Entrepreneur KidsOur Entrepreneur Kids™ Book Series Makes Learning Fun

'Do you have an ambitious child who dreams of starting a business? They'll love our growing library of immersive and informative books, worksheets, and articles that will enrich their entrepreneurial experience. Discover how our collection supports their endeavors below.'


The next generation of entrepreneurs begins at home, and this series can help any parent introduce their kids to the mindset and fearlessness of entrepreneurship.

Jason Feifer

Jason Feifer

Editor in Chief

Why Entrepreneur Kids™?

There are some skills in life that can't be taught in a traditional classroom setting, which is where we come in! We'll equip your young entrepreneur with the tools and knowledge they need to expand their creative thinking, improve their communication skills, and feel the confidence they need to succeed.

We know the importance of helping your child find their passion, fostering a strong work ethic, and setting goals at an early age, and we're here to guide them every step of the way. With Entrepreneur Kids™, your child will learn about everything from managing their finances to utilizing social media as a marketing tool, and so much more. Whether your child wants to create their own app or start a dog-walking business, their dreams are never out of reach—and we'll help them realize that.

Book Series

From expert insights and advice to fun and educational worksheets, our book series will equip your child with the tools they need to succeed.

Recent Articles

Help your child learn the ins and outs of starting a business by staying updated on the latest news, trends, strategies, and more.

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5 Ways to Build Your Kid's Financial Literacy

To celebrate the launch of our new 'Entrepreneur Kids' book series, here's a primer on helping your young ones learn money management.

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