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Natural Green Tree Care: Easy to Live with

Recently, Chevy and Entrepreneur got together to give mobile entrepreneurs across a range of business types the opportunity to test the Chevy City Express LT in real-world conditions. The following is just one example of what these business owners experienced.


Alex Sanchez launched Garden Grove, California-based Natural Green Tree Care in 2006, and watched the business grow steadily during the past nine years. Starting solo, he has built the business into a 30-employee, full-service tree trimming and tree removal service serving the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego. His business is split about 70 percent commercial—including hospitals, schools and apartments, and homeowners' associations—and 30 percent residential.

"We perform a wide range of services beyond tree trimming," he adds. "We do palm tree skinning and trimming, stump grinding, shrub and hedge pruning, tree planting, grass seeding, landscaping, brush removal, lot clearing, and firewood sales and delivery. And we have a certified arborist on staff. We also do excavation, large-area clearing with debris removal, and other construction and de-construction cleanup type jobs."

Works in every way

Sanchez liked the Chevy City Express for its across-the-board abilities. "The size is great for the work we do," he says. "We work in the city and the suburbs, and the Chevy handles urban streets and neighborhoods. It corners well, is easy to park, and it's comfortable. It's got plenty of power, and it makes an excellent mobile office. It has all the room I need to use my laptop and do things like scheduling and printing invoices on the job."

And it wouldn't take much to make it the right vehicle for tree care and related jobs. "I don't see the need to make many additions to it," he says. "With some bins, I can see it holding all the plants, parts, fertilizer, and tools we need to do the job. The dual side doors are great for loaded and unloaded, and the gas mileage makes it very cost-effective. It's definitely a great, economical hauler."

When you own a small business, the road to success can be challenging. But with a reliable partner like the Chevy City Express small cargo van, you can be on the go 24/7, tackling a wide range of tasks. Whatever the job requires, the City Express is built with the perfect form and functionality required to get your job done. With a range of conveniences including 122.7 cubic feet of cargo space*, EPA-estimated 24 mpg city, work-ready features, and a mobile office, the City Express is the small cargo van for businesses with everyday jobs. To learn more about how Chevy City Express can drive the success of your business, visit

* Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

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