, here are our picks for the tools you need.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Entrepreneur and Dun & Bradstreet's Sixth Annual Hot 100--the fastest-growing entrepreneurial businesses in America

From: Business To: Business

Subject: Long-heralded as the next big set of Internet opportunities, business-to-business e-commerce is here--and the crystal balls were right; it's big.

Pass It On

Forget military's colleges and universities have something else in mind of the kids of today: fashioning them into the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Been There

You're The Bomb

How to establish yourself as an expert to attract more business
Bright Ideas

You Want The Truth?

If you can handle it, Wal-Mart's panel of experts will tell you how good your invention really is.
Bright Ideas

Web Site

Get your hands on federal government booklets aimed at small business.

Off Color

Is your office puce and avocado green? You need some help-and here it is.

Net the World

International Web users want to buy from your site--make it easy on 'em.
Hot Seat

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say

.say it anyway - but make it constructive, says psychologist Hendrie Weisinger.
House Rules

Living Color

How color, music and aromatherapy can improve the way you work

High Hopes

The business will grow. Clients will come. Customers will buy. And if you think we're wrong, maybe you should think differently.

It's a Rental

You can't build cyberspace without physical space, but do landlords like tech?

Book 'Em

Review of Leading at the Edge and The Leap

You Are What You Eat

Does your favorite snack food say a lot about your personality? Absolutely, says Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, in the foundation's study, "Snack Food Hedonics and Personality."

Spread the Wealth

There's more than one way to cash in on a technology boom.

Idle Chatter?

Probably not. Those slacker workers by the water cooler may just be working.

Give 'Til It Hurts

...or until you reach 2.2 percent of your colossal earnings, whichever comes first.

Easy Does It.

For Sustainers, success is alright, I guess-as long as it's accomplished in relative comfort.

Pillows & Ports

Hotel high-speed hookups are catching on-slowly.

Road Notes

Deals from Dollar Rent A Car, and Southwest Airlines

Help or Hurt?

Test state governments' friendliness to woman business owners.

Fast Track

Profile of manufacturer of reflective accessories and clothing for pets and their families
Beating The Odds

Thinking Out Of The Box

Cap'n Crunch, eat your heart out! These guys got celebrity endorsers to pose for their cereal boxes-and now they've got big aisle-space clout!
Bulletin Board

Venture Capital

Funding is just a click away.
Bulletin Board


EPA rules and regulations revealed
Bulletin Board


Getting into the zone can pay big dividends.
Bulletin Board


Entrepreneur donates $4 million to entrepreneurial education.
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.
Capitol Issues

Capital Gains Pain

New legislation hurts both buyers and sellers of businesses.
Capitol Issues

Stock Value

Calculating stock options into a worker's base pay is creating debate.
Cutting Edge

On The House

Sometimes, the best way to make millions is to provide something free of charge.
Family Business

Team Effort?

Working together can get complicated when two or more families run a single business.

Cover Your E-Tail

Only covered by standard liability insurance? That is so last century.

Don't Tell It To The Judge

It's good to fire bad employees. It's not so good to yap about how bad they were at unemployment hearings.
Management Smarts

When Dust Attacks

Workplace-related asthma is nothing to wheeze at.
Management Smarts


Stop disgruntled employees from destroying your business.
Management Smarts

Talent Scout

When recruiting, look to merger survivors-not their laid-off brethren.
Staff Smarts

Testy, Testy

Drug testing: an easy way to keep problem employees out or a cost-ineffective invasion of privacy? Join the debate.
Your Business

When Comrades Go Bad

Protecting yourself from business allies turned business competitors
Your Business

Web Site

Small-business site for information-hungry entrepreneurs
Your Business

Do As They Say

Laws: Federal, state, local...and if you're not sure your company's in compliance, you'd better get sure.
Advertising Workshop


Eliminate some of your ad's excesses, and it can garner more attention.
Fast Pitch

I Hope You Studied

Put your marketing know-how to the test.
Marketing Smarts

Show Time

People flip channels during the break...but what if your product were on the show?
Marketing Smarts

Say Cheese!

