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The 2-Step "Menu" for Giving Effective Feedback: Sandwich and Wrap

The vast majority of team and interpersonal bond problems have to do with poor communication. Take note of these strategies.

Daniel Colombo

· 6 min read

Shift Your Culture or Risk Employee Burn Out

It is essential that companies adapt and create cultures which value the whole individual, not simply the sum of their efforts.

Entrepreneur NEXT

· 6 min read

3 Ways You Can Level the Playing Field Against Big Business

To gain ground against well-established rivals, focus on the three Cs: Competition, credit and connections.

Lara Hodgson

· 5 min read

12 Leadership Lessons from DocuSign CEO Dan Springer

How the Silicon Valley veteran transformed the e-signature pioneer Into a $37 billion powerhouse

Jason Nazar

· 7 min read

Follow This Entrepreneur's 3-Step Approach to Cultivating a Killer Brand

Ascend Agency CEO Jonathan Jadali tells us why it's crucial to think beyond sales when trying to build a loyal customer base

Simonetta Lein

· 5 min read

Forget the 80/20 Rule: How to Design Your Own Ratio for Success

When used correctly, Pareto's Principle gives us a clearer picture of where we need to focus our time and energy. Unfortunately, though, there are quite a few misconceptions floating around about this principle.

Tanya Dalton

· 7 min read

In Times of Crisis, Keep the Boat Steady

In a year defined by uncertainty, company leaders need to think differently about how to set their teams up for success.

Matt Cooper

· 6 min read

John Rampton

· 7 min read

What Michael Jordan's Relentless Drive Can Teach Us About Working Through a Crisis

Learning from defeat and setbacks is the foundation for repeatable success.

Michelle Diamond

· 6 min read

Why Positioning Is More Important Than Ever

Positioning has become a lost art in recent years. Brought to the forefront back in 2001, this approach to differentiation is in desperate need of a comeback.

Andrea Olson

· 3 min read

4 Reasons Live-Streaming Video Will Improve Your Business' Brand Awareness

Live streaming has gained massive popularity over the past few years. Its popularity on social media and other digital platforms has turned it into an important digital marketing tool that can be used by big and small companies to raise brand awareness.

Prabalta Rijal

· 4 min read