Inside the November 2005 Issue
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Making Their Mark

These young entrepreneurs aren't following anyone's rules--they're too busy blazing their own trails to multimillion-dollar success.

I'm a Wanderer

Wherever your business takes you, here's the mobile technology you need to keep on going.

Change Is Brewing

Entrepreneur and Xerox stir things up with a new look for a very deserving brewery.


Be Your Own Boss Features

The Latest Thing

Be the first to know about these new franchises.
Be Your Own Boss Features

Critter Comforts

The boom in pet businesses has entrepreneurs vying for their spots as top dogs.
Biz 101

Closer Than You Think

We'll help guide you on your cost-cutting quest to outsource your manufacturing overseas.
Biz 101

There's No Place Like Home

The startup financing you need could be right at your doorstep.
Biz 101

Perfect Kit

Entice customers with all-in-one solutions that save time and money.
Biz U

Out of School

Targeting customers far from your college halls? Here's how to get them.

Doctor's Orders

Getting the FDA to give your medical invention the thumbs up can be a challenge, so follow this prescription for approval.

Spin City

This marketing guru found just the right niche for his passion and skill.

Selling Point

Bidding on the success of eBay auction assistance pays off.

What's New 11/05

All fired up over children's pottery classes
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 11/05

Pizza on the fly, designer toast and more
Success Coach

Go With Your Gut

Trying to make a tough business decision? Listen to your intuition.
Whats Your Problem

Stake Your Territory

Keep your startup out of a saturated market with these free business listing sites.
Biz Travel

Hot Seat

Find out how you can move to the head of the class--for less--on your next flight.

Know It All

Finally, there's a smarter approach to managing your knowledge workers.
Capitol Issues

Bill Battle

Can restructuring save a program that helps entrepreneurs but hurts the budget?
Forward Features

The Heat Is On

How long can the U.S. maintain its innovative edge?
Forward Features

High and Dry?

Why Katrina contracts may be out of entrepreneurs' reach
Forward Features

Right to Write?

Protect your company's good name in employees' blogs.
Forward Features

Monster Mash's founder moves on to his next big startup.
Forward Features

Class Act

How you went from class clown, jock or geek to entrepreneur.
Forward Features

New Cop in Town

Will the new SEC chairman set you free from regulation?
Forward Features

Power of Choice

Can managed competition lower health-care costs?
Forward Features

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Businesses fight the credit card giants' high fees.
Forward Features

Gas You Like It

How to ease workers' commutes as gas prices skyrocket
Forward Features

Wind Surfing

Go green with a solar- or wind-powered web host.
Forward Snapshot

Nest Practices

Cracking the organic market at the right time was key to this egg farmer's success.
It Figures

It Figures 11/05

Losing faith in the economy, seeing green in ethnic food and more
Tech Toy

Your iPod's Pod

A nifty new case for your precious iPod
Tip Sheet

Take the Lead

Find out what it takes to get ahead of the competition.

Fuel for Thought

Meet today's new and improved diesels.

Speak Up

Is interrupting a good business tactic, or just plain rude?
Almost Famous

Carry My Tune

This independent artist turns away investors and calls profits a "side effect"--he just wants to move your music.
Editors Note

The Long Road

Enlightening travels find SBDC funding reaching new lows, generous big guys and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Feedback 11/05


Resources 11/05

Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Global Village

In the Sites

Expanding internationally? These websites can help.
Lead Buzz

Lead Buzz 11/05

Unqualified employees, workplace violence and more
Lead Snapshot

And Baby Makes Three

When one boss brings an infant into a fledgling firm, it steps up the challenge.

Shred Away?

Why you need a document retention plan
Smart Moves

Corporate Earnout

When selling your company, an earnout agreement can seem like an attractive option--but things could get ugly if you're not careful.
Staff Smarts

Family Feud

Don't let employees without families feel neglected.
Dollar Signs

Give and Receive

When done right, corporate charitable giving can boost company morale and exposure--as well as your bottom line.

Mystery Manager

Who's minding your money?

Moving Right Along

Insurance can help smooth the road to disaster recovery.
Money Buzz

Money Buzz 11/05

Controlling online payments, expensive medical plans and more
Money Snapshot

Fueling Growth

A billion-dollar opportunity inspired some resourceful brothers to find a funding shortcut.
Personal Finance

Savings 101

Tax-free 529 college savings accounts may not stay that way, but they'll still be a smart way to plan for your child's future.
Raising Money

Growing Pains

Make sure your angel investors won't hold your business back when it's time to graduate to larger investors.
Tax Talk

Human Cost

Dodging unemployment taxes is a risky business.
Net Sales

Right Back at You

Creative autoresponders are a surefire way to make customers remember you long after they've logged off your site.
Real Deal

Great Debate

How to disagree without being disagreeable
Retail Register

Listen and Learn

Wonder what customers really want? Just ask them.
Sales Force

Split Decision

Is hiring part-time sales reps a good idea?
Sales Success

Mind If I Ask...

You don't have to be a master inquisitor to ask your prospects all the right questions. Learn how to set yourself up to seal the deal every time.
Sell Buzz

Sell Buzz 11/05

Advertising in video games, commercials vs. product placements and more
Sell Snapshot

In Your Face

When it comes to marketing, this web designer uses his head--literally.

Take a Stand

A newsstand, that is. Make magazines part of your marketing mix with these five money-saving ideas for advertising in print.
Buyers Guide

Display Case

With prices dropping, it's a great time to shop for a high-end LCD.

In the Clear

With this new speakerphone, you don't have to sound distant at all.
Digital Edge

Bug Spray

As your first line of defense against computer bugs, these updated security tools will protect you from just about anything.

Gear 11/05

Build custom search engines with this mini device
Net Profits

Price Point

Score with a pricing strategy that keeps customers coming back.
Tech Buzz

Tech Buzz 11/05

Protection for IM Spam, reporting computer intrusions and more
Tech Snapshot

Call in a Day's Work

Think there's no such thing as being too connected? This couple begs to differ.

Join the Band

Go on tour with these mobile broadband systems.

Flight of Fancy

Mile-high productivity gets a boost from in-air Wi-Fi.
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