Inside the May 2011 Issue
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Lips Inc.

For this iconoclastic rocker, there are no limits to how music can be packaged, delivered and consumed.

Collective Force

A growing number of specialized, market-specific business accelerators are helping entrepreneurs around the country get their businesses off the ground

The Business of Better Benefits

Providing a first-rate benefits package for employees can be an important part of the recruitment and retention puzzle, especially for small businesses

The New Creative Class

The big idea to move your company to the next level can happen, if you put in the work -- and play while you're at it.

The Best in Business Travel

Here's a rundown of the top hotels in every price range in our in-depth look at how to do better business on the go.

Dispatches From the Exit Row

Live out of a suitcase? You're not alone. Many 'treps have adapted to a life on the road.

Profiles in Greatness

Find out what makes great franchises tick in our Best of the Best list for 2011


Doing Good

Under the Sea

An aquatic exhibits designer crafts a plan to reinvigorate his state's marine life and fishing industry.
Editor's Note

The New Sounds of Music

In this issue, we look at the innovations and emerging business models in the music industry. A note from Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper.
Franchise Ink

There's Power in Numbers

Zips Dry Cleaners is proof that good things can happen when (lots of) great minds think alike.

Bands on the Run

The best artists in the business want to lay down their tracks at Allen Sides' Ocean Way Recording. Now he's taking his state-of-the-art studio expertise to them.

Old Songs in New Wrappers

The Numero Group mines the past to forge the future of record labels--aiming at a reliable market of music aficionados and collectors.

Soul Survivors

The world of music retail keeps spinning at Dusty Groove America

Music in Motion

Forget buying CDs or even downloading MP3s. With Rdio's streaming service, music moves from a purchase decision to a social experience.

The Future is Ripe

The Orchard's early insight into digital distribution of music is proving bountiful -- and helping independent musicians get on the radar.
Lead Gen

Marketing Without the ZIP

A California ruling makes it illegal to collect customer ZIP codes in-store. Time to find more innovative ways to collect data on your customers.

Vibrant Culture, From a Distance

Creating and fostering the character of your company is imperative, even if your employees don't all share the same four walls.

No Boundaries

Many American franchises are not only surviving the recession but thriving in it by expanding their operations globally.

Special Delivery

A Wisconsin franchisee discovers the secret behind a pizza chain's unparalleled popularity and makes a bundle in the bargain.

How to Really Be Winning

The business guru shares his views on how to be really winning.

The Sounds of Sustainability

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard is using music, fish and--of course--clothing to fuel environmental causes.

How To Clean Up Your Business

Spruce up your work by chucking these eight productivity pitfalls. No Swiffer required.
Ask a Pro

See You on the Other Side

Is a smooth transition possible when acquiring a business?
Business Unusual

Get On the Bus

A Nashville school trains people to get behind the wheel and shuttle rock entertainers to their next gig.
VC View

Music Critic

An early investor in iTunes and Pandora weighs in on what makes an online music company a hit.
Website to Watch

The Business Matchmaker

With online dating sites as an inspiration, the founder of developed a site that connects small and midsize businesses with big opportunities
Website to Watch

The Quest for Balance

Offering an optimal blend of text, graphics and white space will keep your visitors clicking.
College Startups

Analyze This

Two ASU students prove that there is much more to analytics than page views. Billions more.
Finance for Startups

Go With the Flow

Regular cash flow projections can keep creditors at bay--and go a long way toward ensuring the good health of your business
Wacky Ideas That Just Might Fly

The Velvet Touch

A Portland painter finds her niche with customized paintings on the 1970s' favorite fuzzy fabric.

Mobile Video Grows Up (a little)

Ready for video calling on your smartphone? It's ready for you.

Mac In Sight

A guide to boosting the video collaboration aptitude of your Apple devices
Ask A Geek

Kicking IT to the Curb

When is the right time for an entrepreneurial business to outsource IT management to a remote provider?
Mobile Tech

Phone Booking

A new mobile app helps the manager of an upstart New York City hotel fill empty rooms with travelers on the fly.
Shiny Object of the Month

Talk Among Yourselves

Jabra's new portable speakerphone makes it easy to organize a group call on the go.
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