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Some Like It Hot

Entrepreneur and Dun & Bradstreet's 7th Annual Hot 100-the fastest-growing entrepreneurial businesses in America

The Party's Not Over

Lessons in prospering once the crowd has given up and gone home--because their party is over, and, yes, it's time to clean up.

What Now?

Have the days of making it on your own come and gone? A new breed of partnership may be the way of the future.

Get a Grip

In the dotcom world, if you haven't already fallen, you're hanging on by your fingernails. Here's how to put yourself on steady ground.

Take My IPO . . . Please!

Your public offering is dead in the water, and it doesn't look like the market will save it anytime soon. Now what?

For Better or for Worse

Starting a business with your better half isn't like buying a couch together. Before you hang your shingle, make sure you've both got what it takes.

Lessons Learned

Believe it or not, you can start an e-biz without going down in flames. Our special report will help you start wisely.


Be Your Own Boss Features

The Insider

Ever think there must be some secret trick to buying a franchise that you're not privy to? Luckily, our franchise expert is in the know . . . and he's ready to talk.
Be Your Own Boss Features

Tech Futures

The technology industry will never die--it'll just move on. And these cutting-edge businesses are on its itinerary.
Biz 101

Buzz Skill

Need a little good press? Forget those costly PR agencies--sharpen your own publicity-getting skills.
Biz 101

The Un-Dating Game

Making money from women who like to make fun of men

Call to Arms

Get your site-building software in marching order: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is domination of the World Wide Web!
Franchise Focus

Child's Play

Find some fairly well-off parents who want their tots taught--and plant a Gymboree of your own.

The Shallow End

Don't start by diving into bigger markets-get your product's feet wet by finding a profitable niche.

Global Gobbling

Restaurant franchises from all around the world could soon be just around the block from you.

Friendly Franchising

You know 'em. You trust 'em. Why not start a business with 'em?
Smart Ideas

Timed Travel

Ever been to a city with those loaner bicycles? What if a company rented automobiles that way?
Whats Your Problem

Calling Out

Pull up an ergonomic chair and a headset-yes, you, too, could be telemarketing from home in no time.
Whats Your Problem

Absolutely Everything Inc.

Is there an entrepreneur alive who hasn't incorporated?

Send Me an Angel

With new angel funds and networks popping up nationwide, that shouldn't be too hard to do.
Almost Famous

The Tables Are Turning

Julie Gaines tells us her and her husband's tales of trekking cross-country in search of tableware, entering the international market-and holding their own against Macy's.

Soaring With Your Core

Your business's growth potential lies not in its margins, but in its foundation.
Bulletin Board

What's Going On?

This month: online help for small-biz owners, film financing and a competition for young female entrepreneurs

Calendar 6/01

Check out these trade shows, expos and seminars.
Editors Note

Spring Cleaned



Buyer Zone

Train Station

All aboard for a quick tour of the best in classes, courses and online learning.

A Risk Less Ordinary

Going beyond the basics

It's a Crime

The law is giving more jail time for business decisions that harm employees and customers.
Management Buzz

Management Buzz 6/01

Withholding wages for Uncle Sam and hiring teachers as part-time workers
Smart Moves

Get Comfy

OSHA may not be breathing down your neck yet, but making your workplace ergonomically sound may just be good business.
Staff Smarts

The Outsiders

The number of free agents has grown, but is a backlash looming?
Success Coach 2001

Pushing the Limits

Are you pushing yourself-and your business-as far as you can?

Wiz Kids

Was there magic in their sales pitch?
Game Plan

Use the Force

Your sales force, that is, because you can't just sit there waiting for customers to find your Web site. You have to go find them.
Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz 6/01

Quick and easy ads from online providers and daddies as a target market
Net Sales

New Wave

AM/FM not doing it for you? Your customers are surfing the Web now--sooner or later, they'll be listening to Internet radio.
Real Deal

Peace Talks

Will Feng Shui give you the edge in your negotiations?
Sales Success

One of the Good Guys

Prospects will reach for their cash once you prove you're on their side.

