Inside the February 2006 Issue
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Keep It Simple

Find your focus: Fine-tune your business with our ideas for simplifying and streamlining your operations.

Up to the Challenge?

Are you ready to take the next big step? Meet 3 entrepreneurs who got the chance of a lifetime to push past their problems and make their businesses boom.

For the People

Landing government contracts is tough--but it can be done. Learn from these entrepreneurs and Uncle Sam could become your biggest client.


Biz Travel

Wi-Fi, Where Are You?

Where to find the nearest free hot spot

Master Class

Learn from the best to be the best.
Forward Features

The New China?

Open and ready for business, Vietnam may prove to be Asia's new up-and-comer.
Forward Features

You Must Be Crazy

When making investment decisions, your gut isn't always your best guide.
Forward Features

Primal Need

This author knows just how consumers bond with brands.
Forward Features

Opposites Attract

A look behind the seemingly random world of acquisitions
Forward Features

Your #1 Fan

No, it's not your mom--it's a customer who just can't get enough of your company.
Forward Features

Make the Cut?

Know your options for bringing your phone system up-to-date.
Forward Features

The New School

Microsoft's "school of the future" makes big promises.
Forward Features

Life Is What You Make It

An entrepreneur basks in his newfound freedom by building an ATM empire.

Sedan Savvy

The newest sedans are hardly middle-of-the-road.
Hot Trend

Burst of Energy

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are making leaps and bounds in the field of renewable clean energy. How can you get involved?
Innovation Snapshot

Different Stripes

Going against the grain in the clothing industry paid off for these entrepreneurs.
Global Village

American Outcast

Get ahead, even if it feels like the world's against you.
Lead Snapshot

Change, of Course

This travel company triumphed over tough times by blazing a brand-new business trail.

Shh...It's a Secret

Keep the lid on your confidential information.
Smart Moves

Help Wanted

Independent companies seek experienced execs to foster new growth.
Staff Smarts

Paying in Kind

How can you ensure employees give service with a smile?
Dollar Signs

Know Thy Worth

If you want to get the right valuation for your business, be sure to find the right valuation expert for the job.

Strike a Balance

A balanced fund will help keep you on steady ground.

Furry Friends

More companies are offering health insurance for pets.
Money Snapshot

Focused Fundraising

Not getting much attention from VC firms? Be choosy about who you're trying to attract.
Personal Finance

Over the Wall

China holds a host of investment possibilities. If you're thinking of making the leap, here are some smart ways to get started.
Raising Money

On Good Terms

With short-term interest rates going up, now's the time to trim financing costs by cutting back on adjustable-rate loans.
Rich Returns

Fear Factor

Think big, and muscle your way into success on a grand scale.
Tax Talk

Warning Signs

To avoid trouble, stay away from these tax shelters.
Net Sales

Feeding Frenzy

Want to make sure your marketing message doesn't end up in your customers' spam folders? Get the word out with an RSS feed.
Real Deal


How to contend with a more experienced opponent
Retail Register

Better Off Red

Market to sweethearts, and see green this February.
Sales Force

By the Book

To make the most of your sales team, read up.
Sales Success

Catch the Carrot

The truth about selling: You can't succeed if you're not motivated. Hit your sweet spot by determining why--and how--you sell best.
Sell Snapshot

What Ales You?

Focusing on the craft-beer niche helped this pub thrive while others dried up.

Riding the Airwaves

A radio tour can help you spread your message coast to coast without spending a fortune. So are you ready to take the mic?
Biz 101

Keep It Up!

Need some motivation? Someone to show you the ropes? A business coach can help you push your startup to its limits.
Biz 101

Priced to Sell

Should your product's price point be its major selling point, too?
Biz 101

Tough Talk

Keep your cool and be heard in even the toughest conversations.
Biz U

Global Trade

Get the skinny on how you can start an international business in college.
eBay Entrepreneur

eBay Fever

Why now could be the perfect time to jump on the eBay-business bandwagon.

Stress Relief

An enterprising entrepreneur makes rest and relaxation her business.

Building Permitted

Constructing a new life from the ground up
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 02/06

Online dating for the HIV/AIDS community, fashionable diaper bags and more
Startup Features

Flip the Switch

If starting a business is on your mind, but you're still waiting for that light-bulb moment, read on to find out how others got their million-dollar ideas--and how you can come up with one, too.
Startup Features

Catch 'Em If You Can

These 100 franchises are experiencing runaway growth. Think you can keep up?
Success Coach

Personality Test

Creating the business personality that leaves a lasting impression
Whats Your Problem

Paying Yourself with Credit Cards

Should you use low-interest credit cards to fund your homebased startup? Our experts weigh in.
Buyers Guide

Ode to a Server

Give this crucial piece of business equipment the attention it deserves.

I Want My Cell TV

The video iPod screen may be tiny, but it invites big productions.
Digital Edge

Put It in Drive

Keep your business rolling by making your car an office on wheels.
Net Profits

The Bill's In the Mail

Offer customers flexibility with a "Bill Me Later" payment option.
Net Profits

Time to Collect?

Tacking taxes onto internet sales could soon become mandatory.
Tech Snapshot

One-Track Mind

Tracking data and providing feedback helps this software-maker solve problems.

Listen Up!

Get the scoop on bluetooth headsets with this guide.
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