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Entrepreneur's 100 Brilliant Companies -- 2013

Companies that are identifying and solving the problems we face every day.

Business Ideas for Military Veterans

Many veterans have made successful transitions from the service to business ownership. Here are a few options to consider.

Green Machine

Automated kiosks that buy back used electronics aim to ease the electronic waste burden and put cash in consumers' pockets.

This Note Will Self-destruct ...

Wickr gives users the ability to send self-destructing files securely and anonymously.

The Big Build

Smaller, less expensive 3-D printers are unlocking the ability for more people to be part of the maker movement.

Where To?

No more waiting for a ride. Hailo aims to connect passengers and taxis within two minutes in cities all over the world.

Animal Farming, Minus the Farm

Modern Meadow aims to combine 3-D printing and tissue engineering to meet the world's demand for beef and leather.

Wine Snobs

Napa Valley tastemakers are giving traditional wine sellers a run for their money.

People Power

KISSmetrics has crunched customer data for AOL, Foursquare, Microsoft, and other major companies.

The Winning Touch

The video game of the future just might remind you of toys of the past. Sifteo cubes give tactile appeal to technology.

Collaborative Coding

The online hosting service makes it easy for millions of developers to create and share software projects.

Crystal Ballgame

NumberFire has built data models that have outdone the experts at ESPN.

Protect Your Brilliant Idea

You are ready to introduce your invention to the world, but first you should consider whether your new product requires a patent to help make it commercially viable.

Got Your Back

When trust is on the line, these adventures can help strengthen your team in new ways.

Money for the Masses

Frustrated by the lack of access to startup capital, three serial entrepreneurs lobbied Congress to legalize crowdfund investing -- and won.

Winning Ways

As a startup you face plenty of competition. Here are five methods for facing off against your rivals and coming out on top.

Report Performance

Multi-unit franchising holds its own set of challenges, from delegating to simply having the patience and drive needed to scale. Here, some advice from those who have been through it, and are thriving.

An Interview With's Gary Kremen founder Gary Kremen talks about innovation, his thoughts on angel investing and what he looks for in the entrepreneurs he backs.


Doing Good

Good Buzz

The New York-based coffee company puts farmers and their communities first.
Editor's Note

Imaginative Investing

Franchise Ink

Master of Munchies

Scott Jenning's marijuana-themed sandwich business, Cheba Hut, goes beyond the gimmick to win over customers.

The Bottom Line

Transparent businesses not only have more loyal employees, but better brainstorming sessions and more productivity.

Safety First

When your employees are risking their lives, building trust from the first day is even more important.
Lead Gen

You Asked For It

Our content-marketing guru tackles more queries about Twitter, Facebook, blogging and finding time to fit it all in.

Changing Minds

Greg Marischen opened his Brain Balance Achievement Center franchise after physical and occupational therapy changed his life.
The Ethics Coach

An Inside Job

We tackle the ethical dilemmas of getting insider information, and asking your assistant to complete items on your personal to-do list.
Your Money

Close Calls

Health insurance isn't a nice perk, it's a requirement for anyone choosing to go it alone as an entrepreneur.

Chow Down

Restaurants or other food-related businesses represent a large portion of our franchise 500 ranking. Here is a list of the 122 food-related companies by category.
All Up In Your Business

Don't Be an Askhole

Reaching out for help is a good thing, as long as you remember to respect other people's time, relationships and expertise.
Ask a Pro

The Pack of Top Dogs

How joining an executive peer group can help you better manage your businesses.
Ask the Esquire Guy

Everyone, Say Hi to Kevin

The first day on a new job can be awkward. Here are ways to make new hires feel like part of the team.
Business Unusual

Liquid Sky

Flying high with a water-powered jet pack can now be a reality for thrill-seeking tourists thanks to Raymond Li's invention.
Design It


Slice aims to make everyday items both nicer to look at and easier to use.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Where's the Love?

Tips on how to make the most of rewards programs, and an insider's look at what your loyalty points really mean.
Ask the Money Guy

Buy Laws

Cutting waste and streamlining your purchasing procedures can have a big effect on your business efficiency.
Who Has VC?

A Slam-dunk Service

The online video and analytics platform Krossover analyzes plays for high school and college teams.
College Startup

Social Studies

SociaLink is an app that uses Bluetooth for instant, in-person connections on multiple social networks simultaneously.
Startup Finance

Collaborative Process

Gust gives startups access to potential accredited investors, and allows investors to manage their deals on a secure platform.
Wacky Idea

Ode to the Diode

PIxeled app lets users send images and animation to framed displays on their walls.

Cut the Crap

Mixpanel offers a Revenue Analytics tool that allows businesses to measure a customer's "lifetime value."
Mobile Tech

Organized Chaos

The mailbox app lets users schedule, delete and archive messages with a simple swipe.
Shiny Objects

Screen Gems

These full-size laptops have large screens, full-size keyboards and powerful operating systems.
The Fix

A Narrower Focus

A tech company sees gains by turning its attention away from 60 percent of clients.
The Fix

In With the In-crowd

Creating a social network just for your employees can allow information to move more freely.
The Online Trep

This Space for Rent

San Francisco startup 42Floors makes the process of leasing an office for your growing company simple.
Website to Watch

Pearls of Wisdom

Founder Andy Kurtzig calls "the of professional services," and he has plans to expand into the app market.
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