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Think Bigger So you've got a $10 million business? Big deal. That's kid stuff, chump change, small potatoes. Would you mind terribly if we told you how to make that a $100 million business? Didn't think so.

By Cynthia Harrington

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Managing a company through fast growth isn't easy.Entrepreneurs who hunger to hit the $100 million mark afterreaching their first $10 million in sales are often overpowered byboth internal and external obstacles. What seemed like a naturalprogression turns into an insurmountable summit. Some give up anddecide to stay where they are. Others have the desire and staminabut can't let go of control and make room for the necessaryadditions to their staffs. And they all face threats from externalobstacles like economic downturns, industry realignments andshifting customer needs.

But companies do make it. AT&T, Microsoft, Cisco and thelike weren't always revenue behemoths. Somewhere along theline, they made the decisions and changes that took them to thetop. So how can you join the ranks of these superstars?

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