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Sweat Rewards

We've got the hots for you: Hot businesses, hot opportunities, hot markets, hot trends. Grab a cold drink, because 2002 is gonna be a scorcher.

Pass or Fail?

2001 was a fickle beast, reserving a different attitude for each business that faced it, but whether it was a banner year or a bust, it did share its wisdom-and we're here to pass those lessons on.

Attention, Shoppers!

Paco Underhill knows what they look at, what they buy and why, so get ready to put a huge dent in the concept of customers' free will.

Can You Learn to Start a Business?

In a word, yes. But if you're at all serious about entrepreneurship, you'll learn there's much more to start-up than classrooms and homework.


Be Your Own Boss Features

I'm New Here

Meet 'em at the door: the latest franchise opportunities!
Be Your Own Boss Features

You Name It

"Sorry, what did you say your name was again?" That's the one question you don't want people asking about your business.
Biz 101

Mind Your Mentors

If you're looking for great advice on starting a business, ask those who've "been there, done that."
Biz 101

Who's Steering the Ship?

A new study says you are the captain of your own destiny.

Double Your Pleasure

One is never enough: Is another successful product just what your company needs to grow?

Home(town) Decor

While she was off in Chicago, Green Bay grew up--and became the perfect spot for her business.

Law & Pretzels

A title like that might not make for a very exciting TV show, but it's this ex-lawyer's life story.

What's New

Reducing health-care costs for corporate clients
Smart Ideas

Boys, Go Wash Up!

Two Georgia entrepreneurs prove that southern gentlemen-and their cars-clean up real nice.
Whats Your Problem

Hiring Help

You've got a product but no customers yet? That's where sales reps come in.
Almost Famous

Using His Noodles

With a vision of bringing Asian street food to the American public, this former restaurant manager may have hit on the next big thing.
Editors Note

Shifting Gears


Bitten by an ASP?

There's no worry if you've taken the right precautions.

Steal a Look?

Think you can learn about good Web design by stealing ideas from other people's sites? Copyright law would have to disagree.
Management Buzz

Management Buzz 12/01

The allure of seasoned executives and time-sensitive relaxation tips
Smart Moves

ISO a Go-Go

More companies comply with ISO than ever before-not necessarily because they want to. What will pleasing your clients cost your business?
Staff Smarts

Who's Paying?

Should you choose to pay your employees a "living wage" today? Tomorrow, the decision may not be yours to make.
Success Coach 2001

Wild Ideas

Nature's calling, and it has a lot of good thoughts on building your business.

Clean Break

A trade show spurred their soapy sales.
Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz 12/01

Proving your company's longevity, discounted magazine ads and inexpensive rich media e-mail marketing
Real Deal

Mail Me Not

E-mail's good, but to hash out a deal, you need to get personal.
Sales Force

Down, Not Out

Your reps not selling like they used to? Don't worry-they can be rehabilitated.
Sales Success

Watch Your Step

Four simple ways to make your meeting with that new customer a success.

Addled Ads

Marketing moves not to make
Dollar Signs

(W)inner City

When it comes to untapped entrepreneurial potential, the city's where it's at.

Take a Shortcut

Get a quick piece of the action with money market funds.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 12/01

SBA-administered New Markets Venture Capital Program underway, relief for companies with reservist employees called into active duty, and more
Raising Money

Worth the Price You Pay?

If your search for venture capital feels like it's getting out of hand, maybe you don't need their money after all.
Tax Talk

Plug & Pay

The IRS is now taking your money online.
Biz Travel

Power of Deduction

Get your expenses in order.

You're History

As history repeats itself, pick which role you want to play.
Brand Aid

Get Happy

Meet a company in desperate need of some deep-tissue branding.
Capitol Issues

Free at Last

You no longer have to be up to your "S" in regulations.

Flash 12/01

Avon enters the teen market, tossed-to-order salads and eBay on TV
Hot Seat

I've Got an Idea!

You can get one, too, if you just learn to brainstorm a little more like Doug Hall.
It Figures

It Figures 12/01

An increase in online ad spending, employee job satisfaction, office betting pools and more
Smarts Features


Time for entrepreneurs to cash in their most valued commodity: Spirit
Smarts Features

Big in Japan

Forget Honda, Fujitsu and Sony--take your next big cue from Tokyo's teenage girls.
Smarts Features

It's Child's Play

How many piggy banks do you have to break to make a $300 billion kids' market?
Smarts Features

Teen Green

Position your business to sell teenagers what they'll just die if they can't have.
Smarts Features

Americas the Beautiful

The opportunities in Central and South American culture will make your mouth water.
Smarts Features

Senior Year

Is the senior market coming of age in 2002? It is . . . if you know how to reach it.

Denise Lasprogata

28, president of DLL LLC in New York City
Tech Toy

Pad About

The 1-1/2-pound QuickPad Pro laptop lightens your load.


Take a ride in luxury's other lap.

Who's to Judge?

Wait and see what Bush does for women entrepreneurs. And wait . . . and wait . . .
Buyers Guide

Get Your Clicks

With a digital camera, there's no more standing around scanning photos. The downside? No more exciting drives to the fotomat.
Cool Clicks

Cool Clicks 12/01

e-Business and Net statistics
Digital Edge

True Blue

New products prove Bluetooth wasn't a figment of the tech industry's imagination.

Gear 12/01

A portable note-taker and a wires-free cell phone headset
Hot Disks

Hot Disks 12/01

Enhance your networking capabilities with Windows XP, plus scheduling software
Net Profits

Winter of Your Content

Even with recent events, your e-tailing site can do well this season.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 12/01

Save money at computer outlet stores and a new smart phone from Microsoft

Positive ID

Trouble tracking inventory? Tag it like a wild animal.

Speak & Dial

Will cell phone voice recognition catch on?
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