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The Art of the Sale

In today's economy, bright ideas are what it takes to land a sale. So we went to the source--to salespeople at super-successful companies--to provide you with surefire tips for selling.

Top Secrets

Psst! Think you know everything about sales? Here's the inside scoop on mastering one of the most important skills you'll ever need.

Crowd Control

Having trouble finding the ideal system for managing your customer relationships? We've got advice to get you moving in the right direction.


Be Your Own Boss Features

Carte Blanche

Think retailing is strictly a brick-and-mortar opportunity? Not so. The sky's the limit with a kiosk as your venue.
Be Your Own Boss Features

Guiding Light

Feeling a little lost at the helm of your business? Don't worry: A peer group can help you find your way out of the darkness.
Biz 101

Natural Instinct

Have a feeling the organic market's got a lot to offer? You're not the only one.
Biz 101

Winning Ways

Meet the winners of the Wharton Business Plan Competition.
Biz 101

Got Some ID?

The SBA's new online form saves entrepreneurs time and money.

Less Is More

Believe it or not, setting your sights a little lower could be the key to marketing your new product.

Worth His Weight

With a growing chain of weight-loss center locations, this franchisee proves he's got what it takes to succeed.

Creative Juices

Running a juice bar gives one couple endless options.

What's New 08/03

Hey, sometimes the big boss needs a little coaching, too.
Real Life

To the Rescue

Jack and Diane* aren't left to bail out their sinking land deal alone. Their franchisor throws them a lifesaver in the nick of time.
Smart Ideas


Fed up with traditional outfits, one mom takes baby clothes to a whole new level.
Success Coach

I Did It My Way

When it comes to starting a business, you can dive right in or test the waters first--whatever works for you.
Whats Your Problem

On the Hunt

Finding health-care coverage that's just the right fit for you
Almost Famous

What's for Dinner?

Two entrepreneurs have put this question on ice with do-it-yourself frozen entrees.
Editors Note

Word to the Wise


Feedback 08/03

Letters from our readers

Resources 08/03

Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Creative Zone

Under Pressure

Ease tension and get the creative juices up and running again.

On the Job

Is that independent hire insured? If not, then you'd better be.

Hand in Hand

If you negotiate well, joining forces with a big firm can be the smart way to get your new product to market.
Management Buzz

Management Buzz 08/03

Evaluating your company's chances of getting on a "best of" list; putting your company under the microscope
Real Deal

Deals Unplugged

Don't know when to cut your losses and leave the negotiating table? Look for these telltale signs.
Smart Moves

Owning Up

To buy or not to buy? That's the hot-button question if you're renting your business location.
Staff Smarts

Hold On Tight

Better work on keeping your top-notch talent now--while it's still an employers' job market.
A+ Ads

A Hard Sell

How can you convince your tradition-bound prospects to make the switch to e-commerce?

By Special Request

Pleasing one client pays off in the long run.
Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz 08/03

Giving out free samples to attract more business
Net Sales

It's That Time of Season

Sure, it may be summer, but now's a great time to plan for winter sales.
Retail Register

A Matter of Opinion

Generating customer feedback
Sales Force

Perk Avenue

There are plenty of ways to motivate reps to stay on the path to success, even on a budget.
Sales Success

Target Practice

Sometimes, the key to landing a sale lies in clearing away the obstacles that can make you miss the mark.

Sweet Rewards

Win over your existing patrons with a customer loyalty program, and watch sales reach new heights.
Dollar Signs

Falling Behind

The dollar's running weaker against other currencies. Will your business feel the pinch?

Down to a Science

New inventions make for healthy returns with this worldwide fund.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 08/03

Setting up an emergency fund, the impropriety of mutual fund fees and more
Personal Finance

A Tax Act

What does the latest tax cut mean for your bottom line?
Raising Money

Give 'Em Credit

They're not just for car loans and home mortgages. Now credit unions are making business loans.
Tax Talk

What a Relief!

Thanks to a recently enacted tax law, you may be able to deduct 100 percent of your equipment costs.
Biz Travel

It's on Us

On your next trip, let your hotel pick up the tab for extras.

Reality Check

Even the best execs can blow it when they lose touch.
Capitol Issues

Just a Mirage?

Proposed legislation may expand SBIC financing-someday.
Hot Seat

Threat Level: Low

This CEO doesn't worry about cyberterrorism-and he says you shouldn't, either.
It Figures

It Figures 08/03

Entrepreneurial personalities, 10 top cities for wireless Internet accessibility and more
Smarts Features

Up to Speed?

Wireless could be just what the lagging tech market needs to get moving again.
Smarts Features

Urban Legend

Do 90 percent of start-ups really fail to make it past their first year?
Smarts Features

Now You See It...

Payroll tax is likely the tax you most want to have cut, but will it ever happen?
Smarts Features

I Spy . . .

Workplace surveillance is coming to small and midsized businesses.
Smarts Features

Not Your Arena?

When it comes to new sports venues, entrepreneurs may be on the outside looking in.
Smarts Features

Northern Exposure

American entrepreneurs are finding success by heading for the border.
Smarts Features

End of the Road

Budget cuts mean program cuts, but these two programs are ones you may not miss.
Smarts Features

Desperate Measures

Resume, schmesume. These days, job candidates are resorting to more creative methods.

Richard Rhodes

42, founder and CEO of Rhodes Architectural Stone in Seattle
Tech Toy

Total Tote

Time to get your hands on this notebook carrying case with a built-in charger
Whats the Point

Of One Mind

Keep employees by getting on the same page from the get-go.

A Click Away

Automotive Web sites are revved up and ready to help you buy.

A Man's World?

That hasn't stopped these women from making inroads in male-dominated industries.
Buyers Guide

True Blue

Are Bluetooth hardware add-ons worth it? Take a bite from each one, and see for yourself.
Digital Edge

Out With the Old?

When it's time for a new server, which upgrade path will you choose?

Gear 08/03

Small server delivers big power; get connected fast with a high-speed cable modem
Hot Disks

Hot Disks 08/03

By Liane Cassavoy
Net Profits

The Ratings Game

Many sites allow visitors to review and rate the products they're selling. Should you follow suit?

Personal Decision

With the sheer number of combo PDAs to choose from, here are some things to think about.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 08/03

The latest news on scanners; keeping an eye out for "spyware"

Phone, Camera, Action!

Get your 10 seconds of phone fame.

Look for a Sign

Downloading on the go? Then get into the zone.
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