Growth Curve

Want to bend your business in a better direction? Try a new market.
Ask the Rainmaker

Enough Already?

Determining how much money you need for an equipment loan
Case Study

Absolut Investment

With grant money from the vodka-maker, a dream is now half fulfilled.
Dollar Signs

Keep It Flowing

Entrepreneurs found an extra $1.5 billion worth of SBA financing in 2000 . . . and experts say that's a bad thing?

Smooth Ride

Take a few bumps out of investing with a convertible fund.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 6/01

Banks get the skinny on loan applicants, gold as the online currency of choice and employees' 401(k) trading activity
Raising Money

Going Once, Going Twice

Sold! Whether you're buying or selling stock, the IPO auction may be the best way for you to get a fair deal.
Tax Talk

A Tax to Grind

Will there be a sales tax standard to simplify the process?
Biz Travel

No Strings Attached

The race is on for airlines to offer you wireless Internet connections at hub airports.
Brand Aid

Brains and Beauty

This software makeover runs more than skin deep.
Capitol Issues

Watch Your Programs

Mom!!! George took my entrepreneurship funding-and he won't give it back!

Damn Yankees

American brands are sparking enduring trends abroad. So why do they hate us for it?
Hot Seat

Bring Out Your Dead!

As the dotcom boom goes up in smoke, meet a guy who's profiting from the fire sale.
It Figures

It Figures 6/01

How e-businesses are spending on tech, entrepreneurial attitudes, loan policies and more
Smarts Features

Encore Performance

Practice makes perfect, but can it bring success in the world of dotcoms?
Smarts Features

Fame Game

Fan see, fan do: Get your product into the hands of stars . . . and their devotees.
Smarts Features

Rated E

The Fed's rate cuts are a boon for entrepreneurs. How do you plan to take advantage?
Smarts Features

Cuttin' (Edge) Class

When teacher writes your name on the "smart board," is it a good or a bad thing?
Smarts Features


On the trail of Wayne Rogers (aka Trapper John), because we hear he's a "big businessman"
Smarts Features

Monky Business

Give us this day our daily fruitcake--yes, you can blend faith and business.
Smarts Features

Pimpin' the Clothes

Sex sells. Pimps sell sex. See an equation trying to form?
Smarts Features

Here an Ad, There an Ad

Pitch customers where they live . . . and work . . . and talk . . . drink . . . walk . . .
Smarts Features


Organized labor is looking for new turf-your dotcom.
Smarts Features

Energy Buzz

The energy drink trend gives you entrepreneurial wings-that's no Red Bull.
Smarts Features

Way Out There?

Is telecommuting the office of the future or just a bad idea that comes and goes?
Smarts Features

Campus Invasion

Silicon Valley, the Wharton School is headed your way.
Smarts Features

Stop, Flop and Roll

If you thought playing music and storing data was flexible enough for CDs, wait till you see them bend.
Smarts Features

Fee For All

The OMB is trying to fix a machine that ain't broke.

Ave Maria Green

30ish, founder of P. Puff Industries in St. Paul, Minnesota
Tech Toy

Sit Down a Sec

Surf the Web from-oops, that's with-your favorite recliner.
Watts Up

A Valuable Proposition

Are you adding value or just passing things down the line?

Quiet, Please

Guess who's responsible when employees irresponsibly mix cell phone and vehicle use?

Girl School

What makes a young woman want to own a business? A little education will help.
Buyers Guide

Laser Tags

With prices falling quickly, you can afford to print beyond black and white.
Cool Clicks

Cool Clicks 6/01

Stopping online fraud, memorable jingles on the cheap and finding out what employees are paid
Digital Edge

The Respect of Your Peers?

Peer-to-peer computing is coming, But is it good for your company?

Gear 6/01

More storage space and a look at the latest Palm
Hot Disks

Play It Safe

Organize your firewalls into a monitored system.
Net Profits

Go Local!

Competing online for worldwide customers is fine, but don't forget about those who still see you as the shop around the corner.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 6/01

Affordable DVD recording, accessibility for users with disabilities and default start pages of choice
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