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Lead By Using Language That Sparks Possibility

Everything has changed in 2020, including the way we communicate.

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Across the globe, people's lives and businesses have been upended. But even before the catastrophic events of 2020, many of us were feeling uncertain about the and even lacked a sense of purpose. Workers feared AI would replace them, parents and worried about the TikTok revolution, and companies focused on their profits rather than their people. Few CEOs were thinking about how to look after employees or lead in a way that would make the world a better place. Companies were focused on profit over planet when they should have been thinking about the planet over profit.

Thomas Barwick | Getty Images

We are now in the midst of a painful shift. The question becomes: Do we try to hold onto things the way they were before, or do we accept where we are and adapt to this new world? To adapt, we need to adopt a mental policy that empowers everyone to be his or her own Superman.

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