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Go for the Gold

Maybe you've planned it since day one, or maybe you've taken years to decide. Now that the time has come to sell your business, find out what you can do to make sure you can come out on top.

Curtain Call

You've laughed, you've cried, you've moved on after selling your business. Or have you? If you're wondering what's next, take a look at what these entrepreneurs are doing now--and get read for your own encore performance.

A World of Difference

For these entrepreneurs, social responsibility isn't just part of their PR campaigns--it's the essence of their businesses. And they're changing the world for the better, one community at a time.

Best Practices

Entrepreneurship may not be a part of the curriculum at professional schools, but today, doctors, lawyers and other professionals are learning to think like entrepreneurs--and build better businesses in the process.


Be Your Own Boss Features

Sweet and Low

With 300-plus franchises you can buy for less than $50,000, you can satisfy your craving for a big-name franchise without spending all your dough.
Be Your Own Boss Features

Beyond the Big Idea

You've got a million-dollar idea; now all you need is a strategy to make it marketable. These inventors brought their ideas to life--and hit it big. Find out how they made it happen.
Biz 101

The New You

When customers ask for more, change your business focus without losing it.
Biz 101

Paternal Instincts

Have a feeling that marketing to dads is a smart move? You're right on the money.
Biz 101

We Have Liftoff

Our "Biz 101" tech makeover winner launches her new Web site.
Biz 101

Howdy, Partner

Starting a business with someone you met online? It's not as scary--or as unusual--as you think.
Biz 101

Tech It Out

Resources for high-tech entrepreneurs

Breath of Fresh Air

How do you sell buyers on an invention that creates a new product category?

What's New 10/04

Super bowl sundae

Shock Value

A belief in the power of batteries charged this couple up for franchise ownership.

No Free Lunch

Hard work is a key ingredient for the owners of four Togo's stores.
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 10/04

Wedding insurance, massage chairs and more
Success Coach

Take No for an Answer

Don't dismiss naysayers--ask for advice, and turn it into a tool for success.
Whats Your Problem

Change of Location

Will a new neighborhood be a good market for your business?
Almost Famous

Ring Bearers

Some would-be grooms need a little direction in finding the perfect diamond. Here come the guides.
Editors Note

A Matter of Opinions


Feedback 10/04

Letters from our readers

Resources 10/04

Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

Law Talent

Lawyers have more to offer than just legal advice--they can also bring important skills to your staff.
Management Buzz

Management Buzz 10/04

Business plans and game plans, define your brand and more
Real Deal

Head to Head

How to deal with difficult opponents
Smart Moves

Working IT

Have you been putting off tech spending? Now's the time to get high-tech equipment at low prices.
Staff Smarts

No Train, No Gain?

You've invested a lot in training your employees, so see if you're getting what you paid for.
A+ Ads

Funny Business

No ifs, ands or buts: playful visuals, paired with copy promoting your selling points, add up to a standout advertisement.
Ask the Expert

Man Power

Tips to get male shoppers spending in your store
Marketing Buzz

Marketing Buzz 10/04

Marketing law basics, banning pop-up ads and more
Net Sales

It's All About Results

Is pay-for-performance online marketing right for your business?
Retail Register

Scare Tactics

Creative ways to profit from Halloween
Sales Force

Training Day

Need a sales trainer to whip your staff into shape? Here's how to find a winning coach.
Sales Success

Eye to Eye

If you rely solely on the phone and e-mail to build business relationships, you're missing the boat. Learn why "face time" is critical to your success.

Get Smarty

New college grads spend more than $40 billion a year getting equipped for adult life. Here's how to grab your share.
Dollar Signs

Minority Report

VC firms are becoming more diverse--but does that mean more funding for minority-owned businesses?

In the Balance

A good blend scales down this fund's risk.

Take Note

Document incidents now, and avoid lawsuits later.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 10/04

The state of family funds, Check 21 and more
Personal Finance

At Your Finger TIPS

Get a hold on high inflation rates with treasury inflation-protected securities.
Raising Money

An Acquired Taste

Before you buy that business you're craving, consider seller financing to sweeten the deal.
Tax Talk

Papers Away

Tax records weighing you down? Switch to electronic storage.
Biz Travel

On the Fly

Try these money-saving tricks for last-minute travel plans.

Think Ahead

Spot the "disruptive innovations" that can make or break your business success.
Capitol Issues

Wrong! Try Again

It's back to square one for the SBA and its small-business size standards.
It Figures

It Figures 10/04

Living arrangements, overseas outsourcing and more

Regulation Nation

How can government ease the regulatory burdens that are crushing entrepreneurs?
Smarts Features

Leap of Faith

Take it from those who've done it--going public will change your business.
Smarts Features

Wireless Metropolis

The Big Apple's wireless backup project aims to keep the city online, no matter what.
Smarts Features

Moving On

Ex-Apprentices find life after "The Donald" is all business.
Smarts Features

Taking Flight

Angel investors are flocking together to your advantage.
Smarts Features

Tech and the City

What cities are rising fast on the high-tech horizon? We take a look at some best bets.
Smarts Features

Special Opps

U.S. entrepreneurs are serving others in Iraq--and making a living in the process.
Smarts Features

Private Matters

Retail alert: Keep an eye on new RFID privacy legislation.
Smarts Features

Time's Up

New laws tell you who gets overtime--and who doesn't.
Smarts Features

Carb Game

High-carb food sellers strike back with a new strategy in the low-carb wars.

Snapshot 10/04

Cindy Kauanui, 46, founder of Jet Set Management in La Jolla, California
Tech Toy

TV to Go

Get your local programming wherever you travel

Keep On Truckin'

These powerful trucks help keep your business going.

I Think I'll Pass

Do women have a tougher time delegating tasks?
Buyers Guide

Screen Test

Time for a monitor upgrade? Consider the benefits of going with a flat-panel display.

Calling the Shots

Is a VoIP telephone system in your company's future? Here's how to find out--without breaking the bank.
Digital Edge

Get Lost!

While you still can, that is. Global positioning systems could make lost productivity a thing of the past.
Hot Disks

Hot Disks 10/04

Microsoft for Mac, no-download publishing graphics and more
Net Profits

'Tis the Season

It's never too early to get prepared for the holiday shopping season. Learn what you need to do today.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 10/04

Handheld scanners, pirated software and more

Sharper Image

Smartphones are the brainier mobile choice.

Get the Message?

SMS technology could bring mobile commerce within your reach.
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