Big Blue Swim School
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$1.8M - $3.7M
# 80
Urban Air Adventure Park
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$2.3M - $3M
# 28
Goldfish Swim School Franchising LLC
$1.4M - $3.2M
# 215
Launch Franchising LLC
$1.1M - $2.8M
# 304
Sky Zone
$1.3M - $2.8M
# 381
Board & Brush Creative Studio
$62K - $89K
$311K - $493K
GameTruck Licensing LLC
$157K - $343K
Tiger-Rock Martial Arts
$90K - $198K
Sports Image
$15K - $39K
Pro Martial Arts Franchise Corp.
$143K - $200K
Rock Climbing Franchising
$874K - $1.7M
Bounce! Trampoline Sports Franchise
$926K - $1.5M
$685K - $2M
The Escape Zone
$55K - $105K
ClimbZone Franchising LLC
$1.9M - $3M
Masterpiece Mixers Paint & Party Studios
$28K - $65K
X-Golf Franchise Corp.
$437K - $900K
Share My Coach Franchise LLC
$63K - $84K
Paniq Room
$200K - $350K
$41K - $58K
Whizzy Ride
$33K - $146K
AirTime Int'l. Franchise
$1.3M - $2M
$272K - $446K
Fun Fieldz
$30K - $50K
Ctrl V Inc.
$143K - $233K
Escapology LLC
$144K - $681K
Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios
$132K - $242K
The Rustic Brush
$63K - $95K
Nailed It DIY
$62K - $139K
Real Life Ninja Academy
$118K - $233K
Room 5280
$114K - $127K
$99K - $185K
Safari Nation
$256K - $747K
The Warrior Factory
$686K - $1.1M
AR Workshop
$63K - $117K
Axe Monkeys
$189K - $266K
HaliMac Inc.
$131K - $214K
Blue Ox Axe Throwing
$94K - $175K
Stumpy's Hatchet House
$261K - $384K
urbanChef Franchising LLC
$175K - $314K
Thrillz High Flying Adventure Park
$2M - $3M
City Brew Tours
$78K - $102K
Elite Events & Tickets
$81K - $144K
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