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10 (and 1/2) Trends to Watch

Sure you'd expect business opportunities to abound in fields such as green power, education and the aging population.

How Twitter is Revolutionizing Business

The buzzed-about social media platform presents a direct channel to customers, a launching pad for new projects and a sounding board for innovation.

The Entrepreneur Economy

While the corporate world struggles to find its footing, entrepreneurs are stepping up with new ideas.

Work Less (It's Good for Business)

Doctors told Brett Schklar to slow down--or else. That's when he started his own company and learned that paying more attention to life off the job made him much better on it.

When the Little Guy Goes Big

Turning a small business into a franchise can look like a good idea in this economy. Here's how to figure out if it actually is.

Franchise Trends

The leading franchise categories poised for growth in the coming year.

Editor's Note: Why Entrepreneurs Own 2010

Entrepreneurs have long anchored the economy of this country.


The new lingo you need to communicate in our ever-changing small-business world.


Doing Good

The Giving Vine

Through cause marketing OneHope is working to improve many lives.
Employee X vs. Employer X

Candid Talk About Performance Evaluations

It's evaluation season--does any topic spark more debate between employees and managers?
Franchise Ink

Mr. Protection

Boats, buildings, cars, hay bales: Mike Enos wraps them all.

Blinkin' Brilliant

How one man's half decorated house led to a holiday business that's now surging.
Personal Finance

What a Little Giving Can Get You

In the spirit of the season, our gift to you: 4 ways to give a little--and get a little back.
Sales Talk

Keep Your Cards to Yourself

4 ways to build your reputation and expand your network--without business cards.
Going Forward

Business Unusual: The Tailgater in Your Living Room

What if there was a service to match rabid sports fans with home owners across the country?
Going Forward

Conventioneers. Remember Them?

Planning a convention or meeting in these post-AIG times.
Going Forward

The New Status Symbol: Four Doors

Cars with four doors and racecar DNA are the rage among high-end automakers.
Going Forward

He's Really Big This Year

Recession? What recession? Not for professional Santas.

A New Approach With the Old Guard

To reinvent direct mail, Zumbox brought in a veteran who delivered $8 million in big-name investment.

A Small Business Bailout--Maybe

ARC loans are only available to businesses that meet very strict criteria.
Start It Up

Dearly Beloved, Please Send Cash

A Palo Alto company found a new way to raise venture capital: Get married.
Start It Up

Putting School to Work

Long walks in high heels inspired two women to create something easier on the feet--with a little help from their university.
Start It Up

A New Year, a New Strategy

It's not all bad news on the financing front. Here are the top trends for 2010 and how to make the most of them.

Shiny Object of the Month: Even for Keyboards, Thin is in

The Mobile Keyboard 6000 is a svelte sensation.

Attack of the Androids

An iPhone app that'll let you write and edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, plus Android smartphones.

The Importance of IT

Study shows small businesses plan to keep spending on hardware and software.

Can't Live With/Can't Live Without: Skype for Business

Skype lets you call, instant message, video call and conference with one piece of software at essentially no cost.

Really Simple Success

Content syndication via RSS is an easy and inexpensive way to drive more traffic to your site.

Bring Your Marketing Message to Life

Online video is easy and inexpensive. Use it to get the word out.

Content is King, but Does it Ka-ching?

Good content converts prospects into leads. Here are 5 ways to turn visitors into customers.

The Way of the Webinar

When the popular online education platform works--and when it doesn't.

Where the Connected Get Clued In went from social media tracker to sensation in its own right.
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