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Movers & Shakers

Entrepreneurs who rocked our world.

Change Agents

30 years ago, corporate was king--but the business landscape has changed. Here's a closer look at the forces that have shaped the face of entrepreneurship.

We Knew Them When

They were just upstarts when we first featured them in the pages of Entrepreneur, but now they've become big names. Revisit entrepreneurs from the past 30 years who have since become seriously successful.

Take the Lead

Who's in charge of the future? You are. A look at how entrepreneurs are transforming the world.


Almost Famous

Cuckoo for Cocoa

Move over, Willy Wonka. This chocolate connoisseur is set to steal the hearts of chocolate-lovers worldwide.
Better Business

Get the Word Out

Boost business with some modern-day marketing.
Biz Travel

Rooms for Rent

Apartments let travelers savor the comforts of home.

Crunching Numbers

When in doubt, let the data tell you what to do.

Is That a Stretch?

Know when to expand outside your geographical area.
Forward Feature

Empty Net?

Will snagging a government contract ever get easier?
Forward Feature

Where It All Began

America's entrepreneurial roots go way back.
Forward Feature

Locks and Keys

New laws dictate how you can squirrel away customer data.
Forward Feature

Labor Pains

How to ensure your workers in China are treated fairly.
Forward Feature

Under the Influence

To gain favor online, target those whose opinions count.
Forward Feature

Maternal Instincts

Some entrepreneurs' moms are always in their business.
Forward Feature

Following Protocol

What will the next phase of the web mean for you?
Forward Feature

Off the Clock

Flexibility is the workstyle of the future.

When to Fold 'Em

Wondering if you should cut your losses and move on?

In Drive

A slew of sites let consumers power through car shopping.
Wise Guy

Never Been Done

What is true innovation, and how do you get there? Your first step is to keep reading.
Women In Charge

I Am Woman

An empowering day was had by all at our recent conference.
Global Village

Border Busters

Check out these websites to keep you going global.
Lead Buzz

Play It Safe

Protect your business information when you subcontract.

Danger Ahead

Entrepreneurs, don't let employees call and drive.
Smart Moves

Keep Up!

Your business is improving its offerings--and that's a good thing. The problem is, your customers don't always see it that way.

Girl Talk

One company goes straight to the source to help brands reach their target market.
Staff Smarts

You Know Who?

Where to find that perfect new employee? Ask the ones you already have.
Dollar Signs

Risky Business

With the economy looking up, taking some spending risks now can strengthen your company--just be sure to invest wisely.

Finding Pearls

This precious fund invests its assets all over the world.

Got It Covered?

Don't take chances--know what your policy covers.
Money Buzz

401(k) Reform

Keeping your company's program transparent.
Money Buzz

Pick a Card

Personalized gift credit cards are the latest trend in corporate gifting.
Personal Finance

It Adds Up

New research reveals that most investors are leaving money on the table. Here's how to cash in on that sizable chunk of change.
Raising Money

Follow the Lead

Seeking capital to finance expansion? Streamline your search for the perfect investor by using an online database.
Rich Returns

Sell Swell

You can snag the investors, employees and customers you need if you know how to sell.

Fantasy Finance

The funding is fake, but the knowledge is real in this online stock market game.
Tax Talk

You've Got People

These IRS offices have staff ready to stand up for you.

Passion Play

Investors looking to expand their portfolios are putting their money where their hobbies are.
Net Sales

Not So Fast . . .

Don't just throw more money at pay-per-click--make it work for you.
Net Sales

Point of Interest

You'll definitely need a map for this entrepreneurial adventure.
Real Deal

Turn the Tables

Do you hate to negotiate? It's time to learn to love it.
Retail Register

Make Room

Giving customers space to create can really pay off.
Sales Success

Cut to the Chase

Sales cycle dragging? These 6 tips will make it shorter--and sweeter.
Sell Buzz

Welcome, Visitors

Get your own web spokesperson.
Sell Buzz

Visual Appeal

How to add video to your site.
Sell Buzz

Funny Business

Using humor in your marketing.

The Finer Things

A line of high-priced, ultraluxury cosmetics is making heads turn--and wallets open.

It's Raining Men

In advertising, a good man is sometimes hard to find. So avoiding the stereotype trap can pay off with a barrage of male customers.
Biz 101

Secret Service

A stint in the underground can provide valuable training for restaurateurs.
Biz 101

Point of Interest

You'll definitely need a map for this entrepreneurial adventure.
Biz 101

Turn Up the Crazy

Why a little madness can be your best business weapon.
Biz 101

Keep On Truckin'

Offer your customers convenience by making your business mobile.
Biz U

Back to Business

School's out and there's no better time to heat up your business plans.
eBay Entrepreneur

Along for the Ride

Find out how search engines can drive visitors to your eBay listings.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

If you raised your hand, take a cue from 7 savvy entrepreneurs who used eBay to build million-dollar businesses.

What a Ride!

Take a look at how franchising has evolved over the past 30 years.
Money Matters

It's All Relative

You can ask your family to fork over funds, but make it worth their while.

Cool Factor

One taste of gelato wasn't enough--so this entrepreneur bought the business.
Smart Ideas

New Lease on Life

When he wanted out of his car lease, this entrepreneur didn't take no for an answer--he started a business instead.
Smart Ideas

Lucky Charms

Medical ID tags have become high fashion thanks to this creative entrepreneur.
Smart Ideas

Pie in the Sky

This website owner is making authentic New York pizza available anywhere, anytime.
Smart Ideas

Crafty Cause

Raising awareness for a cause helped this handbag-maker raise her profile.
Success Coach

Quick Getaway

Business beckons, but you need a vacation to recharge. Take these steps and you're on your way.
Buyers Guide

Victory Laptop

With a winning laptop, you can conquer your fears of leaving the office.

Strong Signals

Happiness is never having to ask "Can you hear me now?" again.
Digital Edge

Join the Crowd

No man is an island, especially with the myriad networking sites out there today. Find out what's next in the social revolution.
Net Profits

Seize the Day

Launching a deal-a-day site could be a boon to your business.

Most Likely to Succeed

A social networking site for the high school set is already making it big in the world.
Tech Buzz

Do It Yourself

A site to self-publish your content.

Tag, You're It

You can be RFID-compliant, even on a tight budget.
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