The Growth Coach
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$57K - $79K
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$54K - $298K
Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions
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$108K - $122K
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$43K - $53K
# 48
CPR Cell Phone Repair
$56K - $171K
# 124
CMIT Solutions Inc.
$128K - $175K
# 138
Phenix Salon Suites Franchising LLC
$331K - $1.4M
# 168
City Wide Franchise
$197K - $359K
# 192
TeamLogic IT
$105K - $143K
# 267
Office Evolution
$287K - $1.5M
# 279
My Salon Suite/Salon Plaza
$582K - $1.5M
# 281
Property Management Inc.
$23K - $175K
# 373
$5K - $60K
# 438
Foliage Design Systems
$44K - $64K
# 447
All County Property Management Franchise Corp.
$67K - $99K
# 449
Payroll Vault Franchising LLC
$49K - $74K
# 463
Computer Troubleshooters
$12K - $29K
# 465
Any Lab Test Now
$134K - $215K
# 494
$142K - $549K
Sculpture Hospitality
$43K - $57K
$650K - $1.7M
Schooley Mitchell
$54K - $64K
Proshred Franchising Corp.
$333K - $478K
Cartridge World
$37K - $136K
Computer Medics of America Inc.
$10K - $60K
Fast-teks On-site Computer Services
$36K - $62K
The Utility Company
$45K - $70K
Plan Ahead Events
$46K - $71K
Universal Business Consultants
$43K - $52K
Box Galaxy
$95K - $95K
Advanced Maintenance
$132K - $185K
Hoodz Int'l.
$83K - $223K
Pro Energy Consultants
$30K - $41K
GoWaiter Inc.
$43K - $138K
Central Courier
$30K - $150K
Hello Eco
$29K - $38K
USA Mobile Drug Testing LLC
$62K - $96K
Growing Roots
$25K - $45K
TEAM Franchise Corp.
$46K - $63K
Above the Standard Procurement Group Inc.
$70K - $99K
BlueGrace Logistics
$40K - $181K
Zloop Computer & Electronics Recycling Centers
$588K - $5.3M
$32K - $105K
ARCpoint Labs
$157K - $252K
$50K - $66K
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (EES) Consulting
$107K - $132K
A Suite Salon
$364K - $1.1M
SuperGreen Solutions
$52K - $82K
Business Owners Benefits Franchise Co.
$52K - $222K
Fastest Labs
$80K - $114K
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