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Entrepreneur Kids has all of the Entrepreneur content you love, but created for children. Discover a scheduled newsletter, exclusive games, and our growing library of educational books that will help support your child’s entrepreneurial journey. Learn more below and then grab copies of these books today!

The next generation of entrepreneurs begins at home, and this series can help any parent introduce their kids to the mindset and fearlessness of entrepreneurship.

Jason Feifer

Jason Feifer

Editor in Chief

Entrepreneur Kids Will Set Your Children Up for Success

  • Ignite Their Passion for Learning

  • Spark Ideas for Kid-Friendly Businesses

  • Encourage Financial Literacy & Life Skills

Entrepreneur Kids Are Inquisitive, Smart, Creative, and Ready To Take On the World

Young entrepreneurs have amazing ideas—from setting up lemonade stands to developing apps, or starting dog-walking businesses. We believe in their visions and want to help make their dreams become reality. This is why Entrepreneur Kids’ fun, educational resources aim to equip your little entrepreneur with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Watch as your child discovers everything from financial literacy to networking, social media marketing, and the success stories of famous CEOs and moguls with Entrepreneur Kids’ exclusive resources:

  • Kid-friendly entrepreneurial book series
  • Fun online content
  • Downloadables, including crossword puzzles, word searches, games, and planning worksheets
  • Scheduled newsletter
  • Resources for parents and teachers


Entrepreneur Kids: All About Social Media

There’s no doubt that social media will play a vital role in your child’s business, so give them the tools they need to succeed with Entrepreneur Kids: All About Social Media. This fun, interactive book will show your little business owner how to safely use social media as a marketing resource.

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Entrepreneur Kids: Launch Your Own Business

Entrepreneur Kids: Launch Your Own Business will teach your little entrepreneur about the building blocks of building a business. Our educational games, quizzes, and more will help your child learn the basics of entrepreneurship, realize their goals, and figure out how to make their business idea a reality.

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Entrepreneur Kids: All About Money

Dollar bills, coins, and credit cards—oh my! It’s all covered in Entrepreneur Kids: All About Money. This book’s insightful lessons and educational worksheets will teach your child how to manage money, how money will play a role in their entrepreneurial endeavors, and much more.

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