But don't waste time getting photo subjects to say it-use stock pictures.
Marketing Smarts


Competitors' pricing methods and manipulating graphics and photos
Real Deal

Yellin' Ain't Everything

Negotiation is only one of six steps to a great deal.
Sales Success

Keep Climbing

Don't stop now-for a successful tomorrow, you've got to keep building on the success achieved today.
Sales Success

Web Site

User-friendly resources to help you communicate more effectively

Less Is More

When the right stocks fill out a focused fund, a little can go a very, very long way.
Money Smarts

Go Small

Not netting any capital? Try smaller venture funds.
Money Smarts

VC Vintage

1999 was a great year for venture capital.
Raising Money

Financial Roulette

Is borrowing from your IRA a healthy risk or a tragic mistake?
Raising Money

Web Site

Hooking small businesses up with big-name lenders
Tax Talk

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

Granted, federal estate tax laws might change. But don't let that stop you from taking money-saving steps now.
Biz 101

Making Time

Not ready for the burden of a full-time business? How do your evenings and weekends look?
First Steps

Power In Numbers

How to get big-time marketing on a small-time budget
First Steps

Fast Track

The story of an upscale catering and take-out food store
First Steps

Don't Be Afraid

Are you a big scaredy-cat? Here's how to turn terror into super-confidence.
First Steps

Escape Hatch

Why now's the time to work on your business exit plan
Franchise Focus

Clean and Mean

One Hour Martinizing provides an opportunity that won't take you to the cleaners.

Need A Hero?

Mr. Hero uses competition to bring out the best in its franchisees.

What's New

Franchise updates on 1-800-GOT-JUNK, EagleRider Inc., and Sears Carpet and Upholstery Care Inc.

Got Cash?

If not, then you ought to know what lenders are looking for.

Back To School

Computer U franchise teaches seniors how to travel the World Wide Web.

Driving Up Profits

A familiar name offers a franchise that's for keeps.
Whats Your Problem

Separation Anxiety

Should our home and business be in different structures?
Whats Your Problem

Work This Way

I need to obtain a resale license.
Buyers Guide

Free At Last

Is your home office a network nightmare-piles of wires, holes in the wall and cabling for everything but the kitchen sink? Take it all wireless!

Palm Power

Net chats, news, stock quotes.coming soon to the palm of your hand
Net Profits

Keep On Shippin'

Wanna' keep your online business free of shipping company disasters? Pick the right system from the beginning, and it won't happen to you.
Net Profits

Web Site

Discover the seven deadly sins of Web site design.
Net Profits

Wise Buys

Reviews of PeachLink 2.0 e-commerce and back office function software, Online Merchant Gold Web design software, and Small Office Security software
Tech Smarts

The Real Small Stuff

Pushing the barrier with your palmtop? You need a new breed of processor.
Tech Smarts

First Come, First Sue

Patents on everyday Web innovations could hurt large and small e-businesses.

Life Saver

Fellowes' PDA Survival Kit

Fire The Secretary

Hewlett-Packard's HP Pavilion N3290 notebook computer

What's In Store?

Samsung's YEPP YP-E64 MP3 Player

Write On

Toshiba's SD-R1002 CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-ROM

Hertz So Good

Xi Computer's Xi Mtower CPU

Talking Stock

Keep tabs on your investment strategy with free info from the Web.

Vocal Motion

Online access to thousands of speeches by elected officials, government bureaucrats, business leaders and more

Just The Facts

Small-business reports by state from the SBA's Office of Advocacy

Crime Fighters

Everything you always wanted to know about computer crimes

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics


Web page that aims to be the home page for busy executives
Hot Biz

When In Rome.

Start your own translation business.

Patent Lather

When you create a product with broad commercial potential, be sure to protect your interests by patenting the products in a way that keeps the competition at bay.

You Name It

With domain names getting eaten up as fast as Krispy Kreme doughnuts, try these creative tips for finding a name that works.
Wise Buys

Drive Me Wild

Storage drives for your laptop
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