Inside the December 2002 Issue
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Get 'Em While They're Hot

On the lookout for the latest and greatest opportunities for 2003

Vegas, Baby!

Care to let your entrepreneurial fortunes ride out in the Nevada desert?

Start Your Engines

Is reliable transportation what your business needs to get it where it needs to go? Look no further than our special guide to commercial vehicles.

Get Your Tax Straight

All the last-minute financial secrets you'll need to get out from under some of that tax burden before 2002 comes to a close.

Stop Dreaming-Start Your New Business Now

Ready to get your head out of the clouds and make that business dream a reality? Find your inspiration, focus on the goal and take it one step at a time.


Be Your Own Boss Features

All New

Be the first on the block with one of these fresh opportunities.
Be Your Own Boss Features

Retailiatory Strike

Don't let the big boxes win without a fight. There's plenty of room for start-ups to make their mark in retail.
Biz 101

Music Lessons

How can this nonprofit rock camp for girls keep rolling? The experts compare notes.
Biz 101

Words to the Wise

Glean pearls of wisdom from this entrepreneur's experience.
Biz 101

Have a Little Class

Small-business newbies can learn the ropes online.

One of a Kind?

Make your product conform to break away from the norm.

Never Say Die

How a family beat the odds (and the weather) to improve a franchise

Bucking the Trend

A change of pace can really pay off.

What's New 12/02

The pickings are plush in this critter country.
Smart Ideas

Enjoy Your Meal!

It would be rude not to play with your food at this entrepreneur's creative, family-friendly restaurant.
Whats Your Problem

Maxed Out

Don't let a little thing like bad credit history get in the way of your entrepreneurial dreams.
Almost Famous

Now You Hear It

Now that Napster's gone, we're left wondering how not only survives but thrives.
Editors Note

Gaining Ground


Return Policy

Helping the injured get back to work

Shred of Evidence

Learn a lesson from Arthur Andersen: Destroying documents makes you look bad.
Management Buzz

Management Buzz 12/02

When--and when not--to use humor; planning for the birth of your employees' children
Smart Moves

Group Dynamics

Joining a trade association could set your business's agenda in motion.
Staff Smarts

Not Hiring

Pretending you didn't get their resumes is no way to deal with rejection. Applicants need to know when it's over.
A+ Ads

Face the Facts

Smacking the reader with the cold, hard truth can give your ad a strong punch.

Soothe Operator

Word-of-mouth was the cure for discouragement.
Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz 1202

How best to sell nonessential goods; are you networking or wine tasting?
Real Deal

To the Letter

Cover your butt and get it in writing to really seal the deal.
Sales Force

No Experience Necessary

Hiring novice sales reps may save you money, but are they worth the time and effort?
Sales Success

Fishing for Trouble

Try too hard to hook your customers, and you risk sending them reeling with anger.

Get Smart!

Just how marketing-savvy are you? Take this quick quiz and find out.
Dollar Signs

No Mercy

Are VCs sucking the life out of your business? Maybe you're better off without them.

Green Acres

Not enough money to be a land baron? Why not invest in real estate funds instead?
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 12/02

Targeted 401ks, real estate IRAs and more
Raising Money

Going Somewhere?

Keeping a financial road map in your company's back pocket is always a capital idea.
Tax Talk

Out With the Bad, In With the Good

Forget about LIFO's poor reputation--find out how the IRS is making it better for you.
Biz Travel

That'll Be Extra

Fees, fees and more fees--don't pay what you don't have to.

Find a Way

The path to putting your people on track
Brand Aid

Shelf Life

Making the leap from the TV screen to the retail aisles is all about your brand image.
Capitol Issues

The Enforcers

The RFA is no longer something to be ignored.
Hot Seat

Glad That's Over

The star of has taken failure in stride and is moving on to better things.
It Figures

It Figures 12/02

The latest stats on companies' e-mail response times, how the Web influences business decision-makers, and more
Smarts Features

Who's Up?

Searching high and low for the next Bill Gates
Smarts Features

Aid Package

Is a little decision-making help needed to complete your employees' retirement plans?
Smarts Features

Pay What?!

Net users aren't giving up their cash without a fight. How do you persuade them?
Smarts Features

Bidding War

eBay may be just the place for that old business that you're not using anymore.
Smarts Features

Insult to Injury?

Is the Supreme Court letting some of the air out of the ADA?

Mary Margaret Cannon

48, founder of Sacred Season Ltd. in New York City
Tech Toy

Scoring Frenzy

Taking your computer on the links

Neat Car

All the accessories you need for your organizer on wheels

Connect the Daughters

Sons aren't the only offspring taking over family businesses.
Buyers Guide

Free to Go

The latest wireless PDAs
Cool Clicks

Cool Clicks 12/02

Online tradeshow tips and resources; a job site for privacy-related positions
Digital Edge

It's Got Wings!

But will Linux desktops ever get off the ground in a Windows-dominated world?
Hot Disks

Hot Disks 12/02

A contact management program with Web access, easy credit checks and more
Net Profits

Off on Holiday?

Not likely. Seasonal sales will be stronger than ever. Is your site ready for the rush?
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 12/02

Stamp-sized storage cards for digital cameras and PDAs; notebooks powered by desktop processors

No Strings Attached

. . . or are there?

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