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What's the Plan?

Need a marketing plan? Here are strategies to fit penny pinchers, big spenders and everyone in between.

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Think you can't afford powerful marketing in 2005? Don'tbe fooled into believing that only marketers with deep pockets reapsubstantial rewards. No matter your marketing strategy, there'sa group of tactics priced to fit. To show you how to choose theright tactics for your marketing mix, here's a look at a singlemarketing challenge tackled with high-level, midlevel and low-levelbudgets.

The Marketing Challenge

Imagine your growing business has created a learning toy fortoddlers that helps improve motor skills and teach vocabulary, andis priced at $49.95. The broad strategy is to target new parents,ideally those who are most likely to be looking for this type ofproduct and can afford it. And let's assume your productisn't in stores and you don't have the name recognition ofmajor competitors, such as Fisher-Price.

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