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Chick-fil-A Just Entered A New Area of Business for the First Time Ever

The brand's latest retail endeavor is a nod to its cult-like following among customers.

Emily Rella

Carvana Father-Son Duo's Net Worth Has Collapsed Alongside Company's Value

Ernie Garcia III, Carvana's chief executive officer, and his father, Ernie Garcia II, have lost billions as the company's stocks continue to fall.

'Audacious' Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Explains Layoffs While Unionized Workers Protest Outside

Amazon began laying off corporate employees in November and is reportedly planning to slash 10,000 roles.

Amanda Breen

'Selling Sunset' Broker Jason Oppenheim Calls Compass Business Model 'Unfixable'

Oppenheim also called the rival real estate firm's commission model "unsustainable."

How the Potential Railroad Strike Points to a New Era of Employee Empowerment

As companies look to the future, navigating the employee experience era may mean overhauling everything from basic benefits to the board of directors. But the businesses that thrive will honor the leverage employees have and focus first on their needs.

Brad Rencher

By Women, For Women: A Space To Build Your Career

With the goal of supporting women in their career journeys, Cate Luzio founded Luminary, a professional education and networking platform.

3 Stocks You Won't Regret Buying in December 2022

The Fed Chairman recently indicated a slower pace of rate increases. However, many analysts still believe the economy will face a mild recession next year. Therefore, it could be wise...

Dipanjan Banchur

3 Stocks That Can Help Ease Your Recession Fears

Major macroeconomic headwinds have heightened recessionary fears in the economy. Moreover, the Fed will likely keep raising rates next year as well. Amid fears of a downturn, fundamentally strong stocks...

Kritika Sarmah

Most Time Management Tips Are BS, But Not These 3

Hacks will only get you so far, but they won't lead to true success

Aytekin Tank