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9/11 Call

When crisis hit, business owners answered.

Top 10 Patent Myths

Your brilliant idea needn't fall by the wayside simply because you don't want to deal with the patent process. We've shattered the top 10 myths so you can see your way clear to patenting your product.


Be Your Own Boss Features

Stump the Slump

A recession is only as barren and lifeless as you make it. Work the downturn, and watch as your new business takes off.
Be Your Own Boss Features

Bet the Franchise

What does the future hold for international franchising? Don't let the economy's naysayers dissuade you--our money's on growth.
Be Your Own Boss Features

A New Hope

Will one of these top 50 newcomers to franchising be the answer to your entrepreneurial dreams?
Biz 101

Behind the Veil

Brides, grooms and their wedding parties are frantically busy and need help fast . . . hey, that's your cue.

Farmers' Market

Like good gardeners, manufacturers' reps know the landscape and can help yield you a large cash crop.

Pay It Forward

A couple finds an underestimated real-estate opportunity in the agents.

Every Day's Like Recess

Dancing and tumbling, this franchisee helps kids get healthy.

What's New - 02/02

The doughnut industry can make room for one more.
Smart Ideas

Rah-Rah Rides

A new take on hubcaps helps rabid sports fans cheer their alma maters anywhere they spin their wheels.
Whats Your Problem

How Independent Are You?

You think you're freelancing. Your client thinks you're freelancing. But does the IRS?
Almost Famous

Feeling His Oats

When this college gymnastics coach wanted to raise funds for his team, he took the concept of a bake sale to a whole new level.
Editors Note

We, the Entrepreneurs


Ups & Downs

Get your insurance rates on the same track as the economy.

Service With a Smile

Respecting the rights of employees serving in the uniformed services is more than a patriotic duty: It's a legal obligation.
Management Buzz

Management Buzz 02/02

The benefits of direct deposit, the secrets of creative firms and how to lure high-level execs to your company
Smart Moves

To Say the Leased

Ownership is overrated. Could leasing be the answer to the tough economy?
Staff Smarts

Worst-Case Scenario

How would your business take a September 11-level tragedy? Only the best preparation can ensure it rises from the rubble.
A+ Ads

In Your Eyes

Take it from American Express: The right visual cues draw readers into your ad.

Comic Genius

Pow! He sold his comic online. Bang! He made $100,000 a week.
Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz 02/02

Interim marketing managers, new online ad counting standards
Real Deal

Ask Yourself This

Pose some creative questions before the deal, and you may find a new way to clinch it.
Sales Force

The Right Carrot

Is your compensation plan keeping your salespeople motivated?
Sales Success

"Works Great!"

Using testimonials to unleash the power of the second opinion

As Seen on TV

The time may be right for direct response TV ads, but are they right for you?
Dollar Signs

Cash Crunch

Don't let investors and lenders use that old "it's the economy" line as justification to put the squeeze on your business.

Use the Index

The scoop on fully tradable ETFs
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 02/02

Start-up veterans attracting VCs, security checks on your business partners and financial news searches from Bloomberg
Raising Money

Hidden Treasure

Your search for capital should start in the nooks, crannies, equipment and real estate your business already has.
Tax Talk

Wanna Trade?

IRS goes a little bit easier on like-kind exchanges.
Biz Travel

Sleep Tight

Hotels wanna get you into bed.

Decisions, Decisions

This book lets you be the judge.
Brand Aid

Dot Your Eyes

We spotted a hot branding idea.
Capitol Issues

Break It Up!

Will Congress finally take a swing at contract bundling?
Hot Seat


Wrap your brain around Nathan Myhrvold's theory of the exponential economy.
It Figures

It Figures 02/02

The significance of consumer spending, the expense of outfitting an office, online scams and more
Smarts Features

Card Tricks

Internet retailers face a struggle when it comes to chargebacks and fraud.
Smarts Features

Fire Fight

U.S. workers are complaining about immigrant labor--this time, it's technology layoffs.
Smarts Features


No money for the national science foundation means fewer business innovations.
Smarts Features

Wholesale Changes

Mom-and-pop stores are so passe. It's time to give your store that warehouse feel.
Smarts Features

European Theater

Entrepreneurship is finally getting the rave reviews it deserves across the pond.
Smarts Features

Out of Control?

Has individualized investing come and gone? It may be back to the brokers for investors.
Smarts Features

Tollhouses & Cookies

Is W3C's proposal to allow fees for Internet standards a recipe for Web disaster?
Smarts Features

Laugh Track

Could a hearty chuckle be the key ingredient in the success of your business?

Laurel Touby

"Thirtysomething" founder of in New York City
Tech Toy

Shady Business

The future's so bright, your monitor's in your shades.

The Thinker

Watch out! Your car may be getting smarter than you.

Big Plans

Today's generation of women entrepreneurs displays a newfound love of growth.
Buyers Guide

Bright Lights

Today's midrange portable projectors can make your presentations shine.
Cool Clicks

Cool Clicks 02/02

Solve disputes without going to court
Digital Edge

Bad Reception

Employees' PDAs and portables pluck information off your wireless network all the time--now it's the hackers' turn.

Gear 02/02

Talk long-distance in your own warehouse and add a keyboard to your PDA
Hot Disks

Hot Disks 02/02

Organize your e-mail, automate PC repair and take Adobe Acrobat to the next level
Net Profits

Who Pays to Get It There?

Your site's shipping and handling charges can make or break an online sale.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 02/02

Cheap laser printers vs. inkjet printers and the FTC's new stance on consumer privacy


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